Do bigger offering buckets mean more tithes and offering?

In the modern day church, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of contemporary church services. These are the services in which the church tries to connect with younger and more modern families. Many of the "old church" traditions are withheld from the service and more modern traditions and activities take place. These usually have a band playing the music as opposed to the choir. They perform skits to reinforce the message. They pass offering buckets, instead of traditional offering plates.

The type of offering plate or bucket is often a hot topic of discussion for churches. It's hard for many churches and congregations to let go of older traditions such as the offering plate. However, with contemporary worship services comes changes to appeal to the younger generations. It is also thought and often debated that bigger offering plates or buckets can lead to an increase in giving? Why? Because when the bucket is passed, a bigger container will look more empty than a smaller  container, thereby compelling the congregation to reach in their wallet more often. No church wants to make its members give more due to guilt, but sometimes the empty bucket theory is the push that church members need to step up their tithing.


  • Brand Your Church - You can print your church logo, slogan, or favorite Bible verse on your offering buckets which help to brand your church. It's just as important to brand your church as it is your business. Branding your church helps its members to feel like they are part of a stable organization, which can also increase tithes and offerings.
  • Large Imprint Area - Our offering buckets have a huge imprint area of 6.75" W x 5.75" H, so you can boldly display your church logo.
  • Variety of Bucket Colors - Choose from 10 different colors to compliment your Church. Using colored buckets helps to liven up your service.
  • Modern Style - Using offering buckets instead of offering plates helps to keep a more modern and contemporary style and tends to mesh better with contemporary worship services.
  • Easy Storage - Our plastic offering buckets stack within each other to easily store your buckets between worship services.
  • Increase Tithes & Offering - While many factors influence tithes and offering, some suggest that passing bigger containers can have a positive effect on giving. This is not a guarantee, but if it helps a little, your investment in branded offering buckets can pay off very quickly.
  • Durability - Plastic offering buckets can last for years if properly taken care of. Our buckets are made of rigid plastic, so they can withstand being passed around a large congregation of people.
  • Light Weight - Plastic offering buckets are lighter in weight than traditional metal offering plates, making them easier to pass to the next church member.

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