National Dolphin Day April 14
National Dolphin Day, April 14

National Dolphin Day is a day for people to show their love for dolphins. Many people love dolphins, and for many reasons as well. Most people think of dolphins as playful, and love seeing them in aquariums or if they travel out in boats. Unfortunately, dolphins also face many threats. Some fishers will accidentally catch dolphins when they mean to catch fish like tuna. Pollution and oil spills also threaten dolphins. People also pose a threat to dolphins, as some people will catch and kill large groups of dolphins in order to sell their meat as whale meat. Many people have been trying to stop this, but it hasn't been stopped completely.

Dolphins are very unique creatures. There are many interesting things about them that many people might not know. For one, there are 42 species of dolphins, and one is the orca whale. There are also river dolphins that live in fresh water rather than salt water. When dolphins are born, they are born tail first, rather than head first. Dolphins are also very social and do things like hunting and traveling as a group, called a pod. Surprisingly, dolphins don't have a sense of smell. They do, however, have great eyesight.

There are many ways that you can celebrate National Dolphin Day. You can learn more about dolphins, and the dangers that pose a threat to them. Some people might take action in order to help dolphins. Others might visit an aquarium to see dolphins in person. Most people like dolphins, so it would be hard to find someone who wouldn't want to celebrate this holiday. Below are some items that you can use to make National Dolphin Day more festive.

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