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Promotional Product Ideas

  • Funny Light-Up Suspenders

    After 15 years in business, I still run across products that are just plain funny. Well, today, I have learned of a new product that we offer that makes me laugh ... Light-Up Suspenders.

    Light-Up Flashing Suspenders

    These LED suspenders offer 3 different light modes: Fast flash, slow flash, and steady light. They offer an adjustable length to fit 35" to 44". The lower back fabric stretches an additional 9.5", so the suspenders can fit up to 53.5". Batteries are included.

    These would be great for the wait staff at parties or for special events at a restaurant. If you want to stand out, and I mean really stand out, maybe these are the perfect items for you!

  • Don't Play Golf with Dirty Balls

    Custom Golf BallsThere's nothing worse than playing golf with dirty balls. Avid golfers like to play golf with clean golf balls. Dirty golf balls can affect spin as well as the distance of a golf ball. Ensuring your golf ball is clean will make sure that a good contact can be made with the club and thus help you achieve a better shot. The same goes for the club. Chunks of dirt can affect the way the club makes contact with the ball. Sometimes golf balls are beyond being cleaned and you just have to toss them and buy new ones.

    Knowing that clean golf balls are a must, you can help your golf-loving clients by gifting them promotional golf balls print with your logo for those times when the balls are beyond cleaning. The promotional golf industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. You can get practically any desired golf ball brand printed with your logo. No longer do you have to print your logo on generic golf balls. Now you can choose from Nike, Titleist, Wilson, Precept, Pinnacle, Callaway, Noodle, and many other popular brands.

    A Dozen Ideas for Custom Golf Ball Giveaways

    1. Give them away for every participant in your upcoming golf tournament.
    2. Sell them at your pro shop.
    3. If your store sells golf balls, give away a dozen with the purchase of a golf club set.
    4. Give away a doze balls with an in-store or online purchase over a certain dollar amount.
    5. Give them out on National Golf Day in May.
    6. Donate your custom printed golf balls for someone else's charity golf tournament.
    7. Put funny sayings on the balls and give out to your golf-loving clients.
    8. Leave a dozen behind after a sales call for a hot prospect.
    9. Work out an arrangement with your local driving range for them to use your branded golf balls to get exposure for your company.
    10. Include a personalized golf ball in a direct mail piece to increase your customer response rate.
    11. Print a coupon redemption code on the ball and give out to potential clients to redeem for a free gift or an amount off their next purchase.
    12. Give out at a golfing tradeshow or event.

    Shop all of our custom golf balls and promote your business using golf balls.

  • Get Your Drink On With This Red Party Cup

    Solo-like Double Wall Insulated Party Cup Custom PrintedOne of the epic symbols of partying is a red plastic Solo cup. These cups are used by college students and young adults all over the country for juvenile drinking games such as beer pong, flip cup, as well as several other drinking games yet to exist at the time of this article. However, they have also become a staple for more conservative parties that aren't necessarily about drinking as much alcohol as possible. That's why these double wall insulated party cups are great giveaways for parties, picnics, and for other events. The cups are re-usable and a fun item for your event. Get your logo printed on both sides of the cups and you can even opt for a lid for the cups.

    Many use the interior lines on the cups as measurements for various types of liquor and beer; however, the manufacturer (Dart Container Corporation) has confirmed that these lines were NOT meant for measurement purposes and that any lines that do coincide with certain measurements are purely coincidental. However, that doesn't stop party-goers from using the cups in this way.

    If you want to connect more with the younger generation, such as college-age and slightly older, these custom printed party cups are perfect promos to give away. Not only will these young people be able to relate to the meaning of the party cup, but they will also connect on a more personal level with your company.

    You get these party cups in red, but you can also get them in Black, Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, or White. So get your party on this weekend, but drink responsibly!

  • National Flip Flop Day

    National Flip Flop DayHappy National Flip Flop Day!

    This celebration/observance began in 2007 by the U.S. restaurant franchise, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, as a fundraiser for their charity of choice, Camp Sunshine. This non-profit organization provides free-of-charge programs for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

    Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers FREE 24 oz Jetty Punch smoothies to anyone wearing flip flops between 2 pm and 7 pm on National Flip Flop Day, which is celebrated the third Friday in June, each year. The hope for this event is that recipients receiving a FREE smoothie will donate money toward the Camp Sunshine charity. So if you visit today, please be sure to donate!

    This has created a huge buzz around the communities with Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations, which total over 300 locations in 34 states. But, just because they started this observance doesn't mean that your business can't jump on board and use this well-established celebration to boost your business. Especially if you are located in a beach town, you too can offer specials or FREE products or services for your customers supporting the flip flop habit. Maybe your business could even give away custom flip flops printed with your business logo!

    There are hundreds of holidays, observances, and annual celebrations throughout the year, so find some of those days that fit with your business and use them to market your business! But for today, enjoy your free smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe! I know I'll be sipping on mine later today while supporting my flip flops, which is not much different than most days here in Florida, since we love our flip flops!

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  • Coffee Infographic

    What profession drinks the most coffee? Click to Enlarge

    In marketing and advertising industry, we are consistently dealing with deadlines. We have to make sure promotional items are delivered by a certain event. We have to create great graphic design with a short deadline. We have to create custom apparel for a giveaway or for new employees ASAP. Time is not usually on our side. That's why coffee is our friend! The caffeine helps us be more productive...up to a certain point. This infographic shows Marketing/PR Professionals are #2 on the list of the top 15 heaviest coffee drinkers and that is no shocker here at Perfect Imprints!

    So how can this graphic help you market your company? Well, obviously, now that you know who drinks the most coffee, you now know that a good quality coffee mug printed with your company logo is a great giveaway to any of the industries above in the infographic!

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  • 5 Cent Promotional Items

    Cheap promotional items - less than 5 cents eachIt's true that in most cases a "cheap price" yields a "cheap product" when it comes to promotional items. However, this is one of those excpetions when you can actually get promotional items that look great and are extremely useful for LESS than $0.05 each! Imagine how far your marketing dollars will go with items at this cost! For this cost, you could mass distribute these items all over your local area and generate great exposure for your business!

    So what items can you get for under a nickel? Custom matchbooks printed with your logo and contact information. With only a 1 case minimum, you can get 2500 matchbooks for less than a nickel per matchbook.

    If you do the math, there are 20 match stems per matchbook x 2500 books, that is 50,000 uses of a product with your custom logo. That equal only a one quarter of a penny each time the matchbooks are used. You can't beat that marketing price ANYWHERE!

    Matchbooks are NOT Good For:

    • Day Cares
    • Fire Departments
    • Elementary Schools
    • Pyromaniacs Anonymous
    • Baby Food Manufacturers
    • Pee Wee Football Teams
    • National Fire Protection Association
    • Smokey the Bear
    • Airlines

    Seriously, though, below are several types of business for which custom matchbooks are great to use to market your business!

    Custom Matchbooks are Great for These Businesses

    • Smoke Shops
    • Tattoo Shops
    • Hardcore Ministry
    • Prison Ministry
    • Bars
    • Restaurants (where indoor or outdoor smoking is allowed)
    • Candle Shops and Candle Makers
    • Attorneys
    • Bail Bondsman
    • Music Bands
    • Incense Shops

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  • Bagteria - 20 Percent of Women's Purses Contain More Bacteria Than A Toilet

    Bagteria (bᾰg-tēr-ē-a) Noun: A recent study in the UK showed that 20% of women's handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet. The bacteria found included fecal bacteria, e. coli.

    Promotional Purse Holder to hang on tablesEeewww!

    Conditions in the US and the UK are similar, so it stands to reason that purses and handbags in the US are probably similar as far as the nast factor goes. So how can you combat this abundance of bacteria? Well, for starters, periodically wipe your purse with a mild disinfectant and washing your hands frequently.

    The other way you can help to reduce the amount of "bagteria" is to hang your purse from the table when you eat at restaurants to keep your bag off the ground. The use of purse hooks are great for this purpose. These promotional bag hooks also make a great promotional gifts for your customers, while helping them to be healthier and safer in the process!

  • Fortune Cookie Marketing


    Fortune Cookie MarketingAll businesses should plan for success by setting goals and forming a plan of action. That's the purpose of a business plan and marketing plan. While this is a common sense approach, the truth is, a large majority of small businesses don't have a marketing plan or a business plan. They just fly by the seat of their pants from day to day and hope that today is a good day and magically hundreds of new customers will flock to their business. I call this "fortune cookie marketing" because you have no control over your success. With this approach, there will be good days and there will be bad days. If you leave it to chance, there will be more good days than bad.


    No matter what time of year it is, it is never too late to draft a business plan to define your company vision, mission, objectives, strategies, and plans. Your business plan will be a daily guide to make sure you are focusing on the tasks you need to accomplish to grow your business. A business plan is not a document that you can just create within a few minutes. It takes serious thought and reflection on your current business practices. If you see an area of growth, you should embrace it and plan ways for more growth in that area. On the other hand, if there are areas that are not producing, figure out if there are ways to improve that for success or possibly dump that area all together to help improve your bottom line.


    Planning is not hard, but it does take time and thought. You have to ask yourself many important questions such as, "How do I want my business to be known?" and "What are the strengths and weaknesses of my business?" The answers to these questions will prompt you to decide the direction of your company's focus. Here are the main components of a simple business plan:

    1. Company Vision -This statement simply paints an overall picture about your business describing how you see your company in the future. This should be full of passion and optimism describing the direction of your business.
    2. Mission Statement - Describe why your business will benefit your customers and why they should use your company.
    3. Objectives - These are measurable goals that you want to accomplish. You should include specific numbers or direct statements as well as the time to accomplish. For example, increase website traffic from 20K visitors per month to 25K visitors per month by the end of December.
    4. Strategies - How, specifically, will you meet your objectives? These strategies should directly relate to your objectives and include the person responsible for accomplishing them. For example, frequent blogging (5 times per week) by Patrick.
    5. Future Plans - Specifically layout future expansions and additions and include a date by which you will accomplish them. For example, add ecommerce to our website by July 2013.



    If you are a visionary, planning is easy. It may be the putting the plan into action that is the difficult part. That's why a marketing plan is so important. I like to divide my marketing plan into segmented tasks: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual. I then create a simple checklist format for each segment and print out the marketing plan each month and check the boxes as each task is completed. This ensures that I complete each of the tasks (strategies) from the plan. By having the checklist and following it daily, I will not be leaving our marketing up to chance. For larger companies, the marketing strategies are performed by multiple people; therefore, multiple marketing plan checklists may be needed. You can also create a digital checklist and follow that as well depending on your preference.

    To be successful, the process begins with planning and strategizing, followed by a firm plan of action. Marketing is not a menial task that remains the same. It is a fluid action that has to constantly adapt. By paying attention to your marketing plan on a daily basis, it will be much easier to control your marketing and thus control your bottom line. From now on, no more fortune cookie marketing! Save your fortune cookies for fun only at the end of your Chinese restaurant meals!

  • Cold Weather Promo Ideas

    Cold Weather Promotional Items | Winter Promotional Products and Ideas

    With the recent record low temperatures in the South and extreme cold all around the U.S., it makes sense to give away promotional items that are geared for the cold, winter season. When giving out promos, you should always (with a few exceptions) give out a useful product in order to get the most bang for your buck. If they use the product over and over, they will keep your company at the top of your minds each time they use the gift. Below are a 3 great give away ideas for cold weather promotional items:


    Promotional Travel MugsTravel Mugs - These days, people are always on the go and nothing keeps you warm like a hot cup of Joe. Promotional travel mugs are extremely useful items and they will be kept and used for years after you give them away. Tips: Go with a larger size mug so your recipients can fill it with plenty of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and make sure the mugs are double wall insulated to keep the beverages hotter for longer! Also, go with a unique mug design over a plain and boring design. The nicer looking the mug; the more the mug will get used.

    Promotional ChapstickChapstick - Chapstick is a winter staple, especially in areas that have a lot of wind, such as coastal areas. That's why promotional chapstick is a great winter giveaway. These items are cheap in cost, but they are very useful and appreciated gifts. For well below $1 each, you can have a full color custom printed label around the lip balm tubes. There are many flavors to choose from as well as options for SPF 15 or SPF 30. Additional options include unique shaped tubes and leashes for the lip balm tube!

    Promotional Ice ScrapersIce Scrapers - If you live the Northern part of the U.S. or areas with high elevation, ice scrapers are a must-have item for cold mornings. There are many types of promotional ice scrapers to choose with your business logo and contact information printed on them. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly ice scraper under $1, a high quality scraper, or a snow brush, we've got you covered!

    We still have several months of cold weather ahead, so be sure to order your winter promotional products now so you can take advantage of them this winter!

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  • 10 Steps for Rebranding Your Business

    Now that the new year has started, many business owners and marketing directors have already updated their business and marketing plans to ensure continuing success for the new year. If you haven't yet, then it's certainly time to get it done. Has your business been stagnant for the past few years? If so, you might want to think about rebranding your business with a bolder and more professional look. Or maybe your business calls for a more fun look? Whatever the case, branding is key. The initial impression that your business makes upon potential customers is directly related to whether or not they make a purchase from you.


    1. Rebranding Your BusinessStrengths - Determine the strengths of your business and reasons why your company is better than competitors. You will want to focus your marketing on these strengths.
    2. Narrow Your Focus - In business, it's important to focus on your best attributes. If you spread yourself too thin with services and products, then you will NOT be an expert on anything. Select the profitable revenue streams within your business and dump the ones that aren't showing potential. Put more marketing dollars into the avenues that are driving sales. Please note this caveat: We are not saying to put all your eggs in one basket, but to re-evaluate all the services you offer and dump the ones that are actually costing you money. If your staff does not sell a product often or does not perform a service often, it will take them a lot more time to do that task and can actually cost you money.
    3. Color Scheme - Are your company colors outdated or stale? If so, think about introducing new colors for your brand. We recommend staying with more classic colors rather than going with current trends that come and go as quickly as a new year comes. For example, the bright neon colors are popular now, but because that is a current trend, they will fade more into the background as other colors become more popular. That will leave your new brand outdated very quickly.
    4. New Logo Design - This is a very important step. All other marketing materials will hinge on this design. Your logo is the face of your business. Your logo should be able to stand alone and let people know who you are. In most cases, a simple  is better. When you are creating an updated or new logo for your business, you should think about how the logo will print on large items, such as signs and banners, as well as on small items such as business cards and promotional items. Additionally, make sure you have both a black/white version for printing the logo in one color as well as a multi-color logo (if applicable).
    5. Updated Website - With new business colors and a new logo, your website should be immediately updated to reflect your new branding. Your website is an extension of your sales team that works 24 hours per day. The first thing that the majority of potential clients do before making purchases is learn about your business from your website. For successful branding, it is extremely important to have consistent branding. Professional web design is critical for the success of your business!
    6. New Business Cards - Like your website, your business cards are a critical marketing piece that should be consistent with your branding. Your new color scheme and logo should be updated on your cards. To make even a bigger statement, think about going beyond the norm for your cards and go with die-cut business cards in the shape of your new logo or to reflect the shape of a product or service that you want to promote. If you want to stick with a traditional rectangle-shaped card, think about going with StarMarque cards to really stand out! Check out the video below to get a better idea of what StarMarque is!
    7. Re-Designs Brochures and Flyers - Brochures and flyers are a great way to leave information about your company in the hands of potential customers. Your brochures should be concise and to the point and describe what your business is all about. It should leave the customer with an overall understanding of what your business offers and why they should choose your busienss over your competitors. Additionally, you should include some kind of call-to-action to call you or visit your website for additional information. Some business will include a coupon or offer for a FREE gift to increase the effectiveness of the brochure.
    8. Steps for rebranding your businessNew Promotional Items - When launching a new brand or a rebranding, free gifts to your customers and potential customers are extremely effective. Show off your new logo by giving away useful and functional promotional items. For this purpose think outside the box of routine items such as koozies and pens. Think about unique promotional items that compliment your business and items that your customer will use often. Our promotional product experts can help you find the perfect product!
    9. Updated Marketing - Any advertising that you do in newspapers, magazines, billboards, or online will need to be udpated. Use your logo and new colors when possible and push the products and services that you decided to focus on the new year.
    10. Train Your Employees - You can have the best possible branding and draw in thousands of customers; however, if your employees aren't privy to the new look and focus, they can turn off these potential new clients. Make sure your staff is trained with your expectations of your company image and mission so they can adequately take care of your customers and close more sales!

    Branding is not something that is cheap and not a task that is performed overnight. It is a process that requires careful thought, planning, and expertise. Our staff of marketing experts and graphic designers love to help our client with branding their business. Our years of experience and training make us experts in the process. We have helped countless businesses to form and market new brands, update their current brand, and completely rebrand. We have all the tools needed to successfully market your company in a professional and timely manner. Call one of our branding strategists today at 1-800-773-9472 to get started!

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