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  • Promotional Baseball caps are the ultimate spirit item fashion accessory

    Once upon a time, wearing a baseball cap meant something. First, it meant that you played baseball. Soon, it was for fans of baseball or people who needed the sun kept out of their eyes when they watched a baseball game. Before long, baseball caps became a standard part of many men's wardrobes, and it is rapidly becoming much the same for women as well.

    Promotional baseball caps are an excellent spirit item because people notice them instantly. It's very difficult not to automatically check to see who or what is represented on someone's baseball cap. It's a reflex that never goes away, and it's stronger the more vibrant or colorful a cap is. So many people end up wearing the same cap for the same team in different cities, so anything outside of the norm is automatically intriguing.

    There are also quite a few people, particularly in college, who amass large collections of baseball caps. These folks are walking cap billboards, and every day is a new installment. People who know these serial cap-wearers well are always curious to see which cap they'll be wearing on a given day. As a result, having your logo or brand in such a person's collection is like being endorsed by a promotional products celebrity.

  • A promotional frisbee makes brands and organizations fly

    Frisbees have come a long way from the time when they were accidentally invented using pie tins and aluminum plates. Today, they're a fixture on college quads and university greens. All you need to play is a friend, a little wind and of course, that famous flying disk. Promotional Frisbees are a great way to emblazon a sports item with a company brand or team mascot because of how often they're seen.

    In addition to a simple game of catch, people play a lot of different games with Frisbees. Ultimate Frisbee is becoming more popular than ever, with many colleges beginning to organize competitive teams that visit other schools for high-octane matches. A company that sponsors a team by providing high-quality promotional products would get quite a bit of exposure.

    Another fun game that's played with the disk is frolf, or Frisbee golf. If you visit a lot of the parks and preserves throughout the country, you'll see young people and old folks alike indulging in this game of accuracy and patience. More people get involved with frolf every day, so it's a good idea to think about investing in promotional Frisbees to add some subtle marketing to natural landscapes that otherwise would be safe from advertisers.

  • Take a break from subtlety with promotional banners

    There are many compelling arguments for keeping promotional products and spirit items subtle. When they fade into the background, they are noticed by the subconscious mind and are remembered by a deep part of the brain. However, sometimes it's useful to just go for it and shout a company or team's name loudly to the heavens!

    Banners are best when visibility is key. That's why they make interesting spirit items. Many tools of the stadium are designed to make noise or to be funny, but sometimes it's helpful to have the largest and boldest visual message. It's also a temptation for TV cameras to notice a fan in the stands, so people will want to bring their banners whenever they attend a game.

    In addition to the visibility that banners produce, they also make a strong statement at home. College students are the natural demographic for promotional banners, especially if there is some variation on them. When broadcasting the identity of a sports team, banners can become collectibles if they differ based upon the championship year they celebrate or the particular player whose heroic feats on the field, court or rink they call to mind.

  • Get a jump on the other teams and plan ahead with winter spirit items

    Now that summer has arrived, anyone who waited until now to buy an air conditioner is kicking themselves. It would have been so much cheaper if they had bought it in the winter! The same is true for spirit items – if you wait until the snow begins to fall, all the best ones will be expensive or in demand. Start planning now so that fans and supporters have the best gear.

    In the United Kingdom, rabid soccer fans always wear scarves with their team's colors on them. Why not import the practice to North America? In addition to keeping the most spirited supporters warm and comfortable, a promotional scarf will help to create a sea of hues that intimidates opposing team members.

    People need to keep their energy and warmth up in the stands, and a long drawn-out game can drain their mojo. That's why a promotional thermos full of cocoa, coffee or something a little bit stronger will be just the thing to keep the crowd going wild.

    Even when they're at home, the fans will have an effect on the team. Just knowing that so many folks are waiting breathlessly for their next play gives athletes the confidence that they need to win. A promotional mug is precisely what a fan will want to keep his warm drinks in when the score is tied and the game is on the line.

  • Spread some joy with promotional candy

    Many of the best promotional products are useful items. Unfortunately, there's nothing remotely useful about promotional candy – except that it's delicious! Consider thanking both fans and consumers with a box or tin of some tasty treats that bear a company name or sports team's logo.

    Nuts are on the healthier side of the snack debate, though they satisfy hunger cravings just as well as sweet treats. Unless customers have food allergies, they'll certainly have a favorite type. Some favor the salty crunch of peanuts, while others enjoy its sophisticated cousin, the walnut. Even if consumers think almonds are the best, there's a set of promotional nuts for them.

    Everyone enjoys jelly beans, from little kids on Easter to former President Ronald Reagan. The sugary, fruity treats not only taste great, but their bright colors add a splash of life to anybody's coffee table. When a company brands the tin they come in, promotional jelly beans will add one more thing to a living room.

    As sad as it is to say, nothing comes remotely close to chocolate in the popularity contest. Men, women, boys, girls, old folks and children all agree that nothing tastes better than chocolate. That's why promotional chocolates are one of the best products for companies to give away when it's time to raise awareness.

  • Promotional Water Bottles come in enough varies to make any statement

    The one thing that everybody needs that few people get enough of is water. Scientists believe that over 80 percent of headaches can be attributed to dehydration, so there's no reason not to sip away at the desk or on the go. People who are truly ready to lead a healthy lifestyle are the perfect customers or sports fans to receive a promotional water bottle.

    A standard variety is the promotional aluminum water bottle, which is strong, light and free from any aftertaste. Aluminum can be made from recycled materials and is easy to recycle when its life cycle is complete, although with a team mascot or company logo on it, the only time it should end up in the recycling bin is if it's somehow been broken.

    A material that's almost impossible to break is polycarbonate. Folks who regularly engage in activities that reflect a vigorous lifestyle will appreciate a promotional polycarbonate water bottle, since very little can actually harm its structure. That includes tumbles down mountains, falls from bicycles and even being run over by a car.

    Perhaps the healthiest people of all will be grateful for a promotional water bottle that is guaranteed free of bisphenol A. That substance, also known as BPA, is found in many plastics and has been linked to a number of health risks. A BPA-free water bottle ensures that none of the possibly harmful particles will harm a customer's health.

  • It's not too late to use promotional products at the beach

    Having a good time isn't supposed to be a lot of work. However, people at the beach seem to need all kinds of tools to stay safe, cool and healthy. Provide them with the promotional products that make their day by the shore enjoyable.

    The dog days of summer are upon us, and that means that the heat is scorching. As bad as it is, the prospect of missing out on some of the dwindling days of the season is even more frightening. To reach a compromise between the heat and the calender, give customers a promotional windmill mini-fan.

    Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses, and even if they prefer the designer variety, it's always helpful to have a backup pair around. That's why promotional sunglasses are a great tool for sharing a brand or company name with other beach-goers. Just be sure to warn customers to avoid the dreaded sunglasses tan.

    No one should be at the beach without at least a little sunblock, but some folks are determined to be bronze gods or goddesses until the leaves start to fall off of the trees. The least that companies or organizations can do to protect their favorite customers is to provide them with branded sunscreen.

  • Make every party a sports party with branded drinking glasses

    There are few occasions when sports fans are more passionate about their favorite team than at a party. After a couple drinks, many supporters turn up the volume on their rhetoric and let fans of bitter rivals have it with both barrels. However, with properly branded glasses to hold their drinks, there's no reason for things to get out of hand.

    Sophisticated people drink wine, the same way that sophisticated sports fans drink wine out of promotional wine glasses. Though it might contradict the traditional image of a football fanatic or basketball enthusiast, there's something classy about a wine glass that has a sports team's logo on it.

    Entering more familiar territory, we come upon the promotional pilsner. This item is in perfect sync with the image of a stereotypical sports fan, since beer seems to be the choice for many people who follow games intensely. These heavy glasses are difficult to knock over, which is a must in homes that see a lot of rowdy celebration.

    If someone's sports persona is cool and collected, it might be best to offer him promotional martini glasses. Though he may feel like James Bond when he sips from it, he won't be able to maintain his composure when his favorite player hits a home run in the bottom of the ninth inning.

  • Promotional aprons are the apparel of choice in the kitchen

    The traditional image of someone who wears an apron is of a housewife who is constantly cooking and cleaning. That view of the apron is quaint and familiar, but definitely out of date. Today, more people than ever have occasion to wear an apron, so it isn't a stretch for sports teams and companies to put their logos on them.

    Barbecues seem to be the domain of men, and it's usually Dad or Grandpa who's in charge of grilling the meat. These fellas may be masters of the cookout, but that doesn't mean that they want BBQ sauce and drippings all over their clothes. In fact, with a beloved sports logo on their protective promotional apron, they'll wear it with pride.

    The earlier that kids learn how to cook, the better. Otherwise, they'll be malnourished when they finally go off on their own to college. Parents should take them aside and demonstrate a few simple meals that they can whip up, and it will be even more fun with the image of a mascot or company slogan on their promotional apron.

    Artists work in many different media, from clay to paint to whatever it is the kids are throwing at canvases these days. However, one thing is clear about these would-be Picassos: their precious fashionable clothing can't be ruined by foreign materials. A company-emblazoned promotional apron should do the trick.

  • A Promotional Lanyard has enough uses to be a top-notch promotional product

    Lanyards are very simple items. In essence, they're just pieces of canvas, leather or rope that make holding and grabbing small items easier. However, there are quite a few times when this is just what folks need, so it's no wonder that they make excellent spirit items and promotional products.

    Traditional keychains are a good way to keep organized so that no lock stands in a person's way. However, there's a fashion statement being made when kids and adults put their keys on a lanyard. Not only does it hang out of the pocket and advertise a favorite sports team or company, but it can be quickly grabbed to open doors and lockers on the fly.

    Promotional lanyards are also an excellent way to contribute to the uniforms of stadium or corporate staff members. ID cards and security passes are best placed around the neck, where they can be quickly viewed and swiftly used. The colored and branded lanyard itself will also help to mark the people who can help visitors, fans and customers.

    Many people often use lanyards so that important household items are within reach. Flashlights, screwdrivers and markers can all be attached to a promotional lanyard, which is easily hung on a wall for simple access when the need for one of these items arises.

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