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Marketing Ideas for the New Year2013 definitely showed some improvement with spending from businesses and 2014 shows to improve even more. It's no big secret that businesses who consistently market their business perform better than those businesses that don't; however, marketing is often one of the first budgets to be cut when the going gets tough. The key to successfully marketing your business is to make sure you are doing effective marketing. If you are paying for marketing services that aren't brining in a return, then the money used for those services should be used on other services that will bring a return. One type of marketing that is almost always effective is promoting customer loyalty by using promotional items as gifts. The biggest key factor in determining the success of this type of marketing directly relates to the usefulness of the giveaways. Obviously, the more useful the item, the more effective it is.

With the new year, all businesses should re-evaluate their marketing plan from the prior year and determine what is effective and what was ineffective. Creating a roadmap for the entire year will be extremely helpful in promoting follow through of your plan. Your marketing plan should be followed daily or weekly, and in some cases monthly to ensure your plans are put into action. Below are a few ideas of marketing ideas that you can add to your plan for the coming year!


  • FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE - Enticing your customers to spend a certain dollar amount for their transaction in exchange for a FREE gift is a great way to promote more sales. The important thing to remember is to buy useful gifts and those with a high perceived value to give away and have these items printed with your company logo. The gifts will increase your customers' loyalty as well as continue to advertise for your company every time your customers uses that item.
  • Pre-Advertise Your Sales - Give away themed promotional items to clients to promote upcoming big sales. As your customers make a purchase, give them a cheaper type of promotional item with details about the upcoming sales. The items will be kept much longer than a sale paper and bring back more customers for the big sale!
  • Promotional Mail-Outs - Periodically do mailing to your top customers, but go beyond just a postcard. Send out an envelope with a cool product in it. People love to get "bulky" mail and typically open that piece first to see what's inside. It's a great way to capture their attention and make them much more likely to read the flyer or postcard that's inside the envelope!
  • Segment Your Customers - This simply means to divide up your mail and email lists based upon the purchase habits of your customers. For instance, for those who commonly spend over $250 on a visit, offer them a bigger incentive or for those who buy shoes, offer them a promotion directly relating to shoes. By doing this, your mail-outs and your emails will be much more effective.
  • End of Year Gifts - Retain your top clients and customers by giving away premium gifts at the end of each year. These high dollar gifts show your clients that you see them as important and that you appreciate their loyalty. In return, they will keep coming back to you year after year and you will create anticipation of your end of the year giveaways!
  • Website Update - Your website is your 24 hour salesperson that never sleeps. Most people go to the internet before they make a purchase to check out potential businesses that offer the product or service for which they are looking. You want to make sure all information that your customers need is on your website, including FAQ's, directions to your store, store hours, and detailed descriptions of your products and services. If you are looking for website design, just give us a call and we can help!
  • Manage Your Time - In business, time is the biggest expense and managing your time is a great way to not only control costs, but also to be more effective in your marketing. You should really analyze how much time you are spending doing non-productive tasks such as social media updates. While social media is an important aspect for modern businesses, in reality, it is relatively a tiny percentage of what drives your sales. Most small businesses only need a few updates per week on their social media pages.
  • Support Your Local Community - Sponsor your local high school and middle school sports teams and organizations, locals races, and local charities. The locals that frequent your store appreciate when you support the community and are much more likely to be loyal to businesses that re-invest back into their community. If you aren't approached by your local schools for sponsorships, just call the front office and I guarantee they will direct you to the right person to speak with about becoming a sponsor!
  • Text Message MarketingText Message Marketing - This is still one of the preferred methods of communication these days. Text messages are non-obtrusive and most "texters" are more than willing to join text message marketing lists of their favorite businesses in exchange for the hope of money saving coupons and announcements of upcoming events. This marketing service is hugely untapped by most businesses. The potential is tremendous and it can work for almost all forms of businesses.
  • Tradeshows, Conventions, and Festivals - Find out what local events are happening in your community and get a booth. These big events can draw thousands of people giving your business a chance to impress a lot of new potential customers. Make sure you have promotional giveaways to help those customers remember your business when they leave the event!
  • Online Marketing - If you are not marketing your business through online ads, you are missing a lot of potential customers. Most people go to Google or their favorite search engine to search for places to eat, shop, or visit prior to going, so if your site is not at the top of the search engines, your competitors are getting that business.
  • Search Engine Optimization - This is an area of marketing that can be very costly and an area in which you have to very careful of scams. Many SEO firms like to create a report each month for you but do no work and charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. We do offer legitimate SEO for your website through creating relative links and creating unique content that links back to your website. Additionally, we are experts in the proper search engine friendly website structure to promote natural high rankings for your website. Our basic service is affordable by all small businesses and can bring in a huge return.
  • New Business Collateral and Literature - Most likely, if your business is like 95% of most small businesses, your products and services are continually changing and adapting to the times. Therefore, it is important to have updated brochures, business cards, and flyers for your business. Make sure you are providing the necessary info on your business collateral to make E-Commerce Website Developmentsales. Our expert graphic designers can help you to achieve a professional and effective layout for all your printed marketing materials!
  • Try Online Sales - Upgrade your website to allow for online sales of your products and services. Online sales is a growing market with unlimited potential. Give your business the opportunity to grow sales through online transactions. This makes it more convenient for your customers and will grow your customer base, thus growing your bottom line!
  • Networking - Get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce, networking and business groups to get face-to-face time in front of business owners and decision makers. Networking is one of the best ways to gain trust and get more customers for your business.

The above ideas are just a few areas of your business to consider for updating, improving, or implementing in the new year. For more ideas of how you can increase your business in the new year, simply contact one of our marketing experts and get your campaign started. Get a jump on your competition and start off the new year with a bang!

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