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  • Take advantage of wacky holidays for interesting promotions this august

    The last month of summer is a strange time, with fun and vacations in one direction and school and dropping temperatures in the other. Perhaps that's why there are so many weird and interesting holidays during that time of year. Promotional products are always a good way to increase brand awareness and to tell people about your company or organization, but they're even more memorable when they're part of a special event. Use this list of absurd celebrations to make promotional products even more effective this August.

    August 8 – Dollar Day
    The United States first began using the dollar as its form of currency on this date. On August 8, we can celebrate the buck, greenback or smacker simply by making a purchase. Promotions that companies can run for this celebration include giving a dollar off select items, collecting dollar bills for charity or charging a single dollar for an interesting spirit item or promotional product.

    August 14 – Left-Handers Day
    People who are left-handed like to say that they're the only people in their right minds, but since there are so few of them, they rarely get the attention they deserve. August 14 is a good time to give away free promotional products to people who do things on the sinister side.

    August 15 – National Relaxation Day
    There is probably no better time of year for a celebration of relaxation than in the height of the dog days of summer. Customers and fans should be treated to the items that let them chill out, including promotional folding chairs, personalized fans or even promotional coolers.

    August 18 – Bad Poetry Day
    Small business marketers know that their first attempts at writing advertising copy often sounds like bad poetry. Dig out those notebooks on the 18th of August and let it all fly out. Just make sure to mention to customers what day you're celebrating. In fact, it might be fun to offer free spirit items or discounts to folks who are brave enough to compose their own terrible verses.

    August 26 – National Dog Day
    Humanity's best friends can't go shopping, and they certainly won't get any more enthusiastic about sports teams or companies than they do over everything else. However, they can be pampered on their special day. Customers who bring dogs to a store should get a discount, or at the very least a treat. A promotional mini football or a promotional basketball could be the seminal prize that a canine friend gets on this day.

    National Golf Month
    August is National Golf Month, so expect to see a lot of silly clothes and older men breaking clubs in frustration. To soothe their anger, offer regular golfers some spirit items such as promotional golf balls or golf sets.

    National Picnic Month
    If you can get over the heat and the ants, a picnic is some of the most fun you can have in August. Promotional koozies, personalized coolers and branded water bottles will all contribute to brand awareness as customers enjoy a relaxing meal under the trees.

    Family Fun Month
    No fun is more fun than the family variety, and August is the last chance for Mom and Dad to take road trips with the kids before school resumes. Children will love any old thing so long as it's free, but the best spirit items for kids are the ones that they can play with at rest stops and scenic areas. Promotional footballs and soccer balls make a great gift this month.

  • High quality items are effective promotional products

    A lot of the appeal of promotional products comes from the fact that they aren't costly and can be bought in large numbers. This is an effective strategy to follow, but every once in a while, it can be a good idea to invest in some high-quality products that can be given away as prizes or auctioned off for charity. Here are some suggestions for items that fit the bill.

    USB flash drives that have small amounts of memory available can be cost-effective and purchased in large quantities. They make excellent giveaways, but slightly fancier memory sticks with as much as 8 gigabytes of memory are a tremendously useful tool that would make a sweet prize at a fundraising raffle.

    A promotional watch is something that people wear with pride, and when received as the result of a contest or auction, there's an added element of accomplishment. There are also many types of watches, from digital to sleek metal to leather, and depending on the image you want to impart, there's certainly going to be one that fits your organization.

    Nothing says fancy like a promotional wine set with an engraved case and all the tools necessary to enjoy a nice glass of red or white. Donors willing to contribute to a charity event are likely wine-drinkers, so the appeal of this set of tools in combination with the message it sends to cocktail party guests will make it a hotly-pursued prize.

  • A promotional briefcase is only as effective as the person who carries it

    There are plenty of spirit items that spend most of their lives in people's homes or at the stadium itself. In addition to these locations, there are also offices to consider. The workplace isn't as laid back as a house or sporting event, but it is still a great place to raise awareness of a team, school, organization or company. Briefcases are a common enough tool that come in many varieties and are seen by quite a few coworkers.

    The young professional who rides the subway or takes a bike to work favors the messenger bag. Slung over one shoulder, these hip young workers can easily access their smartphones, MP3 players and e-book readers when they get a break from blogging and texting. A promotional messenger bag allows them to advertise their team preference when they can't wear a fancy t-shirt that would normally do so.

    The technologically-inclined can't go anywhere without their trusty computers. A promotional laptop case makes them feel proud as they transport a PC from office to office and department to department.

    Folks in management are constantly organizing meetings, debriefing employees and keeping an office running smoothly. They constantly have papers and forms to distribute, so a promotional brief bag would be their tool of choice. These receptacles hold so many legal pads and reams of paper that they can also double as a piece of exercise equipment.

  • Sports fans and bars are the perfect combination for spirit items

    Besides the stadium itself, there are few places as appropriate as a bar to watch a sporting event. Incidentally, smart bar owners and managers should consider decking out their establishments with spirit items and promotional products that celebrate local and college sports teams to prove to customers which side they're on.

    Any bar worth its salt will keep coasters well-stocked to prevent drinks from slipping and cold ones from sweating too heavily in the summer heat. A coaster that's been emblazoned with a team mascot or logo will help to make the local bar a fan favorite.

    A shaker is essential for proper mixology, and after the ingredients have been carefully selected, the only additional element missing is the symbol of the hometown team. Every drink a barkeep creates will be a little bit more special when mixed in with a promotional shaker.

    Sports bars probably don't get too many wine drinkers, but when they do, it's nice to know that a sports team had something to do with every glass. A promotional corkscrew is one of the many little things that helps to improve a bars image.

  • Megaphones raise the voices and spirits of passionate fans

    Sports enthusiasts have a lot of options when it comes to making noise with spirit items. Thundersticks and clappers make a great big din, but it doesn't convey a specific message. The rumble that comes from the stands can intimidate other teams, but sometimes it's important to show support for specific athletes, plays and accomplishments.

    Cheerleading megaphones are simple plastic cones that allow fans to raise their voices above the crowd. On some occasions, whether it's the bottom of the ninth, fourth down or during a free throw, players will appreciate a little extra encouragement. Cheerleading megaphones allow a fan to be heard when she has something important to say.

    One small addition to the megaphone that increases its use and value is the popcorn cap. Few snacks go as well with sporting events as popcorn does, and making it available in a useful plastic cone gives extra incentive for fans to make a purchase. The kernels of corn provide the energy that supporters need to raise their voices with a megaphone.

    An ingenious solution to the expense and difficulty of providing a megaphone for the entire stadium is the board stock version. Constructed from thick cardboard paper, a board stock megaphone can be folded and assembled from a flat piece so that distribution is simple. The chant that goes up from the home team section will be deafening when teams elect to provide this great spirit item.

  • Consider a day at the beach a perfect opportunity to raise awareness

    In the summer, there's no place that's better to find relaxed and comfortable people than at the beach. Free from invasive advertising and annoying commercials, only the most subtle forms of promotion are effective by the shore. Consider using spirit items and promotional products that are tailor-made for a day at the ocean.

    Beach towels are a necessity, even if you don't plan on taking a dip. As one of the few fashion statements available on the sand, customers and fans will want to pick something large, colorful and supportive of a team or organization. Promotional beach towels are the perfect gift for a sports fan who loves the shore.

    Custom beach towelsEven folks who don't normally wear them need a good pair of flip-flops to weather the hot sand and keep the car from getting messy. A pair of promotional sandals is another excuse to show off how much you love a college sports team or local minor league affiliate.

    There are a lot of toys that fit the beach perfectly. Mini footballs and soccer balls are always fun, but nothing is as useful in the water and on the sand than a beach ball. When that ball has been covered with logos and images, it's an obvious reminder that this sandy territory belongs to a certain team.

  • Decals and stickers promote products and raise spirits

    Promotional products and spirit items may be useful tools to raise awareness, but promotional decals and spirit stickers can turn almost any item into a promotional product. Here are three types that can be attached to a variety of objects.

    This type of decal can be stuck onto most surfaces, including windows, mirrors and many types of plastic. It adheres without the use of sticky materials and can be easily removed. However, when printed in the shape or with the image of a sports mascot or logo, customers won't ever feel the need to take it off.

    Promotional magnets are certainly useful for a refrigerator, but they can also be found on the bodies of cars. A removable alternative to bumper stickers, fans can show their support without worrying that a sticker will harm the resale value of their automobiles.

    A foil sticker will be useful to add to other products. They are especially good for announcing the age or pedigree of a product and reminds customers and fans that a certain group or company has been around for quite some time.


  • Promotional products can be effective when they are free

    Many spirit items and promotional products are effective as prizes or when sold to fans and enthusiasts of a company, team or school. However, when the price is right, giving away a product can be a useful way to raise awareness of an organization. Here are some of the best tools to accomplish this task.

    Promotional pens
    Sooner or later, everyone needs a pen. Why not make it a branded one that reminds the user of a businesses or sports team? Promotional pens are a form of marketing that exists in many places – a pocket, a drawer, on a desk or behind the ear of a customer.

    Shot glasses
    These cheap items might seem to only be useful when a person is drinking alcohol out of them, but many folks like to collect these items and put them on display. A shot glass with a team mascot or company logo is an excellent promotional product that's great to have on hand, even if you don't use them all the time.

    Promotional mini footballs
    In addition to being a great display for a logo or company name, customers enjoy having mini footballs to toss around for stress relief or while chatting on the phone. A business or group that gives away mini footballs is assured that their name and brand will be seen in a subtle but effective way.

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