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  • Left Handers Day is August 13

    Left Handers Day - August 13 - Promotional Items, Facts, IdeasAugust 13 represents a day that is not right. It is a day that is actually left. It is Left Handers Day. This day began as an initiative in 1992 by the Left Handers Club out of the UK and has since spread to an International celebration. Since left-handed people experience a lot of frustration from living in a world dominated by right-handed products, this day is a push to encourage invention and manufacturing more lefty-specific products.

    Check out some of these interesting facts about left-handers.

    Want to know some famous left-handed people?

    Ideas to Celebrate Left-Handers Day

    • Offer sale pricing on products in your store that are specifically made for lefties.
    • Host a left-handed day event in which right-handed participants are challenged to use their left hands to accomplish certain tasks. Award prizes for successful completion of the tasks.
    • Offer a discount on Left Handers Day for those who complete their checkout process using only their left hand.
    • Host trivia contests with left-handed facts and give out prizes to those who can answer a certain percentage correctly.
    • Encourage your customers to post left-handed specific products on your social media accounts and choose winners from those participants and award gift certificates to your store or other prizes.
    • Get creative and have fun with this day. Involve not only left-handed people, but use this day as a time to expose right-handed people to some of the challenges that left handers experience in a right-handed dominated world.
    • Host a left handed party and have a blow up boxing ring with an oversized left-handed boxing glove for matches.
    • Write left-handed for the entire day in honor of lefties.

    Left Handers Day is just another day among many other observances that you can take and use to promote your business, products, and services. Be creative with your marketing and have fun with it. In the end, it will pay off and build your business stronger.

  • New Exclusive Design Vintage Movie Monsters Halloween Bags

    This brand new vintage Halloween bag with a stock design of the classic movie monsters has been released today for sale in our series of brand-new designs. Promote a vintage theme this Halloween with these trick or treat bags featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, and The Mummy. Your custom logo is printed at the bottom of the design. Only 100 piece minimum order! his exclusive design is only available from Perfect Imprints.

    Vintage Halloween Design - Classic Movie Monsters - Dracula Frankenstein Wolfman The Mummy

    Order your vintage Halloween trick or treat bags in plenty of time for Halloween and use them to promote your business for the whole month of October!

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  • New Exclusive Werewolf Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Design

    Yesterday, we released the first of many new and exclusive designs for our stock Halloween trick or treat bags, which can be printed with your custom logo. Today, we released the second design. It is the only werewolf stock design Halloween bag on the market in the promotional products industry. This stock design features a werewolf ripping through the Halloween bag and it says, "Trick or Treat" at the top of the bag. There is a large area at the bottom of bag for your full color custom logo and message in an area 10.5" wide by 2.5" H. Only 100 piece minimum!

    Werewolf Design Custom Halloween Trick or Treat Bags Exclusive Halloween design by Perfect Imprints

    Be watching for more exclusive Halloween bag designs to be released in the coming weeks. If you want to get treat bags with your own custom design, then we can print them for you. Check out our custom design Halloween bags.

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  • Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Exclusive Designs

    Consumers spend billions of dollars on Halloween each year on decorations, candy, marketing, costumes, and Halloween giveaways. With this much money being spent and this much popularity, it would be a shame if your business wasn't leveraging this excitement to promote your own company. The most popular Halloween giveaways of all time are custom Halloween trick or treat bags. This is because millions of kids go trick or treating each year and this celebration is a prime opportunity to market to the parents through gifts given to their children. Additionally, Halloween bags are a necessity for trick or treating.

    Regarding trick or treat bags and stock designs, the same old designs have been circulating in the promotional products industry for twenty years. At Perfect Imprints, we are really in to being different and helping you stand out among your clients. Since Halloween bag giveaways are so popular, it is highly likely that your competitors might be giving away a similarly designed bag,

    To combat this, our graphic designers at Perfect Imprints have been working on a series of exclusive, full color designs for trick or treat bags that are far superior to any of the boring, stock designs on the market. Today, we are releasing the first design in this series. Another great thing about these new, exclusive designs is that your logo and custom message is printed in full color!

    Exclusive Halloween trick or treat bag design from Perfect Imrints Our first release in our exclusive Halloween trick or treat bag designs from Perfect Imprints. Click on the image to check pricing, read more details about the bags, or to buy in time for Halloween!
  • National Flip Flop Day

    National Flip Flop DayHappy National Flip Flop Day!

    This celebration/observance began in 2007 by the U.S. restaurant franchise, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, as a fundraiser for their charity of choice, Camp Sunshine. This non-profit organization provides free-of-charge programs for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

    Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers FREE 24 oz Jetty Punch smoothies to anyone wearing flip flops between 2 pm and 7 pm on National Flip Flop Day, which is celebrated the third Friday in June, each year. The hope for this event is that recipients receiving a FREE smoothie will donate money toward the Camp Sunshine charity. So if you visit today, please be sure to donate!

    This has created a huge buzz around the communities with Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations, which total over 300 locations in 34 states. But, just because they started this observance doesn't mean that your business can't jump on board and use this well-established celebration to boost your business. Especially if you are located in a beach town, you too can offer specials or FREE products or services for your customers supporting the flip flop habit. Maybe your business could even give away custom flip flops printed with your business logo!

    There are hundreds of holidays, observances, and annual celebrations throughout the year, so find some of those days that fit with your business and use them to market your business! But for today, enjoy your free smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe! I know I'll be sipping on mine later today while supporting my flip flops, which is not much different than most days here in Florida, since we love our flip flops!

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  • National Safety Month 2014

    National Safety Month is observed each June and it is a time to bring awareness about virtually any type of safety issues in the workplace, around the home, and everywhere. National Safety Month is spearheaded by the National Safety Council each year and this year they have chosen to focus attention on the following 5 areas of safety:

    • Week 1 - Preventing prescription drug abuse
    • Week 2 - Reducing falls
    • Week 3 - Being aware of your surroundings
    • Week 4 - Putting an end to distracted driving
    • Bonus Week: Summer Safety

    Need ideas for promoting each week of National Safety Week 2014?

    In honor of National Safety Month 2014, below are a few items with special sale pricing through 7/14/14.

    National Safety Month 2014 Promotional Items on Sale Click to enlarge and view the safety promotional items to promote National Safety Month

    For more information about National Safety Month and for free materials, visit the National Safety Council website here.

  • St Patrick's Day History

    St Patrick's Day comes and goes each year on the 17th of March. This celebration has become more a a "party" celebration rather than a day honoring the patron saint from which the holiday was named. How well do you know your St. Patrick's Day history?

    St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated for over 1000 years and has spread to countries all over the world. While it's no secret that the Irish love to get their drink on, this holiday is much more than just a drunk fest. March 17 falls during the Christian season of Lent. The traditional celebration included church in the morning with celebration the rest of the day. The Lenten prohibitions in Ireland were temporarily suspended on this day so the people could celebrate by eating their traditional meals consisting of Irish bacon, cabbage, and, of course some stout!

    So who was St. Patrick? Well, despite many assumptions, he was NOT Irish. It is thought that he was an Englishman who was kidnapped from Britain when he 16 and enslaved in Ireland back in the 400's. He eventually escaped and returned to Ireland some years later with the sole purpose of spreading Christianity to the Irish people and bringing them hope.

    Now that you know a little more about this long-celebrated Irish holiday, enjoy your St. Patrick's Day and take this old Irish blessing:

    St Patrick's Day - Irish Blessing


  • Cold Weather Promo Ideas

    Cold Weather Promotional Items | Winter Promotional Products and Ideas

    With the recent record low temperatures in the South and extreme cold all around the U.S., it makes sense to give away promotional items that are geared for the cold, winter season. When giving out promos, you should always (with a few exceptions) give out a useful product in order to get the most bang for your buck. If they use the product over and over, they will keep your company at the top of your minds each time they use the gift. Below are a 3 great give away ideas for cold weather promotional items:


    Promotional Travel MugsTravel Mugs - These days, people are always on the go and nothing keeps you warm like a hot cup of Joe. Promotional travel mugs are extremely useful items and they will be kept and used for years after you give them away. Tips: Go with a larger size mug so your recipients can fill it with plenty of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and make sure the mugs are double wall insulated to keep the beverages hotter for longer! Also, go with a unique mug design over a plain and boring design. The nicer looking the mug; the more the mug will get used.

    Promotional ChapstickChapstick - Chapstick is a winter staple, especially in areas that have a lot of wind, such as coastal areas. That's why promotional chapstick is a great winter giveaway. These items are cheap in cost, but they are very useful and appreciated gifts. For well below $1 each, you can have a full color custom printed label around the lip balm tubes. There are many flavors to choose from as well as options for SPF 15 or SPF 30. Additional options include unique shaped tubes and leashes for the lip balm tube!

    Promotional Ice ScrapersIce Scrapers - If you live the Northern part of the U.S. or areas with high elevation, ice scrapers are a must-have item for cold mornings. There are many types of promotional ice scrapers to choose with your business logo and contact information printed on them. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly ice scraper under $1, a high quality scraper, or a snow brush, we've got you covered!

    We still have several months of cold weather ahead, so be sure to order your winter promotional products now so you can take advantage of them this winter!

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  • Spring Break Promotional Items

    Spring Break Promotional ItemsAlthough Christmas is still a week away, any good business is always planning 3-6 months ahead of time and thinking about their upcoming big seasons. For many tourist based businesses in a beach town, Spring Break can be a booming time for business. However, if you don't plan ahead, it could be a huge bust. Just a few of the questions you have to ask yourself is, "How am I going to promote my business to get more customers?" and "Once I get those new customers, how am I going to retain them and promote repeat business?" These questions apply to many different businesses including hotels, condos, restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment venues. Below are some ideas for you to promote your business if you are located in a beach town!



    Promotional Mailing - For hotels and condos, do a mail-outs with custom beach balls printed with your logo with a message on the balls that says the beach and their room is waiting for them.

    Raffles and Drawings - For restaurants, start capturing your customers' addresses with raffles and drawings and send them a printed brochure and a coupon with your full menu that is full of mouth-watering dishes.

    Text Messaging - For nightclubs, start a text messaging list to keep your patrons informed about upcoming entertainment, bands, and events.


    Get new customers for Spring Break

    Online marketing is the best bet for marketing to out-of-towners. For hotels and condos, offer incentives for booking such as free passes to your local water park, restaurant gift certificates, and other perks for booking at your establishment. You can work out prearranged deals with the water park or restaurant for these deals and factor that cost into your per night room charge.

    FREE Gifts - For all other businesses, offer a FREE gift for visiting, such as personalized coolers or a Spring Break 2014 T-Shirt or other beach-related giveaways. Make sure the giveaways are worthwhile and not too cheap. You can always put restrictions for obtaining the free gifts such as a minimum purchase amount. Not only will free gifts attract new customers, but those gifts will help them remember your business for future visits.

    Updated Website - Additionally, to attract new customers, make sure you are updating your website frequently and continually adding fresh content. This fresh content will help your site rank better and give potential customers a reason to keep coming back to your site.

    Direct Mail - Regardless of what you have heard, direct mail is not dead. In fact, it is alive and well and a great way to target a specific region. Start with locations that are within a few hours drive from you and send out full color postcards with an exclusive special. On your postcard, you can also promote a free gift or incentive to entice them to book with you or visit your business.



    Custom Beach Balls

    One thing that you want to do is make sure your customers remember your business and a great way to do that is to give them something to take home with them. Think about items they will need and use like sunscreen, beach towels, coolers, and other necessary items for the beach.

    Beach balls are great for mass giveaways since the cost per piece is low. If you just want to get something beachy and budget-friendly in their hands, think about a mini beach ball. If your budget is a little bigger, go with a larger beach ball, such as the 16" size.


    Custom Beach Towels - Promotional Beach TowelFor a more premium giveaway, custom beach towels are great. They are a necessary item for the beach and an item that most people flying into your area don't pack due to space limitations. Beach towels are kept for years and continue to advertise your company logo.

    With beach towels, you can choose from the promo light-weight towels or the heavyweight towels. These are great to sell in gift shops and retail stores and for giveaways for your big spending customers.


    Custom Flip Flops

    Custom flip flops are excellent giveaways for conferences and events that are happening in a beach town. They are also great for retail and gift shops to sell with branding from your local area. These souvenirs can be printed with your town name and your logo and business name.

    Promotional flip flops come in all price ranges. If you are looking for cheap, budget flip flops, you can get them. If you want the premium flip flops, you can also get them. The customization is virtually unlimited, but keep your time frame in mind because the more personalization you get, the longer the production time.


    Custom Lip Balm - Promotional Chapstick

    Tourists often don't realize how quickly they can burn when visiting a beach town because sunblock is not a part of their normal, everyday life. Not only do they forget to use enough sunblock, they often never even think about applying it to their lips. That's why custom lip balm with SPF is a great, inexpensive giveaway! You can give these out in bulk and not break your budget. The labels on the chapstick can be printed in full color to really capture their attention.


    Custom FrisbeesCustom frisbees and flyers are fun giveaways that are cheap and well-received, especially for families with children. These are great for beach resorts and restaurants to give out. Restaurants can event use them as a plate for their kids meals.

    Choose from many different sizes and styles, including mini flyers and foldable flyers.


    Promotional SunscreenThis is a giveaway that is like gold in a beach town. If you are going to the beach, you must have sunblock; however, most tourists don't pack it. They either plan to buy it once they get in the area, or they mistakenly think they don't need it because it is an overcast day and they get badly burned. Why not go ahead and help out your guests by giving away promotional sunscreen bottles with your logo printed on them?

    No matter what item you have, make sure you have some kind of gift for your customers during Spring Break. And remember that the more useful the item, the better impression it will make on them. The idea is to attract new customers and turn those customers into repeat customers. So prepare early and enjoy a busy Spring Break season!

  • Last Minute 24 Hour Rush Custom Christmas Ornaments

    Do you need custom Christmas ornaments in a rush? Maybe you dropped the ball and just forgot to order earlier? Maybe your boss dropped the task in your lap this morning? Maybe you just decided last minute that you want personalized ornaments for your company this Christmas! Whatever the reason, we can still help you! For a VERY limited time, we can still get ornaments for you before Christmas. The 3 popular ornaments below are eligible for 24 HOUR RUSH SERVICE!

    Order Deadline Time 

    • For 24 Hour Rush: Order by 11:00 am CST and your ornaments ship the next business day.
    • For 2 Day Rush: Order by 11:00 am CST and your ornaments ship 2 business days later.
    • For 3 Day Rush: Order by 11:00 am CST and your ornaments 3 business days later.

    Rush Order Costs

    24 Hour Rush: $60
    2 Day Rush: $40
    3 Day Rush: $30

    Each rush order will receive a proof that MUST be approved before your order is scheduled for production. We recommend that you order as early in the day as possible to avoid any delays!

    All three of these Christmas ornaments ship from Illinois, which is a great central location for much of the United States. Below is a shipping chart showing the transit time by UPS Ground shipping; however, we can alway expedite your shipment to meet your in hands date!

    UPS Ground shipping time for rush order ornaments

    Don't wait too long before ordering because time is running out to get these before Christmas. For questions or to place your order, give us a call at 1-800-773-9472.

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