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Promotional Product Ideas

  • Trendy Tuesday - Over the Ear HeadPhones

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Over the Ear Headphones

    Today's Trendy Tuesday Product are these cool over the ear headphones. These headphones are unique because they can be FULL COLOR CUSTOM PRINTED with your logo. You won't find headphones with your logo on it at Walmart! These products will create amazing brand awareness for your company! Continue reading

  • Thrifty Thursday - Reusable Grocery Bags

    Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Non-Woven Grocery Bags

    Reusable Grocery Bag w/ Poly Board Insert

    Being featured today on Thrifty Thursday is our Reusable Grocery Bag (includes a Poly Board Insert for even more carrying capacity and easy fold-up). These grocery bags are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about using them. Also, you are saving the use of harmful plastic bags by using reusable bags. Traditional plastic grocery bags can take more than 1,000 years to completely biodegrade. Additionally, these reusable grocery bags can hold up to 20 pounds of groceries. Since these grocery bags can be reused, if they are printed with your custom logo, your customers will have them around for months or even years.
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  • Promotional Products are like Comfort Food

    Why Promotional Items are like Comfort FoodFor much of America, food is used for comfort when times of stress arise. And not just any food, specifically, junk food. Name your favorite comfort food and it will likely fit into the category of potato chips, candy, pizza, fried foods, alcohol, or desserts. These foods comfort you during those trying times. These foods makes you feel good!

    Promotional products can also comfort people. They make the recipients feel good, particularly about the company that gave the products.

    Think about those times (that seem to be all too rare) that you received a random package in the mail that included a branded item from a company with which you do business. Do you remember the excitement you felt? Do you recall the anticipation you felt wondering what was in the box?

    Chances are you gave the box a little shake before opening it. Once you opened the box, you pulled out the item(s) and instantly felt a warmer feeling toward the company that sent it! Your day was just brightened! At least temporarily, your stresses were forgotten while you delighted in opening your package!

    That same comfort that you felt when opening your package can be felt by your customers. All you have to do is choose the right promotional products to send out to your customers. Choosing the right product is crucial to get the desired effect, so make sure you choose wisely!

    This process can be used to both thank your current customers and target new prospects. Comfort your customers and prospects and you will find that your business will start to comfort you!

    Perfect Imprints has been helping businesses increase their brand loyalty and strengthening customer relationships since 1999.
  • Trendy Tuesday - Selfie Stick

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Selfie Sticks

    Today's Trendy Tuesday Product is the notorious "Selfie Stick" you've been hearing all about. Ever wanted to get a selfie with all of your friends, only to discover that your arm is simply not long enough to fit all of your friends in the picture?  Well, this is the product for you. Don't know what a "Selfie" is? Read more to find out. Continue reading

  • Airport Luggage Dilemma - Is That My Luggage?

    Promotional Luggage IdentifierThat moment at the airport when you are watching the suitcases revolve around the luggage carousel! That moment that you suddenly realize that you can't remember exactly what your suitcase looks like! Ugh.

    You know it's blue and it has a zipper pocket on the front, but is it a Samsonite, American Tourister, U.S. Traveler, Kenneth Cole, or some other off-brand? Suddenly all of the bags start looking like the same.

    Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever reached to grab "your bag" only to find out that it's not actually your bag? No worries; it happens to everyone, unless you have a....

    Luggage Identifier

    Luggage IdentifiersThese colored luggage identifiers not only allow you to easily spot your luggage on the carousel, but they also give you a softer grip AND they market for your company! Since your logo is printed on the grips, hundreds of people are exposed to the logo!

    Your clients that travel will love these items!

    Alternative Use

    You can use these grips to hold multiple plastic grocery bags at one time. No more cutting off your blood circulation to your fingers from carrying heavy groceries!

    These simple little promos make great giveaways that can save your customers that panicky moment in the airport when they can't identify their bag.

  • Thrifty Thursday - Custom Printed Wooden Nickels

    Thrifty Thursday - Drink Tokens

    Custom Printed Wooden Nickels

    Today on Thrifty Thursday, Perfect Imprints is featuring Custom Wooden Nickels. Great for bars and restaurants for use as drink tokens. Who doesn't like a free drink? They're very cheap; so you don't have to break your budgets supplying your customers with free product. However, offering free products to draw in consumers results in more sales!
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  • There's no such thing as Children's Food

    No such thing as Food for ChildrenWhen you think of food for children, what foods come to mind? Aside from foods specifically for infants, here are just a few of the top foods that come to mind for me.

    • Pop-Tarts
    • Popsicles
    • Fruit Chew Snacks
    • Sugary Cereals such as Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loops.
    • Moon Pies

    Personally, I don't refer to these as foods; I refer to them as JUNK.

    Sure, some adults do eat these snacks (junk food); however, these are mostly targeted for kids. There's nothing about these foods that make them "kids" food. Kids aren't some type of subspecies that require food that is different than adults.

    So why do we automatically think foods such as these are for children?

    It's called marketing.

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  • New Promotional Products From the PPAI Expo 2015

    On this first day of the PPAI Expo 2015, we have gotten a sneak peak at some of the newest promotional items in the New Product Pavillion.

    On Tuesday, the New Product Pavillion will open displaying the newest and hottest promotional products for 2015, as well as some of the trending products from 2014. At that time, we will get a closer look at each of these items.

    We will share more details of those closer looks after visiting; however, in the meantime, here are are 48 of the most interesting and unique new products that will be showcased on Tuesday.

    If you see any that are of interest to you, please feel free to give us a call for more info.

    48 of Coolest New Promotional Products for 2015

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  • Flex Your Marketing Muscle

    Exercise Promotional ItemsWe are at the beginning of a new year and, of course, a New Years resolution that is at the top of many lists is to get in shape through more exercise. This is and has been one of the top resolutions for decades, so it stands to reason that piggybacking on this goal for so many Americans is a great avenue to promote your business.

    There are many exercise promotional items on the market that are great to get an item with your logo in front of your customers and potential customers. However, your goal should not be just to get in front of them, but to stay in front of them. To keep your logo in front of your customers, you have to give out promos that are useful to them. Therefore, if your business is a fitness center, gym, nutrition store, sporting goods store, yoga studios, athletic shoe store, weight loss clinic, or any other type of business or organization that has a client base of those desiring to live healthy, you have a golden opportunity to give away exercise-related promotional products.

    Below you will find some of the top exercise-related giveaways to promote your business and promote healthy living for your customers.

    Top Exercise Promotional Giveaways

    Promotional Exercise Resistance BandsExercise Resistance Bands - These have become very popular due to the low impact and the many different exercises that can be performed with these bands. You can choose from several different resistance strengths from light resistance all the way up to extra heavy resistance. Because these bands are long, there is a large imprint area to print your logo and promote your company.

    Custom Yoga MatsYoga Mats - Let's face it...if you try yoga without a mat, you won't have a zen experience. That's why a yoga mat is mandatory for the best possible yoga experience. Yoga enthusiasts rarely miss their yoga session so giving out custom printed yoga mats are a great way to remind those customers about your business on a daily basis. Because these more premium items and higher priced, they are great to give out with a new gym or yoga studio memberships.

    Personalized PedometersPedometers - Any kind of activity is better than lying around on the couch or sitting in front of the computer. Promotional pedometers can be printed with your logo and given out to customers and employees to promote more activity. These are great for exercise beginners to promote a goal of reaching a minimum number of steps or minimum distance each day. Many larger companies promote daily exercise goals for their employees to promote better health and these are great giveaways for that purpose.

    Fitness ShakersFitness Shakers - A large part of being healthy is a proper diet. Protein shakes for building muscle and losing weight are very common for exercise enthusiasts. These fitness shaker bottles are great giveaways for gyms, fitness centers, and nutrition supply stores. They can be used on a daily basis to mix protein shakes and smoothies. Some of them have built-in strainers to help break up the powder and mix the shake more thoroughly. If you sell protein shakes, these are great to give away along with a sample of your product to promote sales.

    Custom Printed Jump RopesJump Ropes - These are old-school exercise items that are still popular for those wanting some serious cardio. When shopping for promotional jump ropes to give out to adults, you will want to stick with the heavier handles and longer jump ropes. Many of the low cost promo jump ropes are very lightweight with shorter ropes and meant for kids.

    Start your companies' New Year sales out right by promoting with the right products for your customers. These exercise promotional products are excellent choices to give out during the beginning of a new year and keep your company at the top of their minds.

  • National Popcorn Day

    National Popcorn Day Promotional Items and ideas - January 19Whenever a holiday has the word, "National," as part of the title, there is typically some kind of legislation passed officially declaring it as a U.S. recognized holiday or observance. However, that isn't true for National Popcorn Day. There is no legislation. There are no huge non-profit organizations promoting this day. This has just become a day on the calendar observed each year for those who love popcorn.

    When you get down to the statistics, Americans eat an incredible amount of popcorn each year. In fact, estimates are as high as 16 billion quarts each year, just for the U.S. That averages about 51 quarts of popcorn for every U.S. citizen. Wow!

    Popcorn is everywhere. It is commonly found at movie theaters, carnivals, fairs, and even in your living room (while watching movies). This is one of the most popular snacks in the country and that's why it makes sense to celebrate National Popcorn Day on January 19th. For businesses, it makes even more sense to take advantage of National Popcorn Day and use it to promote your business. Below are just a few ideas of how you can use this established "unofficial" observance to promote your business and engage your customers.

    National Popcorn Day Ideas

    • Give away custom printed popcorn promotional items. Items such as pre-packaged popcorn in boxes, tins, or gift baskets printed with your logo.
    • Rent a popcorn popper and give out freshly popped popcorn to all of your customers for the day. You can get paper popcorn bags or cardboard popcorn boxes printed with your logo to really make a lasting impression.
    • Host popcorn-related games and contests at your store for your customers and award gift certificates or other gifts for the winners. Here are few ideas:
      • Popcorn distance toss.
      • Popcorn catching challenge. How many pieces of popcorn can your partner toss into your mouth or how many pieces can you throw above your head and catch in your mouth.
      • Popcorn eating contest.
      • Guess how many popcorn kernels are in a jar.
      • Popcorn Drop - See how many pieces of popcorn the person can drop from a certain height and make it in a defined space on the ground. You can use tape to create a shape on the ground or use a cup.
    • Set up interactive stations for kids to make popcorn necklaces or shapes with popcorn and toothpicks.
    • If your store sells popcorn, promote a big sale on all popcorn supplies.
    • Appliance stores can put their microwaves on sale on National Popcorn Day.

    Be sure and promote your sales and events for National Popcorn Day on your social media channels, your website, and by handing out flyers to customers prior to this day. This is a great day to use to promote fun at your business as well as boost your sales! See all of the popcorn promotional items here.

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