Best Features About Our Custom Feather Flags

Custom Feather FlagsWhen it comes to marketing, there are plenty of products and advertising services that can waste your money and produce absolutely no return. If you are not careful, you can easily spend your entire advertising and marketing budget and bring in no return from your efforts. That's why it's important to be strategic when buying marketing items. Custom feather flags are amongst the toppromotional items that bring in a HUGE return on your investment. Below are several of the advantages of buying our premium feather flag signs.
  • Large Imprint Area - Our most popular feather flags range from 8 feet tall to 15 feet tall.
  • Full Color Imprint - With our flags, you are not limited to just one color and you are not charged extra for additional imprint colors.
  • FREE Setup - We don't charge you setup charges for our top-selling feather signs.
  • Dye-Sublimated Designs - Our flags are not printed, but dye-sublimated. This means that the images are permanently dyed into the fabric and won't come off like traditional screen printing or direct printing. This is extremely important for outdoor products.
  • Durable Pole Hardware - One of the biggest flaws in feather flags is the hardware. That's why our flags come with heavy-duty metal pole frames that are made to withstand steady winds and the abuse of the great outdoors.
  • Multiple Shapes - Choose from several different wind flag designs including the most popular feather flag design as well as the rectangular banner flag and tear drop shaped flag.
  • Stand Out From Neighboring Businesses - With so many businesses all around your business, what makes your business stand out to potential customers? Feather flags help increase your business visibility!
  • Lead Generator - You can pay an employee to stand out at the street and advertise a special that you offer or you let your feather flags do the advertising for you! Continuing to pay an employee continues to create expense, while custom flags keep working after you have paid for them.
  • Individual Personalization - With our feather flags, you have have a different customized special on each flag and still receive the multi-quantity discounts.
  • High Quantity Polyester Material - Our flag material is made of a durable polyester designed to last longer than those cheap feather flags that plaque the internet. Don't fall victim to a cheaper, lower quality flag that will only last a few months before fading and ripping.
  • Heavy-Duty Ground Stakes - Our feather flags have solid steel, heavy ground stakes that are over 2 feet in length to make sure your flags stay in place. The last thing your business needs is a lawsuit from a flag blowing from a low quality ground stake into traffic and causing an accident.
  • Bleed-Through Print - Your custom print on the flags have a 95% bleed through, which means your imprint can be seen from either side without the expense of a 2-sided imprint.
  • Nylon Storage Bag - Our top flags include a durable nylon storage bag. When your flags are not in use and you want to transport them or store them, all of the hardware and flag material folds and fits into a pouch measuring only 53 inches x 9 inches.
  • Expert Design Service- Our graphic designers understand how to create an effective design for your flags that will work to drive in new customers for your business.
  • Flag Replacements - We can reprint flag designs or you can buy alternate flag designs without having to buy the pole hardware again. This option saves you money when you want to rotate out your flag designs.


  • Check Your Local Sign Ordinance BEFORE Ordering - You want to make sure your city, township, or county ordinances allow for you to display a feather flag. Some city ordinances are stricter than others and they might consider feather flags as "temporary signage." The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned marketing dollars on a flag that you can't use.
  • Simple Design - Remember that people are passing by your flags while driving, so a simple design is better. Think of a special on an item or service that will grab their attention and make them want to stop. Too much text or too many images will make the flags hard to read and will make the flags ineffective.
  • Rotate Flag Designs - For the best results, periodically rotate out your flag designs with various specials and ads. This help keep a fresh look for your business and targets more potential customers.
  • Include Your Phone Number - Be sure and include your contact phone number so potential customers can call with any questions they may have.
  • Tree Limbs - Be sure the tops of your feather flags don't bang against tree limbs or other objects. This will cause wear and tear to your flags and they won't last as long.
  • Power Lines - Stay clear of power lines with your flags. When carrying the flags, your reach can be as high as 20 feet or more.
  • Flag Colors - Use bright colors to attract more attention to your flags. Each of your flags can be different colors for even more of an effect.
  • Storms - Take down your flags during wind and rain storms to prolong their life. Visibility is reduced during storms any way and keeping your flags up during storms doesn't provide any kind of advantage for your business. It just tears up your flags more and cost you money.

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