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  • The Science Behind Promotional Products

    The Science Behind Promotional ProductsYou love the smell of a good cup of joe in the morning. In an early morning haze, when you're still getting your head together, strong coffee provides a needed pick-me-up. As you gaze at that cup of brew, what is staring back at you, apart from the steam of the hot beverage? Is it the brand logo of a well-known coffee chain, the artistic design of a china set, or a memento of a recent trade show that promotes an up-and-coming brand?

    If you are like 53 percent of Americans, you own drinkware with a logo on it. Chances are, you remember that company's name, and not just because you see it on your early morning trips to the kitchen for cafe au lait. Studies show that out of the five senses, scent makes the most powerful impact on the brain. So while your eyes may see the logo, smelling the coffee makes that corporate brand all the more unforgettable.

    Senses Make Advertising Successful

    Advertising is intended to make a brand memorable. In order to reach that coveted spot in the consumer's psyche, the advertising medium must appeal to the senses -- sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. Promotional items, such as coffee mugs, pens, T-shirts and desk accessories, form the only advertising medium that reaches all five senses. Reaching more senses means the advertising sticks with the consumer longer.

    Increasingly, brands are attaching their logos to items such as headphones and download cards. This is one way to link the sense of sound, along with sight and touch, with the brand. Because of all the ways that a consumer may interact with a branded product -- by holding it, listening to it, or passing it on to a friend -- the company's information is creating a lasting impression in the consumer's psychology.

    In a consumer culture, rarely are brands that give away free items with their logo seen as "cheap" or "cheesy." In particular, if the items provide some lasting benefit, such as a desktop accessory or a source of entertainment, consumers are likely to form positive associations with the brand that gave them the gift.

    Even those items that engage smell and taste, like edible items such as candies or chocolate bars, create a lasting impression. By definition, these items are consumable and won't live for several months in the pen receptacle in a cubicle. But in the moments before and after eating the gift from the brand, consumers will remember the company more readily than if they had merely glanced at a web ad or spotted a television advertisement. An awe-inspiring 75 percent of the Fortune 100 use edible promotional products because of this phenomenon.

    Useful Items Have a Longer Shelf Life

    Compared to other forms of advertising, such as online or television spots, promotional products have the power to influence consumers over a greater period of time. When consumers receive a useful product, such as a pen, USB drive, calendar or other accessory, they keep it close to them in their home or office. This long-term contact means the customer is slowly gaining familiarity with the brand. In fact, 84 percent of customers remember the name of the advertiser that gave them a product with some utility.

    In addition, some items such as bags, are used in public spaces. This increases the brand impact, as random individuals are exposed to the logo on the item. Of all promotional products, bags have the greatest potential to create impressions because of their utility and the general acceptance of using a branded product in a public space. Bags make an estimated 1,038 impressions per month, followed by hats at 476 impressions. Among non-wearable products, pens made the most impressions at 363 per month.

    Whether it's drinkware, a bag, a pen, or a notepad, branded products are often appreciated by customers. The reactions they have when receiving free stuff from companies typically include gratitude and happiness. The fact that 56 percent of promotional items are kept at home, compared to a 28 percent in the office demonstrates their value to consumers.

    Advertisers Receive Greater ROI on Promotional Products

    Because of the extreme effectiveness of promotional products as an advertising tool, it is not surprising that a 2016 study found 50 percent of brands intend to increase their spending on these items in the next 12 months, while 47 anticipated that their spending would remain constant.

    Because promotional products have such an impact on long-term brand recognition, businesses and organizations budget up to 20 percent of their marketing budget for these items. Companies use promotional products to promote specific events, day-to-day marketing, and general brand recognition.

    Given that companies insist on seeing a demonstrated return on investment from their marketing spends, promotional products must be giving business increased brand recognition and revenue. According to one study, 59 percent of companies want to see that the items have met marketing objectives.

    Why Does It Work?

    Advertising overall is designed to enhance awareness of a company. At the same time, it should create a positive association in the mind of the consumer with the brand logo. Giving consumers a tangible, positive experience with no strings attached, is a great way to get a leg up on the competition. When thoughtfully planned out, your promotional products will connect your brand to your consumers, keeping you at the top of their minds.

  • Top 10 Reasons Why Promotional Items Are More Effective Than All Other Advertising Mediums

    The Top 10 Reasons Why Promotional Products Are More Effective Than All Other Advertising MediumsBillboards and radio spots can be very helpful to businesses, but when it comes to increasing your visibility, nothing beats promotional products. No matter what type of business you're in, handing out useful items printed with your name and logo can help you spread your message and stay at the forefront of your consumers' minds for years to come. Use this method alone, or combined with traditional advertising strategies, to improve your name recognition fast.

    1. They Affect All the Senses

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  • 12 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Campaigns Using Promotional Items

    12 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Campaigns Using Promotional ItemsYou should consider business promotional products to be essential components of your larger marketing strategy. Although promotional items are fundamental if you want to expand your reach, there is a second component needed to unlock their true potential.

    There are two parts to the concept of marketing reach: the size of the audience and the memorability of your message. It doesn't matter how many people you are able to contact if your message doesn't register with them. Similarly, promotions that are memorable wouldn't be enough to grow your customer base unless they spread to new audiences.

    That's why social media and promotional items make the ideal pair. While social media expands your audience in a widening ripple of shares, promotional items give them something tangible to remember you by.

    Try these 12 creative ideas on combining the two and reach for the stars.

    1. Hashtag It

    Brainstorm a page full of clever hashtags to create a buzz around your business. Puns and wordplay work well on social media. When you decide on one, use it consistently across social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Then you can use custom screen printing to promote the hashtag in store or at live events.

    2. Sell Yourself

    With modern printing capabilities, it's easy to make custom promotional products on short notice. Create a social media campaign promoting a flash sale on T-shirts, mugs, flash drives, etc. with your company's name. Put a 24-hour limit on the sale to increase the excitement on social media.

    3. Pick a Winner

    Have customers send in a picture with your company, or an item related to your company, to win a promotional item. For example, if your name is Sun Computer Repair, ask readers to send in a child's picture of a sun to win a branded stuffed animal.

    4. Celebrate

    Take advantage of national promotions like Fire Prevention Week or National Truck Driver Appreciation Week to run a campaign. Choose a certain percentage of people who share your post to win a promotional item like a trucker hat.

    5. Shoot a Video

    Ask readers to shoot a short 60-second or less video on common topics, such as an easy home repair, ways to save money, simple science experiments, etc. The topic of the video doesn't have to be directly tied to your company but it should echo your branding. Give people plenty of time to come up with ideas and use promotional items to remind them of the concept.

    6. No. 1 Fan

    Sports posts tend to be highly motivational and bring back strong engagement. Run a contest to see who has a more active fan base. Ask readers to post pictures of themselves at games. Everyone who supported the team with the most pictures gets a promotional mini football or a megaphone.

    7. Happy Anniversary

    Any anniversary is the right time for chocolate. In celebration of your company's anniversary, ask people to send in pictures from when they first met or their wedding day. Send out chocolate champagne bottles to a randomly chosen winner.

    8. Save a Bag

    People want to save money but they also want to save the environment. Run a campaign asking people to use less bags at the grocery store. Ask them to send in pictures of nature so they know what they are really saving. Readers can vote on the best image and the winners receive heavy-duty reusable grocery bags with your promotional message.

    9. Scavenger Hunt

    This has been a great success at conventions. Announce on social media that readers can pick up a promotional item as a prize at your convention booth when they say a certain phrase you have posted on your Facebook or Twitter profile page.

    10. Swag Bags

    A webinar followed by a Q&A session on social media is one of the best ways to generate solid leads and discover customer pain points. Sweeten the deal by offering to send a swag bag of promotional items to the office of a company that signs up five or more employees.

    11. Personal Brands

    Social selling has revolutionized the way salespeople interact with prospects. One of the central concepts is personal branding, where potential customers seek out advice from industry experts instead of just calling sales for product information. Successful salespeople can earn customized promotional items with a link to their own LinkedIn profiles.

    12. Offline Productivity

    Digital overload is serious business. Companies are paying for phone-/email-free retreats to regain balance and boost productivity. Start a social media contest where readers send in pictures of the best non-digital productivity device. The winners receive branded pens, planners and journals.

    Combining the Strengths of Both

    Think of social media as your stage and promotional items as the speaker system. You need both to connect with the widest audience and make sure your message gets through. Amplification of your message from sharing across networks delivers the greatest ROI because the cost is so low. Promotional items, however, come with a built-in tangibility and emotional engagement that social media just can't touch. Learn the strengths of both, and combine them in innovative ways to see your customer base steadily expand.

  • Trade Show Survival Guide

    Trade shows can be a chaotic whirlwind for any business if you are not prepared. The shear amount of time and detail that is required before, during and even after the trade show will have a significant impact on how much your business will potentially gain or lose as a result. Everything from the table cloth you use to the signs you display and even the items you give away, should be chosen with purpose and planned efficiently. The results of your planning can put your business on a level you may have not even thought possible; You could land the biggest client your business has ever had! On the other hand, a lack of planning can result in a tarnished reputation, bad reviews and loss of future clients. Continue reading

  • Surviving the Office Personalities (Using Promotional Items)

    Surviving The Office Personalities (And How To Deal With Them)

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  • Cheap Products Promote A Cheap Brand

    Paul wearing custom sunglasses given to him over 4 years ago.

    Here’s one of the many trends out in the promotional products landscape - purchasing higher quality promotional products!

    Here are a few reasons why:

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  • Let's Nail This

    Nail Snaps - Logo Fingernail PrintsI recently attended an industry trade show in Las Vegas, My mission was to find the Latest and Hottest Trending Promotional Items of 2017. In an industry with over 3,900 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products this was no easy task.

    But…I discovered NailSnaps. The industry’s only salon quality vinyl nail decal beauty brand.

    In today’s Instagram-Pinterest world, Nail art or should I say #Nails has reach over 100 million posts and climbing. As one of the top 5 most shared posts, tweets, and pics on social media, Nails are how millennial women connect and share the love of fashion, enthusiasm for sports, and even their political views.  This opens the marketing question, "Why isn't your brand using these products?"

    Consumers today expect brands to reach them on a personal level

    The Hype: NailSnaps claims to be the world’s best way to transform brand images into salon-quality nail wraps that can be applied at home in-minutes. Continue reading

  • Cashing in on the Green Revolution

    Green Revolution - Marijuana Promotional ItemsThe legal marijuana industry is growing fast (like a weed?) A little over 10 years ago, California was the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana. In the last 5 years it has become a green revolution. As of this writing, 28 States and Washington D.C. have now legalized medical marijuana and according to Forbes Magazine, sales totaled $6.7 Billion in 2016. Polls are telling us that 54% of Americans are in favor of legalization and total sales in North America are expected to reach over $20 billion by 2021, $20 Billion! To put this in perspective, that is bigger than the 90’s cable boom, bigger than the .com boom! For dispensaries and related businesses this is an exciting time to take advantage of green profits (or red, blue, gold or purple profits!)  Continue reading

  • Make Sure Your Church Looks Its Best on Easter Sunday with Custom Offering Buckets

    Church Offering BucketsRetaining members and attracting new visitors is a tough "business" these days at churches. You have to be doing everything right or many of your "on the fence" visitors will stray to other churches they that are doing bigger and better things.

    One of the most important ways to attract new visitors is to be doing mission work in your own community. Local mission work in your town is important. This not only helps people in need in your community, but it also helps spiritually feed those from your church who are volunteering. Doing good for others makes you feel good.

    While it's great to be involved in overseas missions in third world countries, you shouldn't forget about Continue reading

  • The Perfect Way to Bring Wine to the Beach (Without Glass)

    Custom Foldable Wine BottlesA couple months ago, we were given the task of finding self-promos for an upcoming event. We are located on the Gulf Coast of Florida so I decided my item was going be beach-related.

    A coworker suggested a foldable wine bottle. This made sense as most people take drinks to the beach and glass is not permitted. She showed us a photo of the item and at first glance I wasn’t very impressed. The low cost of the item mademe suspicious about the quality. Having been in the industry for close to 10 years, I understand the importance of quality. If you’re going to use a product to promote your company or brand, you should feel confident of what you are presenting. This industry has something to offer every budget so the range of quality can vary. To make the right decision on this product I requested a sample from the vendor.  Continue reading

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