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  • What T-Shirt Sizes Are The Most Popular?

    Screen printed t-shirts and other custom apparel sales make up about 32% of our industry sales. That represents over $6B in sales annually by companies offering decorated apparel.

    Screen printed t-shirts are a staple for festivals, races, clubs, schools, organizations, company giveaways, retail shops, and many other events.

    The most common question we receive is:

    What T-Shirt Sizes Should I Order?

    Estimating the number of shirts to order can be tricky and vary depending on who is receiving or buying the t-shirts. However, most of the time you don't know the demographics of volunteers or tourists who will be receiving the shirts. In that case, you have to go with the Law of Averages. We have analyzed hundreds of orders over the last 2 years to get an average to make it easier for you to decide which sizes to order.

    T-Shirt Size Estimator for Events Note: For the 2015/2016 data used, we ignored XS and all sizes above XXXL size.

    These sizes should give you a good range of sizes when you have volunteers at festivals or you are giving out t-shirts at events. We only analyzed 2015 & 2016 data since the size trend is for a higher number of the larger sizes. Due to the "growing" population, we will revise this estimate every few years. Continue reading

  • Death of the Basic Cotton T-Shirt

    Boring, Out of Style Custom T-ShirtsNo, unfortunately the basic, cotton t-shirt is not dead. I only wish it was.

    It seems like most events I go to I get a t-shirt. Theoretically, I'm okay with that. I LOVE t-shirts. Let me clarify that statement. I LOVE cool and stylish t-shirts. Those who go cheap on the t-shirt style are typically the same ones that go cheap with the design and the print quality.

    However, the problem I most often see when companies give away t-shirts is the shirts are often sourced as cheap as possible, which leads to an extremely boring one color, lame design on a cheap, box cut, cotton shirt. Inevitably, those t-shirts never get worn, except for when repainting the walls in my house or changing the oil in my car.

    There are 3 major factors in determining the success of your t-shirt giveaways. All 3 are critical to make your project a success. If one is lacking, it can negatively impact the effective of your t-shirts.

    3 Requirements For Great T-Shirt Giveaways

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  • Trendy Tuesday - Custom Knit Beanies

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with Logo

    For this Trendy Tuesday, we are featuring a great looking beanie cap with your business, organization, or school name knitted into the caps during production. This knitted-in process gives the appearance of retail quality beanies for you to giveaway to employees and clients. This is a great way to promote your company during the winter season and help keep your peeps warm. Choose from several different color combinations

    Custom Knitted Beanies - Trendy Tuesday

    Custom Knitted Beanie Features

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  • Paul McCartney Demonstrates the Power of Promotional Items

    Many successful business have a firm understanding of the power of promotional products. However, there are many other businesses that don't truly grasp the real power of this advertising medium. To clearly show their full potentional, take a look at this quick 15 second video of Paul McCartney trying to catch a free custom t-shirt at an NBA game back in December. Obviously, this former Beatles member, has enough money to buy an entire screen printing t-shirt shop and shirt manufacturing facility, but he was still thoroughly disappointed about not getting this free promo!

    Promotional products ranked #8 out of the most top advertising mediums last year and if the same growth occurs this year as it did last year, it is predicted to take over the #6 spot. This is because promotional products work! People go crazy to get them. Did you see Paul McCartney in the video above? If the same logo that was printed on that t-shirt was printed on a magazine ad, cut out from the magazine, and thrown into the crowd, do you think he would react the same way? Of course not! Promotional products create excitement and have staying power; people keep them for years and use them frequently.

    When was the last time you cut out an advertisement from the newspaper and kept it on your desk for fun? 

    Do you record TV commercials so you can frequently re-watch them?

    Do you take pictures of billboards with advertisements so you can post them in your office or home?

    Do you get excited when you hear radio ads?

    Chances are, a big fat NO is your answer to all of the questions above.

    However, do you get excited when someone gives you a nice, high quality promotional pen or a colorful coffee mug? What about a nice beach bag or a t-shirt? Promotional products excite people and make your brand memorable! Businesses in the US spent over $19 billion on promotional items in 2013 and that figure is no fluke. The industry has been growing steadily for the past several years and because of the effectiveness of promotional products, it will continue to grow!

    Here is an infographic from Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) that sums it all up!

    Promotional Products Work

  • Design T-Shirts Online

    Design T-Shirts OnlineDo you like to design your own t-shirts online? If so, try out Perfect Imprints new online t-shirt designer. Choose from several t-shirt styles as well as a huge database of clipart to choose from. Also, you can upload your own logos. Below are a dozen tips to help you create a great shirt design!

    Design Tips:

    1. If you upload your own image, make sure it is a high resolution image. Images pulled from websites are often low resolution and aren't good for printing. Vector based images are the best to use for printing since they are infinitely scalable and print clean and crisp make your design look great.
    2. Have a focal point for your design. What's the point of your design? Whatever it is, make sure your eyes focus on that aspect of the design first!
    3. If you are designing event shirts that you will be selling, the most important aspect besides the shirt quality/style is the design. Make sure you have a killer design! Don't be opposed to paying a professional graphic design for an awesome t-shirt design. You WILL sell more shirts with a great design!
    4. Don't create a design that is too "busy." Too much design can be bad and detract from the appeal.
    5. Use multiple colors. While multiple colors do increase the cost of the shirt, using 2 or more imprint colors on a t-shirt can make a huge difference on the success of your design.
    6. Incorporate the shirt color into the design. For example, if you are using blue t-shirts and part of your logo is blue, use the blue from the shirt rather than creating a new blue ink color. This will save money on the printing.
    7. Get some feedback from trusted associates, friends, or family members, but don't involve too many people in the design aspect. If too many people get their hand in the pie, you will never finalize a design that is acceptable to all!
    8. Keep it simple. Sometimes the best designs are very simple and less actually is more. This can tie back to tip #2 which is keep your focal point and your purpose in mind when designing your tshirt!
    9. Be creative! People who receive free t-shirts or those who buy t-shirts from events or businesses like something just a little different. Again, to reference tip #3, hire a designer if you are lacking in the creativity department. It's okay if you are, because most likely, graphic design was not your career path.
    10. Know for whom the shirts are intended. Just because YOU like the design doesn't mean that your targeted audience will like them. For instance, if the majority of your clients are those 60 years of age and older, don't design a t-shirt with grunge art. The idea is for the recipients to wear the shirts and continue to market for your business, organization, or event. If they don't like the design, they won't wear the shirts.
    11. Consider designing some of your text or images on an angle or rotated a bit. Get a little crazy and liven up your design a bit. Everything doesn't have to be in a straight line and perfectly centered.
    12. Be funny, if appropriate for your design. Let's face it...the world we live in now is tough and most people appreciate some well-placed humor.

    Our online t-shirt design is meant our clients who love to design their own shirt. Designing t-shirts takes hours to do effectively, so if you don't have the time or creativity, give us a call.  Perfect Imprints has a staff of amazing graphic designers who can develop an incredible t-shirt design for you.

  • Shalimar Elementary School Miler Club T-Shirts

    Shalimar Elementary Miler Club T-ShirtsOne of our clients, Shalimar Elementary School, provides a program through their physical education department that encourages running/walking during P.E. The program is called Miler Club. During select P.E. days, the kids have the opportunity to run as many laps as possible and earn "toe tokens" to add to the necklace. After doing a set amount of laps, a toe token is earned. The kids love it and are very proud of their earned toe tokens.

    This year, the coach challenged the students to come up with shirt designs for a new Miler Club shirt and the designs will be voted on by the students. Here is a picture of the winning shirt.

    At Perfect Imprints, one of our graphic designs was able to take the drawing by the student and recreate it digitally while keeping the desired effect of being hand drawn. There's a bit more to it than simply scanning the drawing and printing it on a t-shirt, but that's where the expertise our of graphic designers come into play. They are highly skilled and can produce amazing results. If you have a vision for custom t-shirt design, just let us know and we can help you.

  • Bandannas offer a number of important uses

    Versatility is the keyword when it comes to promotional products. The more that they will be seen by consumers, the more benefit they provide to the organization that emblazons their logo or mascot on them. As a result, custom bandannas are exemplary items that can be used to raise awareness of a company, university or sports team.

    Simply by being worn, bandannas transmit their messages to people who see them. Many people adopt a style that includes wearing a bandanna on their heads. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are particularly fond of using them to stop sweat from getting in their eyes. Additionally, bandannas can make a fashion statement when used as a head wrap, scarf or other sort of article of clothing.

    Bandannas are also great decorations. College students are known to hang nearly anything from their dorm room walls. This includes stolen street signs, artistic posters, towels, blankets and flags. The form of the item makes no difference – what's important to these young people is that it carries the design, colors or logo of an organization that they support. Bandannas, in addition to being personal articles that display one's pride, make excellent impromptu decorations for the discerning undergraduate.

  • A promotional apron is an excellent branding tool

    Aprons are underrated objects. Cooking, eating and other messy endeavors are usually reserved for times of the day, such as the evening, when one’s appearance isn't very important. As a result, big meals and cooking projects usually go undone because of the risk that they pose to one’s cleanliness. What most people don’t realize is that an apron is a perfectly acceptable way to keep clothing clean. Using an apron allows people to once again whip up large batches of oatmeal, gumbo, fried chicken or anything else that might normally cause a mess.

    Of course, aprons don’t need to be limited to simply protecting work clothes. Some tasks, such as baking, cause all sorts of foodstuffs to coat the chef. It’s a pain to change clothes every time something’s being cooked, and an apron allows people to cram cooking projects into their busy schedules.

    The reason that aprons make such great promotional products is that their appearance isn't the most important part about them. In fact, one could argue that it doesn't matter what an apron looks like at all simply because it’s meant to weather the abuse that nicer clothes shouldn't. As a result, they can say or show anything and people will still wear them. Folks aren't finicky about what their promotional aprons advertise so long as they get the job done.

  • Promotional T-Shirts are useful any time of year

    Many articles of clothing are only appropriate for certain times of year. Sweatshirts see little use in the summer when the temperature is high while bathing suits are exclusively denizens of the summer months. As a result, these items are only effective as promotional products for so long before they go into storage.

    However, there is one piece of clothing that gets heavy use no matter how far the Earth is from the sun. T-shirts are the ultimate promotional product because they’re a primary article of clothing when the weather is warm but are also worn indoors or as undershirts when the snow is on the ground. Companies, schools and sports teams can do little wrong when they offer custom t-shirts to their fans and customers.

    T-shirts are also excellent spirit items because they allow fans to become walking billboards that support a university or sporting organization. In fact, custom t-shirts are some of the most visible marketing tools. Unlike some promotional products, on which logos and brand names are only incidentally seen, t-shirts are worn with pride in the hope that others will notice the message and mascots emblazoned upon them.

  • Promotional Baseball caps are the ultimate spirit item fashion accessory

    Once upon a time, wearing a baseball cap meant something. First, it meant that you played baseball. Soon, it was for fans of baseball or people who needed the sun kept out of their eyes when they watched a baseball game. Before long, baseball caps became a standard part of many men's wardrobes, and it is rapidly becoming much the same for women as well.

    Promotional baseball caps are an excellent spirit item because people notice them instantly. It's very difficult not to automatically check to see who or what is represented on someone's baseball cap. It's a reflex that never goes away, and it's stronger the more vibrant or colorful a cap is. So many people end up wearing the same cap for the same team in different cities, so anything outside of the norm is automatically intriguing.

    There are also quite a few people, particularly in college, who amass large collections of baseball caps. These folks are walking cap billboards, and every day is a new installment. People who know these serial cap-wearers well are always curious to see which cap they'll be wearing on a given day. As a result, having your logo or brand in such a person's collection is like being endorsed by a promotional products celebrity.

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