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  • March Madness Promotional Items - Mini Basketballs


    Mini Basketballs for March Madness PromotionsAs the college basketball season approaches its last month of play during March Madness, businesses also look for ways to end the first quarter of the year with big sales. March Madness is the most exciting time of year for college basketball. The waiting to see which 64 teams get picked for the NCAA tournament and the anticipation of how each team is seeded fuels the initial excitement, followed by everyone's predictions of which team will prevail in the many games of the tournament. This excitement is followed by thousands of office tournament pools, Facebook contests, and all types of creative contests related to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

    This is a great opportunity for businesses of all types to use the excitement generated by college basketball to connect with new and existing customers. The most successful businesses understand the importance of connecting with their customers on a personal level and there is no better way to connect than through the love of sports. This annual sports phenomenon, known as March Madness, provides the perfect environment for your business to host sales, promotions, and special events with a basketball theme and connect on a personal level with their clients.


    1. Basketball Promotional Giveaways - This is the easiest way to integrate March Madness into your business. You can choose from hundreds of basketball-related promotional items. Items such as custom mini basketballs with your business logo are great to give away to your customers who spend a certain dollar amount during your March Madness promotion.
    2. March Madness Sales - During the NCAA tournament weeks, hold sales at your store. Make sure and heavily promote your sales prior to the sale date using Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, and flyers. Give out flyers to each customer that makes a purchase in the weeks prior to your sale to help get those customers back to your store for the upcoming March Madness Sale. These flyers are known as Bounce Back promotions and they are very effective.
    3. Local Team Support - Make sure and support your local college or university teams that are selected to participate in the NCAA tournament. This is a great way to show support with your local community and state and connect on a personal level with the many fans in your area.
    4. Employee Sales Tournament - Create your own bracket with your employees' names listed and have a tournament to see which employees can generate the most sales during a given time period. Offer incentives and prizes such as a paid day off, vacation getaways, gift certificates, or cash prizes. This is a great way to generate excitement within your business and help increase sales from the inside. Excited employees will generate excited customers and lead to more sales.
    5. March Madness Party - Kick off March Madness with a party and offer free food, drinks, and door prizes. Free food and prizes will attract a lot of potential customers. Don't forget to have plenty of basketball promotional items to give away to your attendees!
    6. Email Signup - Offer a registration booth at your business to sign up for your newsletter. In exchange, enter each person that signs up to be eligible for some kind of great prize. Use those emails to send a weekly or monthly newsletter promoting your business and informing your customers of your current events.
    7. Facebook Contests - Do you struggle keeping your business Facebook page engaging with your fans? Holding weekly or even monthly contests are great ways to keep your fans commenting and liking posts on your page. The NCAA basketball tournament is an excellent event to harness some of the excitement and gain more participation from your fans. Make sure your prizes for the contests are worthy. Encourage your employees to also stay active on your company Facebook page too!
    8. Hoops Contest - Use a mini basketball hoop and a mini basketball and give your customers a chance to sink a shot to be eligible for a drawing of a "fabulous prize!" This is also a great opportunity to raise money for your favorite charity. Charge $1 for a shot or 3 shots for $2 and donate 100% of the money to your named charity.
    9. Post Card Mailing - Mail out postcards offering a "FREE GIFT" for redeeming the postcard during a specified time during your March Madness sale. With the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program that the USPS offers, you can mail oversized postcards for only $0.145 each and you don't even have to have a mailing list. You just simply choose a location and your custom postcards are delivered to every business and residence on that route. This is a very cheap way to market your March Madness sales and contests!
    10. Amateur March Madness Basketball Tournament - Encourage businesses, organizations, and individuals to form basketball teams and hold an actual Basketball tournament with great prizes. You can also piggyback a fundraiser for your local high school basketball team or even a charity of your choice. Sell concessions during the tournament and give away plenty of custom printed literature and promotional items for your business during the event.

    There are many more possibilities to market your business and take advantage of the excitement of March Madness to promote your business. The most important concepts are to be fun, creative, and just do something. Customers appreciate fun promotions and they always appreciate free items such as promos, food, and drinks!



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