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  • Don't Make This Rookie Mistake When Printing Your Logo on Promotional Items

    Starbucks - Positive - Negative Logo ArtYou know that feeling you get when you realize your drive-thru order is wrong and you have already driven miles away from the restaurant? How about that first sip of coffee that was supposed to have no sugar and now you feel like you just got an instant cavity from the sugar overload. That feeling is a bit of anger mixed with disappointment. This is how I feel when I see promotional items printed incorrectly. Specifically, when a positive print is used for a product that should have been printed with a negative (reverse) imprint.

    This may sound confusing so let me break it down. Certain logos and graphics can be printed the same no matter what color item they are printing on. For example, the Dunkin' Donuts® logo can be printed on any colored item as is. The Starbucks® logo cannot. You would have to create a negative (reverse) version to print on a dark item if you are printing a light-colored ink. When making a negative (reverse) version of a logo you Continue reading

  • The Difference Between Negative and Positive Artwork

    Why using positive artwork doesn't work when printing a light color on a dark background. This example shows why using the same positive version of doesn't work well on both light and dark promotional items.

    When preparing artwork for promotional products or custom apparel, it's very important to set up your artwork correctly. The outcome of the final product is directly proportional to the quality of artwork used for the project. Poor input (artwork) = poor output. High quality input can equal high quality output, if the printing process and the products are also high quality.

    One of the big mistakes I often see surrounding artwork is the wrong layout of the design used to print on different colored products. For example, the positive artwork design is often used to print a light color on a dark color, when the negative version of the art should have been used. Oftentimes, this is simply a mistake of ignorance to the printing process, but sometimes, it is to avoid an additional set up fee. This can also be a result of lack of ability to manipulate the artwork so it prints correctly.

    I frequently see the positive version used for promotional items purchased through other promotional products distributors, but also used as examples from suppliers on their websites and in their printed catalogs.  Continue reading

  • PMS Color Chart

    The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is used to ensure the most consistent prints for spot color printing. There are literally thousands of available PMS colors for printing. Color names such as brigh yellow, golden yellow, and sunflower yellow are worthless when it comes to describing a color because they are subjective and lead to the wrong colors being printed. With PMS colors, clients can see the color shade and have a pretty good idea of the outcome on their printed item. PMS color are are common standard when printing promotional items and screen printed apparel.

    PMS Color Chart
    PMS Color Chart - Pantone Colors

    Warning: PMS colors are only true when printed on a non-colored surface (aka White). If a color is printed on any other surface than white, the shade of the color will change.  If an exact color match is critical, we recommend you pay a PMS color match charge AND order a White product.

  • Converting Text to Outlines with Adobe Illustrator - Easy How To Tutorial

    An extremely common error when sending vector artwork and logos to Perfect Imprints for printing promotional items is sending your art files with the live text. You must convert all of the text to outlines or if we don't have the same fonts that you used in your artwork, Adobe Illustrator will substitute other fonts in their place altering your design and ultimately delaying your order. Below is a very easy tutorial on how to convert your text to outlines.


    Convert your text to outlines with Adobe Illustrator CS6 Step 1


    Convert your text to outlines with Adobe Illustrator CS6 Step 2.


    Convert your text to outlines with Adobe Illustrator CS6 Step 3

    We are dedicated to making sure your logo are printed perfectly and the most important step is making sure the artwork is right. If you have any trouble converting your text to outlines, be sure and give one of our expert graphic designers a call!

  • What is the difference between raster and vector artwork?

    A common question we get is,

    "What is the difference between raster and vector artwork?"

    If you have a graphic artist at your organization,then this question wouldn't be an issue, but the average Joe normally doesn't know this. Raster artwork is created with pixels such as photographs and very detailed images; however, the downside to raster artwork is that if enlarged, it will pixelate and become distorted. Have you ever notice how is you increase the size of an image on your computer, it becomes blurry? That's because it is raster artwork. Raster artwork should be created at a resolution of 300 dpi for the highest quality print. If the art will need to be enlarged, the resolution should be higher. For example: a 600 dpi photo that is 3" x 3" can be enlarged to 6" x 6" which, if you removed the restraints, would reduce the resolution to 300 dpi and it would still be good for printing. Anything less than 300 dpi may appear pixelated and be blurry or distorted. If a file is created at a low resolution such as images from webpages, changing the dpi to 300 is not going to make your image print ready. As long as raster artwork is sized appropriately for the imprint area, it will make for a nice clean imprint. An example of a common program that creates raster images is Adobe Photoshop. These are the preferred programs for full color printing of photographs and images. Examples of these files would be a .tif, .jpg, or .psd (Photoshop File).

    Vector artwork, on the other hand, is artwork created with vector-based graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and CorelDraw which create the graphics based on flat line art. Therefore, vector artwork can be scaled infinitely without being distorted. This is the preferred artwork when size alterations have to be made and for printing on promotional products.

    At Perfect Imprints, we can assist you with any artwork needs because we have in-house graphic artists. If you can't create acceptable camera ready artwork, we can, and we offer up to 30 minutes of FREE art service with any order over $250. Our free art services can save you $50-$100 on every order. If you are looking for a professional business card design or postcard design we can help you to look good. Also, let our artists work up an amazing t-shirt design for your next order of custom t shirts!

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