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School Spirit Items

We are your resource for all school spirit items for fundraising for your sports teams and booster clubs. We frequently post about top-selling and unique ideas to boost team spirit as well as boosting your fundraiser sales!

  • Basketball Season Giveaways and Ideas

    custom-basketballsCollege and high school basketball season is starting soon, so it's time to plan your giveaways for the season, as well as products that you want to sell for fundraisers for your basketball team. Having a variety of basketball spirit items available for your fans is one of the best ways to get them involved and cheering for their team. Basketball is a very exciting sport and spirit items are a great way to channel that energy and help cheer on your team. Below are a few of the most popular spirit items for both giveaways and to sell in your booster club.

    Basketball Giveaway Ideas

    1. Mini Basketballs - These vinyl sports balls are the best-selling spirit items during the basketball season. It is very common for teams to sell sponsorships to local businesses and have their logo printed on the vinyl mini basketballs. During the game, cheerleaders throw the ball into the crowd, often after big lead changes, during timeouts, or during halftime.
    2. Thundersticks - Basketball fans love to make noise and that's why these noisemakers are so popular for basketball teams. These inexpensive, inflatable noisemakers are great fundraisers because of their low price point. These spirit items can also be printed with business sponsor information to offset the cost for your team and allow the sales of these items to generate 100% profit or more!
    3. Basketballs with Autograph Panels - Does your school have past players that have made a career with the NBA? If you can get them to come to a school game, you can hold an autograph signing session with that player and sell these basketballs for a signature from the professional basketball player. These autograph signings can generate a lot of money for your team for new equipment, uniforms, and to help offset travel expenses.
    4. Basketball Schedule Magnets - Custom magnets with your game schedule are great giveaways for your team to encourage increased attendance. The typical place these are used is on the refrigerator, which ensures that your fans will see the schedule every day. These are printed with your school name, mascot, and date/time of all of your games.
    5. Full Size Basketballs - These are excellent for selling for fundraising, as well as to give out to participants in basketball training camps. You can even go with a Wilson brand basketball. These promos will be used and enjoyed for years.
    6. Basketball Yard Signs - Let your fans and players show their support by proudly displaying a yard sign in front of their home or business. These signs are great for fundraising. Choose from several die-cut signs that can be printed with your team name and mascot.

    If your business is looking for basketball giveaways, check out other ideas here. It is a great idea to use the excitement from Basketball season to promote your business by giving away basketball-related promotional items. Be sure you don't miss out on this opportunity!

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  • 12 Ways to Promote Your New Website

    Promoting Your New Website DesignA great website for your business is critical for success. The first thing many people do before buying products or services from a company is visit their website and learn more about that company. Does the company look reputable? How are the reviews? How long has the company been in business? What other products or services does the company offer? What is the pricing? These are some of the common questions that consumers want to know. Hopefully your great, new website has the answers to the questions that your consumers want to know.

    Your website may be amazing. It may be the best in your region or the best in your industry. However, if your customers and potential customers don't know about it, the website is useless. If you are not getting adequate traffic to the site, what good is doing for your company? Promoting your site is critical. Below are a few ways to spread the word about your new site, including many FREE and CHEAP methods that are often neglected.

    Ways to Promote Your Website

    1. Include a link to your website in your signature for all outgoing emails and some kind of enticing statement, such as, "Visit to find the best deal on promotional products" or "Check out our blog at to learn about marketing tips to increase your company sales."
    2. Make sure your website is printed on your business cards. Give an incentive to visit the site, such as promoting a Deal of the Week or a money-saving coupon for visiting your website.
    3. Revise your company stationary to include your website address.
    4. Push clients toward your website whenever you are talking to them. Make sure your website has answers to frequently asked questions that you are commonly asked. After all, you have to have to content on the site before you can direct customers to it.
    5. If your business has printed brochures, make sure your website is prominently displayed on them.
    6. Show your expertise about your products and services by writing regular blog posts. People want to do business with "experts," so show off your knowledge. Don't be afraid to share tips and tricks that your audience can do themselves. For instance, if you are a realtor, share ways that your clients can increase the selling value of their homes. If you own a computer repair business, share tips about how to prevent viruses and malware or ways to speed up a computer by keeping temporary files cleaned. Sometimes, at first, it may seem that you are taking away new business by teaching your clients and potential clients about tasks that you may charge to do on a normal basis, but in the end, your clients will see you as an expert and feel more comfortable with you doing the work, because you are the "expert."
    7. Using popular social media accounts, create regular posts that are interesting, engaging, informational, or educational to your clientele. The more compelling content that you post, the better chances your site will show up in the search engines.
    8. Participate in your local community networking events such as Chamber of Commerce functions. Make it a point to always mingle with new people and introduce your business. Don' get stuck in the rut of hanging with the same people at these events. However, make sure you focus on the business of those you meet and don't "oversell" your business. Of course, leave behind business cards and brochures about your business.
    9. Do postcard mailings in your local area. Let the recipients know about your new sites and the new features. The EDDM program with the USPS is very reasonably priced and can be very effective if the postcard design is laid out properly.
    10. Tell people that you know about your new site. Word of mouth is powerful and many business owners fail to adequately promote their site with those they know.
    11. Send out a nicely design email newsletter to your existing customers and your prospects with a link to your new site.
    12. Print your website url on all promotional products. It is very effective to play on current themes or holidays when promoting your business. Below are some specific ideas for low cost items as well as a few premium items for your top clients and prospects:
    • Have mini footballs printed and donate them to your local schools for the cheerleader to throw into the crowd at the football games. Promote a coupon or something FREE if they visit your site and perform a certain task.
    • Give out personalized Halloween bags each October to your customers. If they have young kids, they need trick or treat bags, so why not give them bags with your company logo and website printed on them?
    • Think about giving out custom Christmas ornaments each December to your customers. Change up the style, color, or saying each year so they can create a collection.
    • Promote various awareness campaigns that are related to your business. Campaigns such as Fire Prevention Week or Breast Cancer Awareness Month are great ways to promote a good cause while promoting your business at the same time.
    • Know your customers and give out promos that are relevant to their likes and needs. For example, if a large portion of your customer base are business executives, give out premium pens, portfolios, or laptop cases that are, of course, branded with your company logo. The idea is too giveaway items that will be used on a regular basis so they will keep your company at the top of their mind.
    • Get custom matchbooks and give them out to bars with your business name, contact info, and website. This idea works great for attorneys and bail bondsman businesses.
    • Give out custom tokens with your website address to visit to print a coupon for a discount or free item.

    To promote either a new url or a site redesign, it is extremely important to let people not only just know about the new site, but to also let them know why they should visit the site. There are billions of sites on the web, so why do they need to visit your site? For additional help with promoting your existing website, SEO services, or website design, contact us for expert help.

  • Throw Mini Footballs, Not Toilets

    It's better to throw mini footballs than toilet bowlsAs we approach the 7th week of the college football season, the teams to beat have surfaced and proven they belong in the race. Many schools are already thinking about bowl games, conference championships, and even the College Football Playoff National Championship, which takes the place of the BCS at the end of this season.

    Along side collegiate football, many high schools are already gearing up for their homecoming games and soon to be playing their championship games. There are many underdogs sitting in top ranked positions that fans initially thought had no chance of reaching those heights. Therefore, you may have to order more spirit items for your extra playoff or championship games.

    We urge you to throw mini footballs into the crowd and NOT toilets, such as one crazy fan did after a soccer match in Brazil (Check out that story here).

    Top 10 Reasons Why Mini Footballs Are Better to Throw into a Stadium Crowd Than a Toilet Bowl at Football Games

    • Mini footballs are softer.
    • Mini footballs come in other colors besides white, avocado, and ivory.
    • Toilets can't easily be thrown very far.
    • Mini footballs can be printed with your logo or promotional message.
    • They won't kill fans.
    • Mini footballs are much cheaper than toilets.
    • Mini footballs won't shatter.
    • Cheerleaders can actually lift mini footballs.
    • Mini footballs are typically more hygienic than toilets.
    • They smell much better toilets.

    Top Selling Mini Footballs

  • BamBams Thundersticks for Basketball Season

    College basketball starts in late November and many high school basketball seasons begin in early November, so it's time to order your thundersticks early to save money and make sure you receive them in time for the start of your season. These ever-popular stadium noisemakers go by many different names, includes thunderstix, BamBams, and just the plain English spelling "thundersticks." However, they are all very similar and essentially the same (except for our domestically printed thundersticks, which are reusable). There are; however, many different styles to choose from as shown below.

    Also, production time can vary depending on which ones you choose. The longer production time...the cheaper the price. So plan ahead and order early to get more "bang" for your buck!

    Types of Thundersticks

    Thundersticks printed in the USA

    Reusable Thundersticks

    These are printed in the USA, so they can typically be produced in about 1 week. Also, a 48 hour rush is available for these top-selling thundersticks. If you need them quickly, this is your best option.

    Choose from 8 different colors. These have a valve similar to a beach ball or a pool raft for easy inflation and deflation. They can be used game after game all season. There is only a 100 pair minimum, so these are great options for selling in your school booster club to raise money for your team or your organization.


    Traditional BamBams

    Traditional BamBams

    These are the traditional BamBams with no frills. If you are looking for a loud noisemaker with a low price point, these is your best choice. These start off white and can be printed any custom color that you want. Only 100 pair minimum order. Depending on your time frame and budget, choose from 3 different production speeds and save yourself a little money if you can order early!

    9 Week Traditional BamBams  5 Week Traditional BamBams  3 Week Traditional BamBams

    LED Light-Up BamBams

    Light-Up BamBams

    These noisemakers are great for indoor stadiums with a planned black-out time during a game. They are also great for the fan sections of your arena that are fairly dark. These have LED bulbs that illuminate the thundersticks to create a fun spirit item for your team. These light up options are great to really make your logo stand out for additional recognition.

    9 Week Light-Up BamBams  5 Week Light-Up BamBams  3 Week Light-Up BamBams


    Blank BamBams - Fast Ship

    Blank Stock BamBams

    Sometimes your team may schedule a last minute tournament or make it to an unexpected championship game and you need thundersticks quickly. That's why we offer these solid color, blank BamBams in 11 popular school colors that are available to ship as quickly as the same day they are ordered. These are also great for political and protest rallies.

    When you need them fast, these blank BamBams are the option for you!


    Metallic BamBamsMetallic BamBams

    When you are buying the most popular stadium noisemaker, thundersticks, it's important to sometimes stand out and be different. These BamBams are made with a metallic silver or metallic gold material that will make your logo really shine! If you love bold, you'll love these metallic options.

    Choose from these 3 production schedules.

    9 Week Metallic BamBams  5 Week Metallic BamBams  3 Week Metallic BamBams

    PomBams - Thundersticks with Pom StreamersPomBams

    These are unique and different because they combine 2 popular spirit items together into one product. These PomBams are still great noisemakers that are loud when banged together with the added benefit and pom streamers at the end that can be used a cheering stick. The metallic silver pom streamers draw even more attention to these noisemakers and ultimately your printed logo! Cheerleaders aren't the only ones who can use pom poms.

    9 Week PomBams   5 Week PomBams   3 Week PomBams

    Full Color BamBams ThundersticksFull Color BamBams

    Do you have a colorful logo? If so, you need a full color option to fully show it off. These BamBams offer an all-over, full color imprint, so your design potential is unlimited. This print quality allows for photographs and very detailed images to be printed on your thundersticks. This option does have a 1000 pair minimum. Choose from these 3 different production times. Save money with longer production times!

    9 Week Full Color BamBams  5 Week Full Color BamBams  3 Week Full Color BamBams

    BabyBams - Smaller Sized BamBams Thundersticks


    These are just shorter versions of the traditional BamBams noisemakers. The normal sized BamBams are 23.5 inches long and the BabyBams are only 18 inches long. These mini size thundersticks are great for smaller indoor spaces. They may be small, but they still pack a powerful noise when hit together. Choose your production time.

    9 Week BabyBams   5 Week BabyBams   3 Week BabyBams


    BannerBams - Combination of a banner and thundersticks


    It's a great thing when you can combine two popular stadium spirit items into one product. Thundersticks and banners are both very popular fan favorites that you see at the stadium. The BannerBams combine both of these items into the ultimate cheering item. These are great for televised game to support your team.

    9 Week BannerBams   5 Week BannerBams   3 Week BannerBams


    Jumbo BamBams

    Jumbo BamBams

    You often hear that bigger is better and that's exactly why these jumbo BamBams are so great. They are 50% bigger than the traditional BamBams. While you can bang them together to make noise, they work best as cheering sticks since they are so long. They measure 32 inches in length and they are sure to get your logo that extra BIG attention that it needs! There is a huge area for your custom printed message that you want to get across to the fans!

    9 Week Jumbo BamBams  5 Week Jumbo BamBams  3 Week Jumbo BamBams

    budget-bambams-noisemakersBudget BamBams

    Let's face it...Sometimes you have to follow a strict budget. If that is you right now, then you'll want to check out these budget-priced BamBams thundersticks. They are the same size as the traditional noisemakers; however, the material is 1 mil thinner (2 mil rather than 3 mil thickness).

    9 Week Budget BamBams  5 Week Budget BamBams  3 Week Budget BamBams

    With basketball season a few short months away, it's time to order your thundersticks now so you can take advantage of the lower priced, extended production time. If you have any questions about our thundersticks/BamBams, please feel free to contact us!

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  • Thundersticks vs BamBams vs ThunderStix - What's the Difference?

    We often are asked the question about the differences between the various stadium noise makers generally known as thunder sticks. Below we will explain the differences between each of them so you can decide for yourself, which are right for you.

    The truth of the matter is that they are all extremely similar, but since we are frequently asked the question, here are the answers!


    Fan-ta-sticks thundersticksThese are our personal favorites for thundersticks. We sell this brand the most, because they are domestically printed in the USA and they can be shipped in about 1 week with the option of a 2-day rush, if necessary. The product itself is made in China, but inventory is stocked in the U.S. and printed on demand to fulfill orders. The best feature about these thundersticks is that they are re-usable. They have a valve, just like beach balls and pool rafts have, so you can inflate and deflate, as necessary. You can use these over and over again at football games. If your company is buying these thundersticks to giveaway, these are great options, because the recipients will get more use out of them, thus giving your business more marketing exposure. These noisemakers are made of durable vinyl. The size of the thundersticks is 23" x 4". Minimums are as low as 50 pieces are available.


    BamBams thundersticks noisemakersThe name BamBams is simply a brand name of the ever popular noisemakers. They are sized at 23.5" x 4 1/4". They are one-time use products. Once they are filled with air and sealed, you can not add more air. The material is 100% recycled polyethylene. They start out white and can be printed any PMS color you desire. They are produced overseas, so production time options include 9 Week Super Saver, 5 Week Economy, and 3 Week Priority, with the cost increasing as the production time gets shorter. BamBams brand does offer many other options that other brands don't offer such as LED, PomBams, Metallic, and full color printing options. Minimums as low as 100 pieces and are known to be the lowest priced thundersticks on the market. It just takes a little advance planning to get them in time.


    Thunderstix brand noise makersThis is yet another brand name with similar features of BamBams and Fan-ta-Sticks, except, they are made in the USA. These noise makers are 24" x 4 1/4". Smaller quantities are screen printed while larger quantities of 2500 or more are printed with flexographic printing. Normal production time is only 2 weeks with abilities to do some crazy rush options when needed! The lower quantities that are screen printed have 14 standard imprint colors, while the larger flexographic printed ThunderStix can be matched to most PMS colors. These are also one-time use products, so once inflated, they will slowly start to lose air after a few hours of use, with no good way of adding more air. If you are interested in these USA made ThunderStix, give us a call for pricing.

    Check out all of our great thundersticks here. If you need help choosing the best option for your school, please call one of our school spirit items experts!

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  • What is the Top Selling Football Spirit Item?

    Every year millions of dollars are spent buying football spirit items to promote teams and schools. Items such as stadium seat cushions, pom poms, sports balls, stadium noisemakers, stadium cups, and much more are printed and bought with the school or team mascot and oftentimes business sponsor information. The majority of these are used for fundraisers for the team or various organizations within the school. Each year at the beginning of high school football, we get the same question, and that is:

    What is the top selling football spirit item?

    Vinyl Mini Footballs Vinyl mini footballs are softer than plastic footballs and are a great choice to throw into a crowd.

    Mini footballs. Maybe not by dollar amount, but by quantity, they are the most frequently purchase item for the football season. It is unlikely that you have been to a football game in the last decade without seeing the miniature footballs flying around the stadium. They are commonly thrown into the crowd by cheerleaders during halftime or timeouts and sometimes after big scores.

    It is very easy to get businesses around your town to sponsor a certain amount in exchange for having their logo printed on the footballs and thrown into the crowd. The cost of the sponsorship is set based upon the number of footballs you are offering the local businesses, plus typically a little bit extra to raise money for your organization.

    Mini Football Options

    Promotional Mini FootballsPlastic Mini Footballs - This is the least expensive option which is one of the pros of buying this type of miniature football. If budget is tight, these are the footballs for you. However, with selecting the lowest priced items, there are a few downsides such as a smaller imprint area than the choices below, smaller in overall size, and a harder material that can hurt if someone is hit in the face with these balls. These footballs are a blow molded plastic and the ends can be a bit hard, especially if your face gets in the way of a throw!

    Vinyl Mini FootballsVinyl Mini Footballs - These are the fan favorites and a more popular option for most teams. These footballs are made of a very soft, vinyl material. If these are thrown into the stadium crowd, there is no fear of hurting anyone. They are air-filled and air can be added through the valve when necessary. They have a slightly larger imprint area than the plastic footballs. You can't go wrong with this choice! They come in many popular school colors and you can buy them with or without stripes.

    Foam Mini FootballsFoam Mini Footballs - These are a Nerf-like foam with a higher price point than the plastic or vinyl balls. They are not the typical footballs that are thrown out by the cheerleaders; however, if your business decided to throw these out during a game, you can bet your company would be much more memorable. Because they have more weight than the other mini footballs, they are great to throw around with a friend.

    Other footballs that can classified in the "mini" category include stress relievers and key chain sized footballs; however, those are not commonly thrown out into the stadium at football games. The options above are much more common for using for local business sponsorships.

    For other school spirit items, be sure and contact us. We offer a wide array of products that are great for fundraising for your school or booster club! We are experts in helping booster clubs choose the right products for your budget.

  • Thrifty Thursday - Football Promotional Items

    Thrifty Thursday - Low Price Football Promotional Items

    We created Thrifty Thursday for those on a tight budget. Each Thursday, we recommend great promos for those on a shoestring budget. We believe in using current holidays, events, and seasons to help market your business. Since we are at the start of the football, giving away football promotional items makes perfect sense. There is a lot of excitement right now from football fans about their favorite team's potential in the upcoming year, so it's great to harness that energy to promote your business.

    If you want to give away a football-related promo item, these football shaped stress balls are a great choice with excellent pricing. They are only $0.99 and less, depending on the quantity ordered.

    Football Stress Balls

    Football Stress Balls - Low Priced Football Spirit Items

    Football Stress Ball Features 

    • Fast, 5 day normal production time
    • 3 business day rush production available
    • Choose from brown with white laces, blue, or red football colors
    • 3 1/2" length around arc of football
    • 1 3/8" W x 15/16" H imprint area
    • Only 250 piece minimum.
    • Pad printed with your company logo

    Suggested Thrifty Thursday Matchbook Options

    Plastic Megaphones - Thrifty Thursday Promotional Items for Football Season Megaphones are great football spirit items to get the crowd cheering and they are low cost items at $0.89 & under!
    Football Shaped Hand Fans These football helmet shaped hand fans are great for printing your game schedule and they are priced at $0.82 and lower.
    Stadium Cups - Low Priced Football Spirit Items Stadium cups are always useful at football game concession stands. These 12 oz cups are only $0.62 & under for 250 or more!
  • Football Season and New School Year

    August is well-known for many things, such as extreme heat, the beginning of a new school year, and my favorite, football season!

    College football and high school football both start in August. The football season brings a level of excitement from fans all over the country that can't be reproduced in any other American sport. American football is our equivalent to soccer in other countries.

    The sport of football draws the largest crowds of any sport in the U.S. and this hard-hitting sport brings in millions of dollars for universities and high schools all over the country. A large part of the money from college and high school football is brought in by school spirit items. This swag with the team mascot and team name are great keepsakes for fans of all ages. Additionally, these spirit items are largely responsible for team fundraising, particularly for high school football teams.

    Popular Spirit Items for High School Football Teams

    Foam Fingers

    Foam Fingers

    Over-sized foam hands and foam fingers are great for fans to waive around as they cheer on their team. These come in many different shapes in addition to the #1 foam fingers, such as many different hand symbols, paw shapes to match your mascot, mascot shapes, and many other unique shapes.

    Chances are, no matter what shape you want, we have it already as a stock shape. However, if it turns out that we don't have the shape you want, we can make custom shaped foam hands. Just give us a call to discuss your specifications!

    Stadium Seat Cushions

    Stadium Seat Cushions

    Football stadiums are not known for comfort and that's why stadium seat cushions were invented. Who wants to sit on a hard, metal or wooden bleacher seat, especially if the bench is cold or wet? We certainly don't.

    Stadium cushions are a traditional fundraising spirit item that has a huge imprint area so you can get plenty of sponsorship sales to cover the cost of the cushions and raise money for your team. Choose from vinyl covered foam cushions, fabric-covered cushions, and even cushions in the shape of footballs, helmets, and team mascots. Choose from various cushion thicknesses based on your budget. Of course, the thicker the cushion, the more comfortable the cushion will be!


    Thundersticks Stadium Noise Makers

    These incredibly popular spirit items can create a booming noise by the fans using them in the stands. Thundersticks are simply inflated sticks that are banged together to make a loud noise while cheering. They are roughly two feet long, so there is plenty of space to print your team and mascot logo on each stick.

    Like the stadium cushions, these are also great to get local business sponsors to help defray some of the cost of this team swag. You can choose from domestically printed thundersticks or go with a super saver 9 week production option to save money. Other options include thundersticks with LED lights in them as well as pom pom ends, metallic material, and full color printing.

    Mini Footballs

    Mini Footballs Some of popular game day spirit items that you see at nearly any football game are promotional mini footballs. Not only do you see kids throwing these around the stadium before and during the game, but if you notice, you will see many adults also tossing these balls around.

    Mini footballs come in several common styles. Plastic, soft vinyl, and foam are the most popular types, with plastic and vinyl being the most common due to a lower price point. These footballs are commonly thrown into the crowd by the cheerleaders during timeouts, halftime, and even after big plays. These spirit items are a staple of most football teams!

    Pom Poms

    Promotional Pom Poms

    Promotional pom poms are one of the oldest school spirit items around. These are still a fan favorite and these poms are budget friendly to either give out in mass or sell for your school booster club.

    There are several types of poms to choose from such as the traditional long stick handle, or other options such as the split ring handle, solid handle, Klicker (noise maker) handle, and even mascot shaped handles. Also, you can choose up to four different streamer colors and your desired streamer count of 500, 750, or 1000. The streamer colors come in nearly every school color in the country.


    Plastic Cheerleading Megaphones

    One sure thing that will happen at football stadium is yelling and every football fanatic wants to yell louder than their opponent. Plastic megaphones are perfect to achieve this goal of obnoxious yelling.

    Megaphones can not only be sold in your booster club store, but also in your concession stand. Just buy the optional popcorn cap and sell the megaphone filled with popcorn. Then after they eat their snack, they can use the megaphone for yelling louder.

    Stadium Cups

    Stadium Cups

    If you have a concession stand, stadium cups are a must. Sure, you can use disposable cups to service drinks to the fans; however, many of these throw away cups find their way in the bleachers and require more work cleaning.

    By using plastic stadium cups, you are giving the fans a take home souvenir that is printed with your team name and mascot. You can print the schedule for the entire season on the cups to promote future games. Additionally, you can get local business sponsors and print their logo on the opposite side. By getting sponsors for the cups, your booster club gets the cups for free and you save the expense of buying disposable cups.

    School spirit items are necessary items to promote your team and and to raise money for your sports. The items above only represent the most popular items and don't offer all possibilities. There are many other unique and fun spirit items that you can use for fundraising, increasing fan awareness, and promoting team spirit. If you have questions about what items might be best for your team, feel free to call one of our spirit items experts at 1-800-773-9472.

  • Football Spirit Items Top Sellers for Fundraising

    If you have just taken over the football booster club at your child's school, you are likely well aware of the overwhelming feelings of running a school booster club store. Chances are, the past president didn't bother passing off notes to you explaining where they bought their past football spirit items or even what they bought. Now you are left to basically start all over due to the lack of organization passed on to you.

    In the words of the Avett Brothers song, Ill With Want, "it's evil and it's daunting." There is a high chance that's how you are feeling right now. However, the staff at Perfect Imprints are highly experienced with dealing with school spirit items, and we want to make this process easy for you. Check out these top 6 selling spirit items for the football season.

    Top Selling Football Spirit Items

    1. Mini Footballs

    Plastic Mini Footballs Vinyl Mini FootballsMini footballs are the top selling school spirit items for the football season. Here's how you make money for your team: Sell business sponsorships to your local businesses. You can choose any amount that you want and set an achievable goal. For example, if you are selling sponsorships for $250, you might offer the business logo to be placed on 100 footballs that will be thrown into the crowd at the stadium by the cheerleaders. If the lot of 100 mini footballs cost $200, then you make $50 for each sponsorship that you sell. Of course, don't put the selling burden on yourself. Task each player to sell at least one sponsorship and offer prizes for the top 3 sellers. If you have 40 players on the team and each player sells just one sponsorship, that equals $2000. The more you sell; the more money you raise. In addition, your cheerleaders get to throw out more footballs and keep the crowd excited. Fans LOVE to catch these footballs!

     2. Thundersticks

    Thundersticks - Stadium NoisemakersOne thing is certain to be found at football stadiums and that is noise. Lots of it! Fans love to yell, scream, and vent out their frustrations over bad calls, close calls, and great plays. That is why thundersticks are so popular. These inflatable noisemakers are banged together to make a booming noise to cheer on your favorite team or to possibly get in the heads of your opponents through the deafening noise made by hundreds of pairs of these stadium noisemakers being banged simultaneously.

    These fun spirit items come in several different colors and have a HUGE area for a custom imprint. You can get sponsors to pay for the thundersticks and include their logo on the sticks. The imprint area is large enough that you can also include your school mascot and team name. Then, you can sell them at your booster club store and make 100% profit. These will be big sellers. You can expect to sell these anywhere from $3 to $5. Selling 100 pair of sponsored thundersticks at $5 each is $500 profit. Selling 250 pair is $1250 profit. Not too shabby!

    3. Stadium Seat Cushions

    Stadium Seat Cushions

    Stadium cushions aren't one of those fun school spirit items that fans buy at footballs games, but rather a necessary item for comfort. The hard bleacher seats reek havoc on behinds after several continuous hours of sitting. Rainy nights or cold nights are especially uncomfortable and just about necessitate having a stadium seat cushion.

    These spirit items are among the biggest money makers for football booster clubs. That's because they can sell for $5-$10 each, plus you can sell up to 20 sponsorships that can be printed in business card size on the back of the cushion, while proudly supporting your school mascot on the front of the cushion. To determine the cost of each sponsorship, simply price out the number of cushions you want to buy (and ultimately sell), along with all the associated costs of setup, second side printing, and shipping. Then take that total and divide by the number of sponsorship space you will sell. That gives you the per sponsorship price and it fully pays for the cushions.

    Your next move simply involves selling the cushions at the games, and these are easy to sell, particularly on cold or raining game nights!

    4. Pom Poms

    Promotional Pom Poms with Custom Logo or Team Mascot and Name

    Many of the coordinating sports at schools have set various jurisdictions when it comes to selling spirit items at games. For example, maybe a certain club or organization may be in charge of running the concession stand to raise money for their club, while the football booster club sells certain spirit items such as the stadium seat cushions and thundersticks.

    When it comes to pom poms, the cheerleaders typically have this one wrapped up! Promotional poms are easy to sell at games. Fans will most often cheer louder and more when they get to shake a pom pom. These traditional football spirit items are excellent to raise money as well as team spirit, which are two jobs of a cheerleading squad!

    There are several choices with promotional poms, such as the long rooter handle, solid handle, ring tab handle, or the mascot handle. Overall, they are the same streamers, just varying handles based upon your preference. Depending on the quantity of pom poms ordered, you can get the cost under $1 each and easily sell them for $2-$3. Therefore, you can either double or triple your investment. Want to increase your profits even more? Get a business sponsor to buy the poms through their sponsorship and make 100% profit when selling the pom poms.

    5. Megaphones

    Plastic Megaphones with custom imprint

    These plastic megaphones are not the expensive, over-sized megaphones that the cheerleaders use, but the cheap plastic ones that are made for the fans.

    These spirit items can help your club or team raise money as well as encourage more team spirit from your fans. These megaphones are lightweight and they have a large imprint area for your mascot, and if you choose, a business sponsor logo printed on the opposite side.

    Many of our megaphones can be personalized with your business logo or team mascot for around $1 and you can easily sell these for $2 to $3. These are another easy sell at the stadium. Not only can you sell these in your booster club as a solo item, but you can also sell them at the concession stand (with the optional cap) filled with popcorn. You just charge a premium on the popcorn for those who want theirs served in a megaphone. This is a great opportunity to work in tandem with the group who runs the concession stand. By going in together to buy the megaphones, you can often get them at a cheaper price.

    6. Stadium Cups

    Stadium Cups

    Plastic stadium cups are big sellers at football games, but not by themselves. They sell when they are filled with the favorite soft drink of the fans. Whether that drink be Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, or anything else, they are a necessary item. Sure, your concession stand can serve drinks in throw away cups, but those are expensive and lower your profits. Instead, get a business to sponsor a set of 250 or 500 stadium cups with their logo and contact information on one side and your school and team info on the opposite side. Then you have free cups to serve beverages and give your fans a take home item!

    Choose from many different popular school colors and upgrade from your disposable cups that have been used for years in your concession stand. Additionally, reusable cups like these are much better for our environment than creating tons of waste at each football game.


    One of the most important aspects of fundraising and running a booster club is to make sure you have the rest of your club on board with your ideas. It takes more than one person to keep things running smoothly. Then you have to solicit the help of your team players and encourage each person to step up and make a sale of a sponsorship.

    Don't be afraid to try to new items to sell in your booster club store. Newer items often sell well; however, some of the classic items such as those mentioned above may never die.

    One final pointer to mention is regarding the selling of your school spirit items at your football games. The mistake that many booster clubs make is to just stay in your little booster club sales tent or stand and wait for fans to come to you to buy items. Oftentimes, a large portion of your fan base doesn't even know where your store is located, so they never bother to get up and search for it. Being more mobile and walking around the stadium with some of your items for sale can generate many more sales and make for a much more successful fundraising campaign.

    Perfect Imprints has been specializing in school spirit items since 1999. Please feel to call one of our experts if you have any questions, even if you have no idea where to get started. We are here to help!

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  • BCS National Championship Game 2014

    The day is near. January 6, 2014. The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. No. 1 Florida State will battle No. 2 Auburn for the BCS National Championship. This day will be full of parties, smack talk, office pools, and excitement. This one day will give the fans of the winning team bragging right for entire year. For your college football bowl game parties and events, make sure you have some great giveaways such as mini footballs and other football spirit items.


    Plastic Mini Footballs Vinyl Mini Footballs Foam Mini Footballs
    Plastic Promotional Mini Footballs Vinyl Mini Footballs Foam Mini Footballs
    If you are looking for budget-friendly mini footballs, these are the top choice. These are the most common footballs thrown into a crowd at football games. Our vinyl mini footballs have an athletic valve so you can always deflate or re-inflate the football. These footballs are fan favorite because they are much easier to throw than the plastic footballs. These foam mini footballs are extremely soft, similar to Nerf brand footballs and make great giveaways for football themed events.

    With the upcoming Christmas holidays, it is very important to get your order in early so you will have your mini footballs in time.

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