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Promotional Product Ideas

  • Promotional Silicone Phone Wallets - Trendy Tuesday

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with Logo

    There is no denying that cell phone products are hot items for promotional product giveaways and these promotional cell phone wallets are among the biggest trending items right now. These wallets use a 3M adhesive to stick to the back of your cell phone case or directly to your phone. The pocket allows you to leave your wallet or purse behind when you go out. it holds credit cards, hotel key cards, cash, or your ID. These great new cell phone accessories are great for trade show attendee giveaways and are great to make sure your customers see your logo multiple times per day.

    Promotional Silicone Phone Wallets

    Promotional Silicone Phone Wallet Features

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  • Buying Guide for Personalized Corkscrews

    Wine has become one of the most popular drinks with adults over the past several decades. The wine industry in the U.S. has grown tremendously due to the increased demand of wines. There are more than 8,000 wineries now in the U.S and that number is growing each year. Wine is now not just a drink for women. It has become a popular and socially acceptable drink for men as well. Therefore, why not use the popularity of this drink and use it to promote your business in an effective way? By giving out personalized corkscrews with your company logo, you are ensuring that your clients and potential clients are seeing your logo every time they open a bottle of wine. These branded corkscrews will be kept for years or even decades after you give them out and continue to market for your business. Below you find a buying guide for the most common types of corkscrews to help you make the best decision of what type of corkscrews to buy for your giveaways.

    Types of Corkscrews

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  • Custom Beach Balls for the Winter

    Custom Beach BallsAs the winter approaches, the beach going season wains causing great disappointment to beach bums along all of the U.S. coastlines. The winter season brings in cooler air temperatures making many of our beach areas deserted. People miss the beach and beach-related events during the winter time which makes a beach themed event great during the winter season. Create a beach-like atmosphere and promote your event with beach promotional items such as custom beach balls.

    Beach balls can be used in many ways for marketing and promotion. Read on for just a few ideas about using beach balls to promote your company.

    Custom Beach Ball Ideas

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  • Giveaway Ideas for Real Estate Agents

    Custom Etched Crystal Vases - Realtor Closing GiftsWith the end of year and the Christmas season right around the corner, it's time for Realtors to think about giveaways for the holidays. However, real estate agents shouldn't just give away gifts to clients at the end of the year, but with each transaction as a thank you gift. Closing gifts are a great way for Realtors to strengthen their bonds with their clients and increase their chances of getting referrals from those happy clients. Rather than giving random gifts such as gift cards, bottles of wine, or other non-personalized gifts, we recommend that you give branded gifts that are useful and appreciated by your clients. Your branded gifts will continue to market for you while gift cards and other types of non-branded gifts will be used up and not retain marketing value for you.

    If you close a $500,000 deal, you don't want to give away a $2 item to say "Thank You." That would be insulting to your client. It is a good idea to have a couple of different valued giveaways based upon the transaction value. For example, larger transactions you can give away an item with a value of $100-$200, while a smaller, $150,000 sale might be worthy of a $50-$75 item. Check out some of the giveaway ideas below.

    Realtor Giveaway Ideas

    1. Crystal Vases - If you want to impress a client, give them crystal. Crystal is much heavier than glass and much higher class. Choose from many different price points and styles. Include a small bouquet of flowers as a closing or housewarming gift and your clients will never forget you - that includes when they hear about friends who need a good Realtor.
    2. Wine Gift Sets - While it's common for Realtors to give away a bottle of wine or champagne as a celebratory closing gift, that bottle of bubbly is quickly gone and forgotten after that night. So why not give not only the bottle of wine or champagne, but also some wine gift sets to include glasses or the corkscrew that is branded with your logo? Then your name will be at the top of their mind every time they pop a bottle.
    3. BBQ Gift Sets - For most men, they can't wait to grill out in their new backyard. That's why a BBQ Gift Set makes a great closing gift. These gifts sets commonly include a spatula, tongs, a fork, skewers, a barbecue brush and a nice storage case.
    4. Kitchen Knife Sets - A large portion of most people's time is spent in the kitchen. Therefore, if you can get useful items in the kitchen of your clients, then they will be continually reminded about your real estate business. Choose from either steak knives or carving knives. If you go with a set with the hardwood block for storage of the knives, your logo will be displayed full-time in the kitchen of your clients.
    5. Bluetooth Speakers - We are in the age of digital music, so it's time to embrace that with your marketing. The majority of music lovers now have their music either physically stored on their phones or they stream music through their phones, so these speakers that connect through Bluetooth technology make great housewarming and closing gifts!

    Your main goals when giving away closing gifts to your clients should be to strengthen your business relationship with your clients. By this act of giving a valuable "thank you" gift, your previous clients will begin to refer their friends to you causing your business to grow exponentially. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, we do recommend keeping at least two different gifts available so you can give out a gift of appropriate value to your clients.

  • Hoard Marketing Syndrome (HMS)

    Hoard Marketing SyndromeThere is a serious illness sweeping across the nation which has risen to near-epidemic proportion in the U.S. at many companies. No businesses are immune, whether large or small. Those that are most susceptible are not the elderly and children, but those who are directly involved in marketing. This condition actually seems to specifically target marketing directors. This ailment can cause some serious problems to your marketing campaigns and ultimately to the overall demise of your business. This condition is known as Hoard Marketing Syndrome (HMS). Read on to see if you or someone you know suffers from HMS. Treatment is available, so there is hope.

    If you search the word, "hoard" on Google, it shows the definition to be this: noun: "a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded" or as a verb: amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away."

    With Hoard Marketing Syndrome, business owners and marketing personnel take this same approach of hoarding, but specifically with their promotional items. Below you will see some of the signs and symptoms, risk factors, complications, and treatment for HMS.

    Signs & Symptoms

    • Boxes in the storage closet full of promotional items from years ago.
    • An overall abundance of leftover giveaways that were purchased over 6 months ago.
    • A desire to be stingy when giving out the "really cool" or "valuable" promos. These tend to be the more expensive items, such as padfolios, premium pens, and other items priced over $5 each.
    • The mindset that you need to hang on to these purchased promotional products because they cost a lot of money and need to be used only for special occasions.

    Risk Factors

    • Company history of limited marketing budgets.
    • Recent or impending budget cuts.
    • Marketing directories who have a boss who rarely approves marketing expenditures.
    • Business owners who fail to understand that marketing items are critical for the success of a business.


    • Significantly reduced marketing exposure.
    • Reduced loyalty from existing and past customers.
    • Drop in sales.
    • Reduction in number of clients.
    • Unhealthy bottom line.
    • Business failure.


    • One on one counseling with one of our HMS specialists.
    • Track the effectiveness of your giveaways so that you can see your Return On Investment (ROI) from your purchase.
    • Practice giving out company branded items to each new customer.
    • Give out promotional items to each new prospect and with each new quote.
    • Practice micro-hoarding - Hold back (hoard) 2 or 3 of these items and give away the rest to customers and potential customers.
    • Create a written strategy for your branded giveaways so you and everyone on your staff know the protocol so your company can make the most effective use out of the items.
    • Give away specific items to targeted prospects or clients so the giveaways will be more effective and more well-received.
    • Reach out to past clients who haven't  ordered in a while and send them a promotional item from your company to help rekindle a business relationship.
    • Make sure your monthly marketing budget has a set amount earmarked specifically for promotional items.

    If you feel that you have been affected by HMS, we encourage you to seek help. Call one of our HMS counselors immediately. Remember, this condition is 100% treatable and 100% reversible. Our HMS counselors are standing by. Call toll-free: 1-800-773-9472.

  • Reviewing Your Company Image - Back to the Basics

    Reviewing Your Company Image - The BasicsWhen most people think of marketing, the top things that come to mind are television commercials, radio ads, billboards, and newspaper advertisements. However, unless you are running a big business with a BIG budget, these may not be the right options for your small business. There is a good chance that your budget doesn't allow for thousands of dollars for these particular marketing mediums.

    Whether your business is small or large and no matter if you budget is tiny or practically infinite, there are some basic principles to follow when marketing your business that can make a big difference. Below are just a few basic principles that are important to periodically review to make sure your business is putting its best foot forward by keeping its branding consistent across all mediums. First impressions are critical in the business world.

    1. Company Logo - First of all, make sure that you have a logo. While that may seem like a silly statement, we deal with small businesses on a daily basis that have no logo. By having no logo, this negatively impacts the way others see your business. Second, you should reevaluate your logo design every few years to make sure the logo still portrays your company accurately. Maybe your business has added other services or possibly services have been discontinued. If so, your logo might need a bit of a face-lift. Third, make sure that your logo doesn't look too dated. If your logo was designed back in the 1970's, chances are it looks like a 1970's logo and none of us want to revisit the styles from the '70's. A modern look can often make a huge difference with first impressions from potential clients.
    2. Business Cards - These are your biggest sales tools. You give them to everyone you meet. They should be sleek and unique. They should stand out among the other dozen business cards that those of us in the business world receive everyday. Your business card design might just need an update to the color or layout, or it might need to be trashed and completely redesigned. Whichever it is, it should be awesome. It should make a statement. It should give those who receive it the feeling that your business is the best option for the service or product they need. Make sure pertinent contact info is listed on your cards, such as an email address, website url, and direct phone number. If you are one of those that scratches out an old phone number on your cards with a pen and writes the new phone number, shame on you. Spend the few bucks to get an updated and correctly printed set of business cards.
    3. Website - Your website is a salesperson that never sleeps and continually sells to potential new clients and existing customers. Or at least it should be! If it is not, you are missing a lot of marketing potential. Your website should be updated frequently and should be a source of information to take care of the frequently asked questions that customers call asking on a daily basis. You will save yourself loads of time if you answer them once and for all online. It is important to understand that just because you don't sell products online, doesn't mean that a website isn't important. That is one of the biggest misnomers in the web world. Shoppers research companies online before making in-store purchases or before calling for service now. They want to get a feeling for your company's reputation. Do you look legit? Do you look capable? Or does your company look like a fly-by-night company who used some free website service for a DIY project? This is very common with small businesses, particularly 1-2 man/woman businesses. You can afford good web design and you should make it a priority.
    4. Promotional Items - These marketing items don't have to be expensive to work, just useful. Research has proven that these items are lower cost than any other type of advertising and more effective. If you utilize this marketing medium properly, your business will grow because your customers and potential customers will remember you over your competitors who keep their promos locked up in a closet for their "top clients." Research has also shown that giving away promotional products to people cause a warmer feeling toward your company, which will push them to do business with your company over another. That sounds like good logic to me. Everyone loves free stuff, especially when it's useful stuff. There are many options around the $1 price range that work great to promote your business.
    5. Company Apparel - All businesses who have face to face dealing with people should wear company apparel. These don't have to be Dickies uniforms. These can be stylish and hip shirts that are embroidered with your company logo. Think about this. Would you feel better writing out a check to a worker who has a stained up t-shirt with a Beavis and Butthead graphic on it or a worker with a collar shirt showing off the company logo? The answer is obvious. Custom apparel gives your business a professional look and it sets you apart from many competitors who are too cheap to invest in this area of their business.
    6. Social Media - Whether you like it or not, social media is around to stay and it is an extremely important factor in search engine rankings as well as consumer decision making. That's why we are big proponents of making sure your branding is consistent throughout all of your social media accounts. Your company logo and color scheme should be uniform across all platforms. And, yes, you do need to frequently post. Your posts could consist of sale announcements, company news, promoted products or services, and just fun trivia and random facts to promote your followers to get involved.
    7. Email Newsletters - Email is very effective if done properly. You should not send too many emails, but you have to send enough to keep your business at the top of your customers minds. Your branding should remain consistent for your email newsletters. Additionally, you want to make sure your newsletters are informative and valuable to the readers. Offering educational articles and news can be useful. Money-saving coupons are always useful. You can also throw in some sale items that you want to promote. If you don't want to do general newsletters, you can segment your email lists and send out emails that are specifically tailored to each of your segments. This method is much more effective, but more time consuming.

    Low Cost Effective Marketing Items for Small Businesses

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  • New Galvanized Metal Beer Buckets

    Galvanized Metal Beer BucketsOne of our top sellers over the past several years has been our plastic beer buckets. During this time, we have had numerous requests for galvanized metal beer buckets. We listened and we have added one of the most extensive lines of galvanized buckets in the promotional products industry. We have buckets as small as 55 ounces to hold one bottle of beer plus ice, all the way up to large 68 quart galvanized metal tubs that hold 48 bottles of beer with ice. These metal buckets are great for bars who want to offer drink specials and sell multiple beers at one time. The galvanized tubs are great for festivals who have beer and drink booths. These buckets and tubs are a great way to reinforce your brand by displaying your logo to your patrons. The best-selling sized galvanized bucket is the 5 Quart size, which holds 5-6 bottles of beer plus ice. This is a great option for most bars that want to offer a 6-pack special. By selling beers by the bucket, it reduces the time that your waiters and waitresses spend waiting on customers, allowing them to provide better service to your patrons. Additionally, it increases sales since more beers are sold.

    Our new line of beer buckets are sturdy, priced right, and come with your logo printed in full color on the side of the buckets. They can be used over and over again, so your branded invested goes a long way. Below a few of the features of our galvanized buckets are listed.

    Features of Galvanized Buckets

    • 11 sizes from which to choose
    • Full color logo printed on side of bucket
    • Made of thick, 30 gauge, commercial-grade steel
    • Will not rust
    • Chemical-resistant
    • Will not absorb odor
    • Made in the USA!
    • Sealed seams to prevent leaking
    • Sturdy handles
    • Deep swedging to provide superior strength
    • Metal is recyclable
    • Only 25 piece minimum order
    • Only 2-3 week production time
    • All over, full color decorating available for orders of 2500 buckets or more

    Other Uses for Galvanized Buckets

    • Centerpiece decorations at weddings and parties
    • Containers to fill and use for gift baskets for giveaways and door prizes
    • Flower pots
    • POP displays
    • Ice holders for events that need ice for drinks
    • Wine chillers
    • Garbage cans
    • Produce holders for farmers markets
    • Cleaning bucket to hold mop water

    Check out these great Galvanized Buckets

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  • Promos That Will Surely Hook Them


    Whenever you give away promotional items, your goal is to promote your company in some form or fashion. It may be a first-time introduction to  your company or it may be a thank you gift that reinforces your relationship with a client. Either way, you want to hook them so that anytime they need the products or services that you sell, they think of you.

    If a large part of your clientele are fishermen, these promotional fishing lures will certainly hook them on your company, but hopefully, they will also hook some big catches for them. Personalized fishing lures with your company logo are excellent giveaways for your customers who love to fish.

    Ideal Businesses to Giveaway Branded Fishing Lures

    • Outdoorsman Retail Shops
    • Fishing and Tackle Stores
    • Bait Shops
    • Fishing Charter Boats
    • Fishing Piers
    • Stores that Sell Fishing Apparel
    • Boat Dealerships
    • Campsites with a lake for fishing

    However, your business does not have to sell fishing supplies or services for these personalized fishing lures to be a great fit for your company. If your clientele are made up of people who like to fish, then these are a great choice!

    Fishing Tackle Box with Lure Fishing Tackle Box with Lure
    Rattlin' Rapala Fishing Lure Rattlin' Rapala Fishing Lure - 3 1/8"
    Flash Spoon Fishing Lure - 2 1/4" Flash Spoon Fishing Lure - 2 1/4"








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  • Boss's Day Gift Ideas

    Promotional Items for Boss's DayOctober 16 is Boss's Day. The purpose of this observation is to honor all of those bosses out there for their hard work and for employees to show their appreciation to their boss. While many TV shows and movies portray bosses as terrible and mean people, most of them are not. Most bosses work hard to keep their companies growing and profitable.

    Show your appreciation this Boss's Day by letting your boss know how much you appreciate the hard work that they do. You can do this through words of appreciation by telling them in person, a card, an email, or through gifts. If you give gifts, make sure you give gifts they are tailored for them. Take into account what they like and what they don't like. Make this Boss's Day a great day for your boss.

    Boss's Day can also be a great day for your company to market itself to bosses from other companies. For instance, if your business has a lot of clients who are bosses in some way, this is a great opportunity to give them gifts for Boss's Day. This gesture shows them that you are thinking about them, while at the same time, strengthening the bond between your company and that client. Check out some other ideas for celebrating Boss's Day here.

    Promotional Items to Give Away for Boss's Day

    Padfolios - Bosses always have meetings...always. Therefore, a nice branded portfolio is a very useful gift for the head cheese. For the boss, make sure you opt for the nicer, leather portfolios.

    Premium Pens - Very few jobs can be performed without a pen. A really nice pen is even better, so think about gifting a premium pen to your boss. For the best impact, choose a well-known brand such as Cross, Cutter & Buck, or Balmain.

    Photo Frames - Many bosses have to work long hours and because of that they spend a lot of time away from their family. Therefore, give them a nice picture frame so they can display a picture of their family on the desktop.

    Desk Clocks - Chances are your boss is always racing the clock to beat a deadline or make a meeting time, so it is important for them to always know the time. A premium desk clock makes an excellent gift to giveaway to bosses.

    Business Card Sculptures - If you really want to give a unique gift, these business card sculptures are certainly a one-of-a-kind item. All you have to do is swipe a few of their business cards and we can make a great sculpture for your boss out of their business cards. Choose from many different sculptures to fit a variety of industries, or call us if you want a custom sculpture made! There is only a one piece minimum for this product, so it is a great choice if your company has only one boss!

  • Promoting Your Bar Using Beer Buckets During the Slow Season

    Custom Beer Buckets - Plastic or Galvanized or Promote Your BarNow that the summer season is winding down and tourist season is over, many bars see a big decline in patrons. Traveling slows down with school in session, which means less vacationers filling your bar and buying drinks. So, how do you attract new customers? It's time to switch gears and target your locals and here's a great way to do it.

    Bars can attract locals with great music, fun events, and drink specials. Vacationers may not even blink an eye at paying $8-$10 for a drink while visiting your bar; however, locals won't do it. So, offering reasonably priced drink specials is certainly a great way to attract a bigger local crowd.

    One very successful promotion for bars to offer is to sell buckets of beer and offer a better deal when 5 or 6 beers are bought at time. After that sale, you bring out the beer bucket that is iced with the beers inside. By offering this choice, you will attract more local patrons and increase your beer sales.

    But you don't have to stop there. If your establishment sells wine, why not offer a bottle of wine iced in a bucket? By offering this additional service, you will also promote to the ladies who want to have wine rather than beer.

    Popular Custom Beer Buckets

    5 Quart Plastic Beer Buckets

    5 Quart Plastic Beer BucketThese are the most cost-effective beer buckets and they are still strong and durable. They are easy to stack and hold 5 beers with ice. They come in 11 different colors. They can be printed with multiple colors.  Some bars print their logo on one side and through co-op money from a beer distributor, they print a beer logo or beer distributor logo on the opposite. By partnering with your beer distributor, you can often offset the cost of your beer buckets. Holds 176 ounces or approximately 5.5 quarts. They have only a 25 piece minimum, so they are affordable for even small bars. These bucket are made and printed in the USA!

    10 Quart Plastic Beer Buckets

    10 Quart Plastic Beer BucketsIf  you want a larger beer bucket, these are your choice. They are still priced to be budget-friendly, but they are double the size of our standard plastic beer bucket. These also have built in handles on the sides to carry the larger load. These buckets come in 9 great colors and are printed with your bar or nightclub logo on the side. They stack within each other, so multiple buckets can be easily stored in a relatively small area. These are great party buckets for beer distributors to give out to their customers. These are also great for corporate picnics, concert venues, and other outdoor venues. The minimum order is only 25 buckets. Made and printed in the USA!

    5 Quart Galvanized Metal Beer Buckets

    Galvanized Metal Beer BucketsThese silver colored galvanized metal beer buckets are what most people think of when they think of a bucket of beer at a bar. These buckets are durable, rust-proof, and they have a metal handle. Your logo is printed directly on the side of the buckets with a long-lasting screen printing method. These beer buckets hold 6 bottles of beer with ice. While the metal buckets are priced slightly higher than plastic buckets, they won't crack and they will last for many years. Buckets are printed in the USA, so they turn around time is very quick with your printed logo. Minimum order is only 25 buckets.

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