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  • 5 Most Common Myths About Promotional Products

    Myths About Promotional ProductsThe promotional products industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Many business owners, particular those with small businesses, often have the wrong outlook about promotional products. This wrong mindset centers around some common myths that should be addressed. Below are five common myths regarding promotional products to hopefully save you from disaster.

    Myth # 1

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  • BCS National Championship Game 2013

    Saturday will be a big day for college football. Nearly all of the conference championship games will be that day and the outcomes of those games will decide not only the bowl games, but also the BCS National Championship game. College football is one of the most watched sports in the U.S. and the BCS National Championship along with many other of the major bowls are certainly extremely popular events. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish do not play a conference championship game, so they finished their regular season undefeated and with a #1 BCS ranking. This means they will play for the National Championship on January 7, 2013 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Who they play will be determined this Saturday when the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide face the #3 Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game. The winner of that game will move on to play for the National Championship. An SEC team has won the championship game for the past 6 years in a row. Will Alabama or Georgia make it 7?

    Centered around the college football and bowl games are parties where friends, church youth groups, school organizations, and companies get together to watch big games. Sure, there will be BBQ, chips and other junk food, and a variety of beverages. At many of the school and corporate parties, there will be football spirit items given away.

    Among the most popular football giveaways include mini footballs. You can choose from vinyl mini footballs or plastic mini footballs. The vinyl mini football is softer and air-filled and the more popular option because they are safer, larger, and able to be thrown better.

  • FREE Promotional Items

    Would you like FREE promotional items with your company logo printed on them? Of course, who wouldn't. Custom printed promotional products are some of the best marketing tools for your business. Many of you reading this have been sitting on the opportunity for free promos for years. So how do you get free promotional items?

    Well, it's really simple and not a new concept. Many businesses that are distributors or dealers of brand name products are eligible through their major vendors. These vendors often have marketing programs in which they will pay all or sometimes a portion of the cost for promotional items with their logo printed on the products. However, most do allow you to also print your logo and contact information on the opposite side. An example would be a small engine repair shop that sells Stihl brand power equipment. Well, Stihl may pay for the promos allowing them to market not only the Stihl brand, but also your shop. This is a win-win situation for the vendor because through the distributor giving out promotional items, additional branding penetrates that local market much more cost-effectively than traditional marketing vessels such as television and print ads.

    Now there are guidelines for most of these programs which will, of course, vary from vendor to vendor. Your business will likely have to meet a certain sales threshold before you are eligible. After all, why would a vendor spend money on you if you are not producing for them? Most of these co-op programs do have maximum yearly dollar amounts that are offered, and these dollar amounts may be on a sliding scale directly related to your sales volume. You will also have to submit a proof of the promotional products to the vendor for approval so they can make sure the layout and color scheme meet their branding guidelines. Some of the programs may not pay 100% of the order amount, but may pay 50% or more. Again, the percentage is often dependent on your sales volume for their products.

    So call your major suppliers right away and ask if they have a co-op program in which they will pay for promotional items with their logo and your contact information printed on the items so your can push their product and increase your sales. If you need help in the process, please don't hesitate to contact one of our customer service specialists who can provide a proof for approval by your vendor.

  • Do bigger offering buckets mean more tithes and offering?

    In the modern day church, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of contemporary church services. These are the services in which the church tries to connect with younger and more modern families. Many of the "old church" traditions are withheld from the service and more modern traditions and activities take place. These usually have a band playing the music as opposed to the choir. They perform skits to reinforce the message. They pass offering buckets, instead of traditional offering plates.

    The type of offering plate or bucket is often a hot topic of discussion for churches. It's hard for many churches and congregations to let go of older traditions such as the offering plate. However, with contemporary worship services comes changes to appeal to the younger generations. It is also thought and often debated that bigger offering plates or buckets can lead to an increase in giving? Why? Because when the bucket is passed, a bigger container will look more empty than a smaller  container, thereby compelling the congregation to reach in their wallet more often. No church wants to make its members give more due to guilt, but sometimes the empty bucket theory is the push that church members need to step up their tithing.


    • Brand Your Church - You can print your church logo, slogan, or favorite Bible verse on your offering buckets which help to brand your church. It's just as important to brand your church as it is your business. Branding your church helps its members to feel like they are part of a stable organization, which can also increase tithes and offerings.
    • Large Imprint Area - Our offering buckets have a huge imprint area of 6.75" W x 5.75" H, so you can boldly display your church logo.
    • Variety of Bucket Colors - Choose from 10 different colors to compliment your Church. Using colored buckets helps to liven up your service.
    • Modern Style - Using offering buckets instead of offering plates helps to keep a more modern and contemporary style and tends to mesh better with contemporary worship services.
    • Easy Storage - Our plastic offering buckets stack within each other to easily store your buckets between worship services.
    • Increase Tithes & Offering - While many factors influence tithes and offering, some suggest that passing bigger containers can have a positive effect on giving. This is not a guarantee, but if it helps a little, your investment in branded offering buckets can pay off very quickly.
    • Durability - Plastic offering buckets can last for years if properly taken care of. Our buckets are made of rigid plastic, so they can withstand being passed around a large congregation of people.
    • Light Weight - Plastic offering buckets are lighter in weight than traditional metal offering plates, making them easier to pass to the next church member.
  • Logo Umbrellas for the rainy season

    In the United States and the entire northern hemisphere, the winter solstice, or more commonly known as the first day of winter, is on Friday, December 21, 2012.  With the winter season, also comes rain, sleet, and snow, which gives you a great opportunity to give out promotional products that are extremely useful to your customers and really win them over.

    Whenever you give out promos, your main goal should be giving out products that your clientele can actually use. Therefore, your clients will use the product more and market your business by displaying your logo to those people they come in contact with on a daily basis. Imagine having your company logo displayed by hundreds of people while they walk down a busy street. That's exactly what can happen if you give away . Umbrellas with your custom logo printed on them have several marketing advantages as listed below:

    • Umbrellas have a high perceived value by the recipient. If you bought an umbrella from a retail store, you would pay upwards of $20 or more for a "good" umbrella. Therefore, receiving a FREE umbrella is very well received.
    • There is a large imprint area on umbrellas. This increases the visibility of your company for others to see and exposes your business to hundreds or even thousands of other people each time the umbrella is pulled out. Now multiply that visibility by the number of custom umbrellas that you give out!
    • Umbrellas will be kept for years and never thrown away until it worn out and unusable. These promos aren't like a cheap pen that is used once or twice and then lost or thrown out.
    • It's very handy to have an umbrella stashed in your car or for outdoor events when rain is a threat. Your clients will appreciate the gift and will be much more receptive to your company. Research has shown that recipients of useful promotional items are much more likely to do business with that company again. I relate it to Christmas. If friends or even acquaintances give you a gift, you feel much more obliged to reciprocate with a gift. With clients, their gift is to continue doing business with your company by shopping in your store or using your services.
  • Case Study - Cut Printing Costs with USB Flash Drives

    A large corporation saves thousands of dollars in printing costs by offering their manuals and forms loaded on USB Flash Drives instead of printing them.

    CHALLENGE:  Cut printing costs at a large corporation.

    SOLUTION:  After prodding a bit on what types of documents the company printed, we found that they gave every employee a 132 page Policy and Procedures Manual that they printed and bound.  In addition, they also gave each employee printed versions of various forms such as incident reports, vacation requests, PO requisitions, reimbursement forms, and several other inter-office forms.  We suggested the use of 2GB USB Flash Drives which could be preloaded with all of the various documents.  By doing this, the forms would only have to be printed as necessary.  In addition, the USB Flash Drives could be imprinted with the company logo and used to back up their files and transfer files.

    OUTCOME:  It was estimated that the company saved around $3185.60 per year (including distribution of annually updated manuals) plus each employee got a useful gadget out of the deal.  132 page manual plus another 14 pages of forms equals 146 pages total for 181 employees plus a turnover rate of around 9%.  At approximately $0.10 per page plus binding charges resulted in a per employee cost of $17.60 per manual with extra documents (not even including prep time).  By buying 2GB USB Flash Drives, the company could get them pre-loaded with documents and a custom logo printed on them for only $10.17 per drive (Savings of $7.43 per employee).  In addition, since these manuals are updated annually, the company saves even further by emailing the revised manual to the employees to upload to their drive.  To further save money, the company also designed a process to submit their forms online so no forms have to be printed at all.  Overall, the money saving project was a huge success.

    KEY:  There are several factors that were key for this project:  1) Buying an appropriately sized USB Flash Drive – if you buy one too small such as a 256MB or 512MB, the thumb drive is not as useful because of the memory limitations and they are likely to be discarded for better ones.  If you buy thumb drives that have too much memory, you spend more than you will ever save.  2) It is critical to make sure the Flash Drives you get have Tier 1 memory.  Many cheap models have a sub-class memory and many will not work or they will quit working shortly after you receive them.


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    We always love to hear about successful promotional products marketing campaigns, so please submit your success stories with details of the campaign to us.  After review and approval, we will publish your story on our site.  Specific business names are not necessary, but we will publish your business name if you choose.  It is a great chance for free PR for your company.  To submit your story, Contact Us.

  • What is the difference between raster and vector artwork?

    A common question we get is,

    "What is the difference between raster and vector artwork?"

    If you have a graphic artist at your organization,then this question wouldn't be an issue, but the average Joe normally doesn't know this. Raster artwork is created with pixels such as photographs and very detailed images; however, the downside to raster artwork is that if enlarged, it will pixelate and become distorted. Have you ever notice how is you increase the size of an image on your computer, it becomes blurry? That's because it is raster artwork. Raster artwork should be created at a resolution of 300 dpi for the highest quality print. If the art will need to be enlarged, the resolution should be higher. For example: a 600 dpi photo that is 3" x 3" can be enlarged to 6" x 6" which, if you removed the restraints, would reduce the resolution to 300 dpi and it would still be good for printing. Anything less than 300 dpi may appear pixelated and be blurry or distorted. If a file is created at a low resolution such as images from webpages, changing the dpi to 300 is not going to make your image print ready. As long as raster artwork is sized appropriately for the imprint area, it will make for a nice clean imprint. An example of a common program that creates raster images is Adobe Photoshop. These are the preferred programs for full color printing of photographs and images. Examples of these files would be a .tif, .jpg, or .psd (Photoshop File).

    Vector artwork, on the other hand, is artwork created with vector-based graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and CorelDraw which create the graphics based on flat line art. Therefore, vector artwork can be scaled infinitely without being distorted. This is the preferred artwork when size alterations have to be made and for printing on promotional products.

    At Perfect Imprints, we can assist you with any artwork needs because we have in-house graphic artists. If you can't create acceptable camera ready artwork, we can, and we offer up to 30 minutes of FREE art service with any order over $250. Our free art services can save you $50-$100 on every order. If you are looking for a professional business card design or postcard design we can help you to look good. Also, let our artists work up an amazing t-shirt design for your next order of custom t shirts!

  • Cyber Monday Only - FREE Shipping on Everything!

    CYBER MONDAY ONLY (11/26/2012)!




    Want FREE shipping on your order of Custom Christmas Ornaments? Order your ornaments online on Cyber Monday (11/16/2012) with the promo code above. Choose from a wide variety of different personalized holiday ornaments with your business logo.

    Promotional Lip Balm is a great winter giveaway to keep your customers lips healthy all winter long. You can have a full color custom design on the chapstick label. Choose from hundreds of different lip balm flavors as well as several different lip balm containers.

    Custom printed ice scrapers are perfect winter giveaways for those in the northern states and other states with ice and snow. Every time your customers clean the ice from their windshields, they will be reminded of your company.

  • Personalized envelopes are a must for charitable organizations

    There was once a time when checking the mail was an important practice. After all, each bundle could hold some important documentation that couldn't be ignored. Utility bills, mortgage payments, tax refunds and other crucial communications could only reach people via the mail carrier and the box attached to the front of one's house.

    Today, the mail is much less of a sacred duty. Email shares important information with people more rapidly, and the fact that it can be linked to other websites with even more information has rendered postage and hand delivery nearly useless. What little does arrive via post these days is often simply marketing and promotional material, which most people have learned to ignore by quickly scanning before throwing in the recycle bin.

    This makes soliciting donations much more difficult for non-profit organizations. Many people would be more than happy to contribute to a worthy cause, but their autopilot sorting skills have been so finely honed that there are many pieces that will simply never make the cut. That's why personalized envelopes are crucial for charities to use. With a colorful logo, mascot or symbol on the outside of a piece of mail, it will at least gain a temporary reprieve during which the recipient can consider it thoughtfully and make a more informed decision before opening it up and resolving to send a check.

  • Football stadium cushions offer two kinds of support

    The fans of different types of sports often go through ordeals to watch games in person proportional to the trials that their favorite athletes go through. Baseball players expend the least amount of effort, and their fans get to enjoy a relaxing day at the park in the summer. Basketball players sweat indoors in a claustrophobic arena that they share in close proximity with their supporters. Hockey players feel the chill of the ice, so naturally hockey enthusiasts have to bundle up for games.

    However, none of these sports come close to the pounding that football fans and football players endure. The gridiron action leaves men broken and in pain, which is just what the fans are looking for. Supporters are pretty brave themselves, toughing out the winter cold and exposing themselves to hard metal seats that encourage standing and shouting support.

    As a reward for the harsh conditions that football fans expose themselves to just to show their support, spirit items are in order. One of the best is a football stadium cushion. These stadium seat cushions not only make braving the cold arena a little bit easier, but they become important reminders to others that their owners are dedicated fans who don't let weather and inconvenience get in the way of showing their team that they care.

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