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  • Eco-Friendly Custom Christmas Ornaments

    We live in a world full of large-scale manufacturing, gas-guzzling vehicles and machinery, electricity-based gadgets, and an ever-growing population. All of this adds up to the production of major pollutants that contaminate the Earth. There are billions of pounds of waste from product packaging and other garbage that fills landfills each year. With the expanding population and the increasing amount of waste and pollution, it is important that individuals and businesses do their part to help reduce waste and encourage recycling when possible.

    One of the most popular corporate giveaways during the Christmas season is custom Christmas ornaments and for those companies interested in supporting recycled products, our line of seeded paper Christmas ornaments are a great option. These unique ornaments are made of an eco-friendly paper with attached seeds and your custom logo is printed on the vellum paper that is on top of the seeded paper. After the Christmas season is over, the ornaments that once decorated the Christmas tree can be planted in soil and grow into beautiful wild flowers or herbs. Check out some of these great shapes available.

    Seeded Paper Christmas Ornaments - StockingChristmas Stocking

    These are shaped like traditional Christmas stockings. These for good for any business wanting to stick with a classic icon of Christmas. One of the legends about the origin of hanging stockings for Christmas was from a story about a poor man who was worried about what would come of his daughters after he died. One day Saint Nicholas was passing through his village and wanted to help the poor man, however, he knew the man would not accept charity. So, during the night he threw three bags of gold through an open window. One of the bags of gold, by chance, landed inside of a stocking, and the Christmas stocking was born. Other versions of the story also exist; however, no evidence of the legend actually exists. Continue reading

  • Christmas is in the Air

    With frigid temperatures across most of the U.S. and even the Sunshine State of Florida, it seems that we have just skipped right past Thanksgiving to the Christmas holidays. Us, Floridians are used to shorts and t-shirt around the Thanksgivings holidays, so these sub-freezing temps are confusing us. Even though we don't want to bypass the Thanksgiving holidays and miss all of the amazing turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie that will served up on Thanksgiving Day, it is important to realize that any Christmas promotional items such as Christmas ornaments, Santa hats, or Christmas stockings need to be ordered well in advance, since most people start decorating their homes, businesses, and trees just after Thanksgiving. Don't wait too late until stock has dwindled down on these great Christmas giveaways!

    Custom Christmas Ornaments

    Customized Christmas OrnamentsOrnaments are the best-selling Christmas giveaways for companies. It is very common for many companies to give out different colors and styles of ornaments each year to help their customers and employees get a collection of ornaments for their Christmas tree. Christmas ornaments are a great way to keep your logo in front of your customers for the entire holiday season. The nicer the ornaments you give out, the more likely they will continue to use the ornaments year after year to trim their tree. With Christmas ornaments, there are many options such as glass, shatterproof, wood, acrylic, metal, and even other more unique options such as seeded paper ornaments. Our suggestion is to mix up your variety each year so you can help your clients start a diverse collection of Christmas ornaments proudly displaying your company logo!

    Santa Hats

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  • Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Hand Sanitizer

    Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens

    As the Winter season sets in, so does cold and flu season. It seems everywhere you go someone is sneezing, blowing their nose, or coughing. Germs are everywhere and that's why the Thrifty Thursday product this week is promotional hand sanitizer. These featured hand sanitizers are pen sized for convenient storage in your purse or bag. These are a great giveaway not only for healthcare related businesses and organizations, but for any business that wants to help combat cold and flu germs. These are great to promote National Influenza Vaccination Week, which is in December.

    Promotional Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens

    Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer Features

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  • Santa Hats to Increase Christmas Spirit

    Custom Santa Hats Custom and bulk Santa hats.

    Santa hats are a great addition for any holiday party to encourage Christmas spirit. There's something about the silly hat that lightens the mood at company parties and relaxes people. Whether you choose to get blank Santa hats or hats with your business logo, the mood improvement is considerably noticeable. However, if you are going to spend the money, why not strengthen your branding by having your company logo embroidered or printed on the hats? Branding the Santa hats is particularly important if you will be giving out the hats to clients.

    Modern day Santa hats aren't just red and white anymore. Now you have Continue reading

  • Our Favorite Custom Christmas Ornaments

    Custom Christmas OrnamentsAs the end of year progresses, many businesses and organizations give away custom Christmas ornaments to their employees, clients, and potential clients as a way to say "thank you" as well as a way to promote their business during the holiday season. This method of marketing is very effective and many of the ornament recipients actually come to expect their Christmas ornaments each year. This is a great scenario to have with your business and that's why we recommend you vary the type of ornament each year. Sometimes it may just be a different color ornament, but sometimes, it might need to be a completely different style. We have many different styles to offer, such as shatterproof balls, crystal ornaments, silver ornaments, seeded paper ornaments, and even custom shaped ornaments. Check out our favorite ones below.

    Our Favorite Holiday Ornaments

    Most Interesting

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  • Promoting Veterans Day

    Veterans Day GiveawaysWhat is Veterans Day and why should we celebrate it? Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 of each year. This day of celebration is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which often is by many Americans. Veterans Day honors all of our past veterans; whereas, Memorial Day is to honor past and active duty military. Therefore, when celebrating Veterans Day, we should focus on honoring those who served in the past, for what the holiday is intended. Don't worry, active duty, your day will come in May. We need to realized the sacrifices that our veterans made for our country, many of whom never saw it as a sacrifice, but rather as a duty to protect our country. As a business owner or marketing directory, you can promote Veterans Day through your business and honor our veterans who have protected our country. When promoting Veterans Day, handing out patriotic promotional items is one of the easiest ways to promote awareness. Of course, another easy and great way to to thank any veterans you come in contact with on that day (or any other day for that matter).

    Here is an amazing display of U.S. citizens honoring a WWII veteran during an 8K run.

    What a great Continue reading

  • Trick or Treating Safety Tips and Statistics

    Halloween Safety Tips and StatisticsHalloween is a fun celebration that is observed by millions of American children (and adults) each year. In fact, according to Forbes, Halloween has become so popular that over $6.9 billion will be spent on Halloween costumes, candy, greeting cards, Halloween promotional items, decorations, trick or treat bags, and other Halloween related products. Because of the popularity of this holiday, it is one that you can't afford for your business to NOT be involved. So why not promote BOTH your company and Halloween trick or treating safety at the same time? Below you will find some general trick or treating safety tips and statistics that you can use for your Halloween marketing and promotions. Additionally, below you will find some Halloween-related promotional items that are great for your Halloween promotions.

    Trick or Treating Safety Tips

    • Wear some kind of reflective clothing or use reflective safety strips to increase your visibility.
    • Carry a flashlight and USE IT!
    • Avoid wearing Halloween masks while trick or treating that impede vision.
    • Make sure that your costumes are flame-retardant or flame-resistant.
    • Avoid trick or treating in dark areas and areas with heavy motor vehicle traffic.
    • Ensure that your children are accompanied by a responsible and trustworthy adult while trick or treating.
    • Inspect all Halloween candy that your children receive before allowing them to eat it.
    • Watch out from small, hard candy that can be a choking hazard for small children.
    • Trick or treat in larger groups to increase your visibility at night.

    Halloween Statistics

    • Consumers in the U.S. spent over $6.9 billion on Halloween last year.
    • Last year, more money was spent on Adult Halloween costumes than on costumes for children: $1.22 billion vs. $1.04 billion.
    • 49% of marketers launch campaigns specifically for Halloween. Don't foolishly be in the 51% who did nothing.
    • 158 million participate in observing and celebrating Halloween.
    • The average consumer celebrating Halloween spends about $75 on costumers, candy, and decorations.
    • $360 million will be spent on Halloween greeting cards.

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  • Giveaway Ideas for Real Estate Agents

    Custom Etched Crystal Vases - Realtor Closing GiftsWith the end of year and the Christmas season right around the corner, it's time for Realtors to think about giveaways for the holidays. However, real estate agents shouldn't just give away gifts to clients at the end of the year, but with each transaction as a thank you gift. Closing gifts are a great way for Realtors to strengthen their bonds with their clients and increase their chances of getting referrals from those happy clients. Rather than giving random gifts such as gift cards, bottles of wine, or other non-personalized gifts, we recommend that you give branded gifts that are useful and appreciated by your clients. Your branded gifts will continue to market for you while gift cards and other types of non-branded gifts will be used up and not retain marketing value for you.

    If you close a $500,000 deal, you don't want to give away a $2 item to say "Thank You." That would be insulting to your client. It is a good idea to have a couple of different valued giveaways based upon the transaction value. For example, larger transactions you can give away an item with a value of $100-$200, while a smaller, $150,000 sale might be worthy of a $50-$75 item. Check out some of the giveaway ideas below.

    Realtor Giveaway Ideas

    1. Crystal Vases - If you want to impress a client, give them crystal. Crystal is much heavier than glass and much higher class. Choose from many different price points and styles. Include a small bouquet of flowers as a closing or housewarming gift and your clients will never forget you - that includes when they hear about friends who need a good Realtor.
    2. Wine Gift Sets - While it's common for Realtors to give away a bottle of wine or champagne as a celebratory closing gift, that bottle of bubbly is quickly gone and forgotten after that night. So why not give not only the bottle of wine or champagne, but also some wine gift sets to include glasses or the corkscrew that is branded with your logo? Then your name will be at the top of their mind every time they pop a bottle.
    3. BBQ Gift Sets - For most men, they can't wait to grill out in their new backyard. That's why a BBQ Gift Set makes a great closing gift. These gifts sets commonly include a spatula, tongs, a fork, skewers, a barbecue brush and a nice storage case.
    4. Kitchen Knife Sets - A large portion of most people's time is spent in the kitchen. Therefore, if you can get useful items in the kitchen of your clients, then they will be continually reminded about your real estate business. Choose from either steak knives or carving knives. If you go with a set with the hardwood block for storage of the knives, your logo will be displayed full-time in the kitchen of your clients.
    5. Bluetooth Speakers - We are in the age of digital music, so it's time to embrace that with your marketing. The majority of music lovers now have their music either physically stored on their phones or they stream music through their phones, so these speakers that connect through Bluetooth technology make great housewarming and closing gifts!

    Your main goals when giving away closing gifts to your clients should be to strengthen your business relationship with your clients. By this act of giving a valuable "thank you" gift, your previous clients will begin to refer their friends to you causing your business to grow exponentially. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, we do recommend keeping at least two different gifts available so you can give out a gift of appropriate value to your clients.

  • Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Glow Sticks for Halloween

    Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Lip Balm

    When it comes to safety  you can't put a price on it, especially when kids are involved. However, when you can promote safety for kids a low price AND promote your company at the same time, that's a win-win-win situation! With Halloween right around the corner, there will be trick or treating, Fall festivals, trunk or treating, Halloween parties, and other Halloween-related events such as haunted houses, haunted forests and corn mazes. These events are a perfect time to giveaway promotional glow sticks. These sticks will glow and help illuminate children (and adults) so they will be easier to see in the dark, promoting a safer environment. For this Thrifty Thursday, check out the premium glow sticks below.

    4 inch Premium Promotional Glow Sticks 4" Premium Promotional Glow Sticks
    6 inch Premium Promotional Glow Sticks 6" Premium Promotional Glow Sticks










    Premium Glow Stick Features 

    • 1 week normal turnaround.
    • Rush production available as quickly as same day!
    • Choose from 9 popular colors.
    • Full wraparound imprint on labels
    • Priced on at only $0.94 and under
    • Choose 4" or 6" size
    • Only 200 piece minimum

    Suggested Thrifty Thursday Matchbook Options

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  • Holiday Shipping Schedule for UPS

    UPS 2014 Shipping Holiday SchuduleThe last quarter of the year is chock-full with holidays, and some of them can cause delays when ordering products and having them shipped to you.

    This is certainly true for promotional products distributors. At Perfect Imprints, we deal with hundreds of factories all over the country on a daily basis and the holiday shipping schedule from UPS becomes critical to meet event dates. We are committed to making sure that you receive your items on time for your event date. Therefore, we do pay close attention to these UPS holidays and the shipping delays that they will cause. These holidays. The holidays that UPS is closed are listed below. It is important to realized that you may need to expedite the shipping method of your promotional items ordered in order to receive them by your in hands dates. Depending on the product that you choose, there may be other less expensive options, such as rush production instead of expedited shipping. On occasion, you may need BOTH rush production and expedited shipping to meet your date.

    A few important notations in the schedule charts below:

    • UPS will offer normal pickup and delivery on the day after Thanksgiving - new for 2014.
    • UPS will be offering Air Deliveries Only on the day after Christmas and on New Year's Eve. That means no UPS Ground or UPS Standard shipments will deliver on these two days.
    • UPS will offer UPS Ground pickup service on December 26.


    UPS Does NOT Ship on These Holidays (Plan for Delays)

    Holiday  Date
     Thanksgiving  November 27, 2014
     Christmas  December 25, 2014
     Day After Christmas*  December 26, 2014
     New Year's Eve**  December 31, 2014
     New Year's Day  January 1, 2015

    * Air Deliveries Only, Ground Pickup is Available, but no Ground deliveries.
    ** Air Deliveries Only. Next Day and 2 Day Pickups Only, No 3 Day Select or Ground Pickup.

    UPS DOES Ship on These Holidays (Normal Delivery)

    Holiday  Date
     Columbus Day  October 13, 2014
     Halloween  October 31, 2014
     Veteran's Day  November 11, 2014
     Hannukah  December 16, 2014
     Christmas Eve  December 24, 2014
     New Year's Eve**  December 25, 2014

    ** Air Deliveries Only. Next Day and 2 Day Pickups Only, No 3 Day Select or Ground Pickup.

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