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  • Promotional Products Your Spring Breakers Will LOVE

    Spring Break Promotional Items Your Guests Will Love Image source:

    Spring Break is a fun time of year for many, yet a busy time of year for those in the hospitality business. Your beach town is likely inundated with out of town guests who want to rest, relax, and sometimes party hard.

    As a business owner or a marketer, you want to ensure a great experience for your guests so they will return to your business the following Spring Break, or hopefully sooner!

    Below are are few promotional products your guests will absolutely love and continue to use after they go back home.  Continue reading

  • Need Plush in a Rush?

    Customized Stuffed Animals with Your LogoCustom stuffed animals. You know what I'm talking about...those cute little plush animals with a custom printed t-shirt.

    These are popular giveaways for any organization who works with kids. Just to name a few: pediatricians, hospitals, non-profit charities, dentists, speech and physical therapists, counselors, schools, and many other businesses and organizations.

    These cute, fuzzy animals are sometimes used to comfort a scared or upset child. Sometimes they are given away with a purchase or visit. Other times they are given out to every child, whether happy or scared. There are many other uses for these fun and cute promotional products.

    These adorable little plush animals have a way of calming children down when they are in unknown situations, such as at the doctor's office. Hugging or squeezing these creatures serves to offers a level of comfort with which a parent sometimes can't even compete.

    Rush on Plush

    Unfortunately, as marketing professionals or business owners, we are often overworked and pressed for time. This sometimes causes us to have to place last minute orders for items such as stuffed animals for an event or when your current supply is running low. This can result in excess rush fees or extra fees associated with expedited shipping.

    Good news! We offer FREE rush service on many of our stuffed animals with custom t shirts.

    Here's the Scoop

    Up to 144 Pieces - FREE 1 Day Rush

    Up to 288 Pieces - FREE 2 Day Rush

    Up to 576 Pieces - FREE 3 Day Rush

    With these speeds, we can make almost any event date for you. Luckily, this option will save you money and sometimes save your butt if you have waited until the last minute to order. These stuffed animals ship from MO, so this central shipping points make it only a few days to most states.

    Stuffed animals are offered in many different animal shapes including bears, dogs, lions, elephants, tigers, monkeys, and frogs, just to name a few. To see all of the customized stuff animals with rush service, click here.

  • Quirky Things Paramedics Do

    14 Quirky Behaviors of ParamedicsThose involved in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) know it's a crazy world of twisted humor and quirky behaviors. This includes paramedics, EMTs, first responders, and emergency medical dispatchers. Much of the twisted humor and odd behaviors is a result of the coping mechanisms of dealing with the stress of bad calls and the aggravation of the abused 911 system. Because of this, paramedics develop peculiar behaviors that may seem odd to outsiders, but are completely normal and expected from those involved in EMS, including their spouses and significant others.

    14 Quirky Behaviors of Paramedics

    Continue reading

  • Bad Habits of Promotional Products Distributors

    Bad Habits of Promotional Products DistributorsAccording to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), there were 23,021 promotional products distributors in 2015 (2016 numbers will publish soon).That means 23,021 different companies you can choose to buy promotional products.

    However, not all distributors are created equal. As with every industry, there are great companies, mediocre companies, and bad companies from which to choose. The promotional products industry is no different.

    I'm more interested in Continue reading

  • 12 Hot & Trending Promotional Items for 2017

    Like thousands of promotional products distributors across the U.S., our team at Perfect Imprints recently returned from the largest promotional products trade show in the world - the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas. There were over 1300 promo product manufacturers stretching over 1,000,000 square feet of trade show floor - that's over 6.5 miles in length. The show is massive and the new products and excitement in the industry is impressive.

    Our team scoured the trade show floor and talked to hundreds of manufacturers to find out what is hot and trendy for 2017. Below are the hottest trends for 2017, so be sure to buy early to beat your competitors to it!

    See 12 Tending Promotional Items for 2017 below:  Continue reading

  • Custom Therabands for the Metropolitan Dance Theatre of New Orleans

    Custom exercise bands such as Therabands are very popular promotional items to help stretch and strengthen your muscles.

    These exercise promotional items are great for yoga studios, physical therapists, fitness centers, and other health-related businesses.

    They are also great for dance teams. Check out this Boomerang from Metropolitan Dance Theatre of New Orleans. They are happy with their Therabands to use for their dance team! We'd like to extend a BIG thanks to the MDTNO Team for sharing! Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram: @mdtdance

    Our therabands are in!

    A video posted by Metro Dance Theatre Of NO,LLC (@mdtdance) on

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  • Save Money on Your Corporate Taxes With Promotional Products

    Tax Breaks for Promotional ProductsAs the year comes to a close, those handling the finances of a business are thinking about the final year-end spends to help reduce their tax liability. The average small business is set up in a way that business income, whether the owner personally takes it or reinvests it into the business, passes the tax liability to the personal return of the owner.

    This can result in a HUGE tax being owed by the proprietor. However, you can help lower your federal tax responsibility with smart end-of-year purchases.

    The smarter businesses make purchases for equipment and items that they will actually need in the near future. This end of year spending helps reduce their business income for that tax year, allowing for a lower tax responsibility.

    One end of year investment companies should consider is promotional products.

    If your marketing director (a.k.a. small business owner in many cases) has done his/her job, there is already a plan in place to promote the business over the next 6-12 months. That plan details out the advertising needs to increase the growth of your company.

    Promotional products are no doubt a part of that plan. So as an opportunity to lower your business income for the year, spending extra money on promotional items is a great strategy. Yes, promotional products and business gifts (up to $25) are deductible.

    See the specific details from the IRS on Giving Business Gifts including how much can be deducted. For advertising expenses for your business, the IRS states, "You generally can deduct reasonable advertising expenses that are directly related to your business activities."

    Even better than lowering your tax liability is the opportunity to grow your business further with the purchased promos.

    However, having a plan for the promotional items is key. These items have a tremendous power to strengthen business relationships and grow your business if used strategically. Use them effectively and your business WILL benefit!

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  • Promotional Product Review - Stone Paper Notebooks

    Promotional Stone Paper NotebooksPromotional notebooks and journals  have been around for many years. They continue to be top sellers within the promotional products industry due to their usefulness and the necessity of needing a notebook.

    But with so many of your competitors giving out these useful promos, how can you make your company giveaways stand out?

    You have to be different and that is what this stone paper notebook will help you do. This product has all of the qualities of a standard notebook along with several spectacular bonus features that make this a superior choice over standard notebooks.

    Spiral Stone Paper Notebook Review

    When I review an item, I thoroughly vet it. That means I actually use it...for a long time. I have been using these stone paper notebooks for over a year. The long time frame would suggest that I REALLY love the qualities of this notebook and that is true. These promotional notebooks have "paper" that is unlike any other writing pads I have used.


    It goes without saying that writing notes is something that needs to be done on a daily basis. In order to be productive at work (and at home), I keep my to-do lists and goals for the day/week written down so I can stay focused. For the past year, I have been using this notebook (pictured) along with identical replacements once I use all of the paper. Yes, we are in a digital age, but nothing can take the place of an old fashioned list written on paper.


    These 5" x 7" notebooks include a durable cardboard cover on the front and back with 65 pages of lined stone paper held together with a black metal spiral bounding. I often carry my notebook from home to work and back, so it tends to take a beating. Nevertheless, it stays intact with only some minor scuffs on the corners of the cover.

    The paper is made out of natural stones and NOT trees. This unique way of making paper creates extremely desirable attributes such as water resistance, anti-bacterial paper (without the drugs), tear resistance, and smudge resistance.


    Stone Paper Notebook Facts "Less waste is generated in creating this paper than regular paper. Replace 1 ton of regular paper with 1 ton of stone paper and you will save 6 million BTU of energy; 20 trees; 167 lbs of solid waste; 236 lbs of atmospheric emissions and 7480 gallons of waste water."

    I love the look of this notebook because it promotes an environmentally-friendly look with the brown cardboard cover and "paper" made out of stones. The notebooks include a front page with eco-facts about the paper, including facts about how much waste is reduced through the manufacturing of stone paper vs. paper made from trees (see picture and caption)

    Stone paper notebooks show your clientele that you not only promote being eco-friendly, but you live it!


    With pricing under $3 (at the time this blog was published), it is priced similar to standard paper notebooks. A useful promo item for under $3 that sticks around as long as a 65-page notebook does is a phenomenal investment!


    The cover of these stone paper notebooks allow for a really nice imprint area to promote your logo or message. The area is 3" H x 3 1/2" W, so there's plenty of room for YOUR company branding plus additional info. Your recipients will be reminded of your business on a daily basis, giving these notebooks a very low cost per impression.

    Overall, these notebooks beat standard paper notebooks by a long shot. The increased strength of the paper is an incredible benefit. Plus, if you are around water, these are excellent since the paper is waterproof and smudge proof.

    Lined Stone Paper

    Lined Stone Paper

    Other Similar Stone Paper Notebooks To Consider

  • Good Better Best - Promotional Pens

    Good Better Best is an opportunity for you to quickly compare 3 great promotional products and choose the one that best suits your needs. Sometimes you need a good, low cost product for mass giveaways. Sometimes you need a promo that is a little higher quality for an event. And other times you need a top quality product for your high-spending clients!

    Good Better Best Promotional Products

    Continue reading

  • Truth vs. Myth - Promotional Products Aren't Worth The Investment

    Truth vs. Myth - Promotional Products Aren't Worth the Investment

    A business owner told me the other day that he didn't think promotional products were worth the investment, which led to this week's Truth vs. Myth blog.

    Truth or Myth: Promotional Products Aren't Worth the Investment

    The Short Answer:

    This can be both true and false depending on several factors, including the types of promotional products purchases and how they are used. If used correctly, this marketing medium is extremely powerful and well worth the investment.

    The Long Answer:

    Promotional items are among the most powerful advertising mediums available. These are the only advertising mediums that can reach all 5 senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. This is important because research shows the more senses involved in an advertising campaign, the more memorable that campaign is to consumers. You don't sniff the TV screen when you see advertisements. You don't eat newspaper ads. You don't save radio advertisement clips and listen to them over and over. However, with promotional products, you have that opportunity to continually reuse them and engage multiple senses.

    The most important component of ensuring your promotional products are a good investment is to thoroughly plan your campaign. Think about creative ways to integrate the items within your total marketing plan. Rather than simply hand the promos out to random people, a strategic approach can make the difference between a good return on investment (ROI) or a bust.

    Know the demographics of the recipients so you can buy the best possible promotional items for them. Have a plan for the distribution method. Consider how the items fit into your overall goal for your marketing campaign.

    Last, but not least, make sure they are packaged in a way that fits your branding and creates excitement when the recipient receives the package.

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