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  • A few promotional plastic buckets can go a long way

    Plastic buckets are commonplace items that seem to be everywhere. If given an hour to complete the task of finding a plastic bucket of any sort, it wouldn't be much of a challenge. However, having one on hand that's the right color, properly branded and clean is another story entirely. Organizations that are holding events should consider having a batch at their disposal.

    Promotional buckets are excellent receptacles for cold drinks in the summer. Whether they contain beer, soda, juice or any other offering surrounded by ice, buckets are certain to make a splash and proudly exhibit the colors and logo of a school, company or sports team. Buckets can also be placed at individual tables so that patrons don't have to constantly get up for refills.

    These items are also perfect for giving things away. Events that include a raffle, auction or games of chance will certainly include prizes of some kind. A bucket is a great way to allow supporters and donors to hold onto the loot they accrued over the course of an event. Even gift bags and baskets that are prizes themselves can be spiced up in a brightly-colored promotional bucket.

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  • Plastic tokens are excellent promotional products

    It might not seem like it, but money is one of the most effective promotional products that’s ever been produced. Dollar bills and coins are branding tools that have been emblazoned with the symbols, words and slogans of an entire country, and people can’t go very long without encountering them. They’re an important part of people’s lives and constantly speak on behalf of the organization that they represent – the United States of America.

    If a company could do the same and create currency that’s useful to trade for items and constantly reminds the user of the group, school or company that produced them, they’ve achieved something that only governments usually do. Fortunately, this is easily accomplished by using promotional plastic tokens.

    Events such as charity auctions, raffles and fairs all require some means of bartering. Plastic tokens that use a company name or company symbol is a great way to remind attendees about a group that organized the event. Instead of using boring tickets or even cash, people can throw down a token. It will make a festival or gathering more interesting and creates a bold statement that a university, sports team or business is in charge. Additionally, promotional plastic tokens make excellent souvenirs of a great night of fun and enjoyment.

  • Trips with a promotional travel mug take on added meaning

    The car culture that has developed in the United States has created a situation in which people are constantly spending time in their automobiles. Whether they're on the daily commute, going to the grocery store or taking a nice country drive, folks spend so much time in their cars that they may seem to become a home away from home.

    Sports fans and supporters of different organizations may enjoy decking out their houses with posters, drinking glasses and banners that show enthusiasm for a team or group. Doing so in a car is a little bit more difficult. Bumper stickers and decals can mark the outside, but the interior is ripe for promotions. That's why promotional travel mugs are an important tool to remind oneself about the best team or organization in an area.

    When covered with the mascot, logo or symbol of a company or school, a travel mug takes on added importance. If it's used for morning coffee, it's a stalwart friend in the fight against fatigue. On long trips it becomes a traveling companion that refreshes and relaxes. Even short errands will be a little bit easier when one knows that a business or team is there to help you stay hydrated and healthy.

  • Give employees promotional gifts to say thank you

    Corporate gifts can be a great way to tell employees "thank you." The gesture of giving gifts to show recognition might boost morale at your office or business, and even simple promotional products like pens and journals printed with employees' names can show your gratitude.

    The corporate gifts you give away don't have to stack up to Oprah's Favorite Things giveaway, which has gained notoriety for the extravagance of the gifts like tropical vacations. Items that they can use at work might be greatly appreciated and show employees that you understand their jobs and want them to be in an enjoyable environment.

    Employees that work at a desk might be able to put an electronic picture frame to good use. While they work, they can enjoy a slide show of their favorite photos. Since the frame can be custom printed with your business name and logo, they'll be sure remember who the generous gift came from.

    For employees that work on a sales floor, gifts as simple as promotional water bottles or travel mugs printed with their names and a cool design can make their days more enjoyable and express your appreciation.

  • A koozie keeps drinks cool for every occasion

    The primary places to use koozies is outside when the heat is on. The beach – for example – is an extraordinarily good place to break out those little rubber can cases. With the sun beating down from the sky, reflecting off the water and turning the sand into molten glass, beverage temperature protection needs to be priority number one for all beach-goers.

    Promotional koozies are a great way to get the word out about a company or to raise awareness of a sports team or university, but the beach isn’t the only place that they’ll be used. Another obvious example is a barbecue. Folks love to have a couple cold ones, alcoholic or otherwise, while they’re frying up hamburgers and hot dogs. Without a promotional product such as a koozie on hand, the sun and the grill will conspire to ruin the coolness of a drink.

    Even drives require some help in the drink department. A nice can of soda or juice can quench the thirst of any driver on a long-distance trip. A koozie not only keeps that can chilly, but it protects against the sweat that results from condensation forming on the can. Slippery hands mean slippery steering wheels, which is no good when traveling on the road.

  • A picture frame adds plenty of spirit to the picture within

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – so how many can the right frame add to that total? When branded by a sports team, university or other organization, it can be quite a lot. Promotional picture frames are a great product to offer die-hard fans of sports teams so that they can show off their love of a certain game or group of athletes.

    When used to frame a beloved picture of friends, family or loved ones, a promotional frame indicates how much esteem in which the owner holds a team. After all – one wouldn't put a picture of a spouse or child in a frame emblazoned with the mascot of a football team or basketball organization without making a statement about the importance of that franchise.

    Additionally, promotional frames can be used to hold pictures that are somehow related to the team that they advertise An autographed picture of a talented athlete is perfect for framing in such a device, while a picture of a fan who's been lucky enough to meet a sporting idol would also fit perfectly in a promotional frame. When placed on a desk in an office or at home, such a product immediately becomes a very effective spirit item.

  • Shopping bags are just the touch that sales and auctions require

    One of the best sorts of fundraisers is an auction. Besides being a fun and interesting tradition that has its roots in the distant past, auctions give a sense of competition to what is essentially a fundraiser for a sports team, university, non-profit group or other type of organization. Entities that hold regular auctions that offer useful or appealing items should have no shortage of donations from attendees.

    A great way to make auctions even more fun is to provide a wide variety of items for sale. Rather than just making big ticket items available, organizations should have some smaller, less expensive items up for sale so that everyone can participate. That way, no one will feel badly that they couldn't take part in the fun of raising the stakes for sought-after prizes.

    To really make an evening such as this fun, proper branding efforts should be undertaken. This means that putting the logo or mascot of a team or group on any items such as drinking glasses and tablecloths is an important step to take. Even shopping bags, which can be used by victorious auction-goers to hold all of their loot, can be imprinted with designs that represent the organization responsible for holding the auction in the first place.

  • Mini Baseball helmets are great team souvenirs

    There are plenty of people who participate in sports purely because of how much they actually love to play the game itself. While this description applies to quite a few fans, there are some who step into the batter's box for entirely different reasons. For this latter group, something larger is at play. The legacies of famous superstars from the past and present are informing their decisions to play and they always will.

    Both kids and adults imagine themselves as legendary batters, fielders and pitchers when they jog out onto the diamond. Perhaps it's because of the importance that baseball attaches to history and records, but you can be sure that quite a few people who join softball or baseball leagues have a favorite player at their position that they secretly see themselves as.

    That's why promotional mini baseball helmets are such excellent spirit items. The right team mascots and logos help with the suspension of disbelief that keeps people from completely buying into the illusion that they are Ted Williams or Roger Clemens. Local sports teams or universities can help fans to choose which famous player they want to be when they're taking their warm-up cuts.

  • Coasters are a unique way to promote a business or sports team

    Promotional products are excellent tools for promoting a company's brand and increasing consumer awareness of products and services. When used to help increase enthusiasm for a sports teams, these tools become spirit items and trade on the allegiance that fans have to a group of athletes to drum up support and possibly even collect donations. Even non-profit groups can solicit funds from consumers by advertising themselves with free promotional products.

    It may seem unlikely, but promotional coasters are very effective versions of this marketing strategy. One of the best times to use branded coasters is at events that are held in honor of certain organizations. Fundraisers, outdoor festivals, pep rallies, auctions or any type of get-together where drinks are served can make excellent use of promotional coasters to remind attendees of the group responsible for the event.

    Additionally, coasters make a fun souvenir for fervent supporters of an organization or passionate fans of a sports team. There are many ways to deck out one's home in team colors or images of talented athletes. To stand out as a unique and truly die-hard fan, one needs only to show guests and family members their promotional coasters to prove dedication to the home team.

  • Promotional T-Shirts are useful any time of year

    Many articles of clothing are only appropriate for certain times of year. Sweatshirts see little use in the summer when the temperature is high while bathing suits are exclusively denizens of the summer months. As a result, these items are only effective as promotional products for so long before they go into storage.

    However, there is one piece of clothing that gets heavy use no matter how far the Earth is from the sun. T-shirts are the ultimate promotional product because they’re a primary article of clothing when the weather is warm but are also worn indoors or as undershirts when the snow is on the ground. Companies, schools and sports teams can do little wrong when they offer custom t-shirts to their fans and customers.

    T-shirts are also excellent spirit items because they allow fans to become walking billboards that support a university or sporting organization. In fact, custom t-shirts are some of the most visible marketing tools. Unlike some promotional products, on which logos and brand names are only incidentally seen, t-shirts are worn with pride in the hope that others will notice the message and mascots emblazoned upon them.

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