Alcohol Awareness Month April - All Month Long
Alcohol Awareness Month is April

April has been designated Alcohol Awareness Month to help increase awareness and education about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol. Excess drinking is responsible for not only millions of accidents such as falls, auto accidents, drowning, and violence, but also many health-related issues such as liver disease, malnutrition, and some types of cancer. A large majority of these accidents and illnesses are preventable. While it does seem to be common sense that too much alcohol is bad, millions of Americans consistently drink excessively and make poor decision and deteriorate their health. During the month of April you can help promote awareness about the dangers and educate people about the real dangers of drinking too much alcohol. There are many things that you or your business can do to spread the word.

Alcohol Awareness Ideas

  • Encourage those that you know that drink excessive amounts of alcohol to set drinking limits and make small changes in their excessive drinking habits.
  • Talk with your kids often about the dangers of drinking too much.
  • Set up educational seminars for the public or for your employees to educate and encourage changes in habits that may exist.
  • Go a little more hardcore and give away alcohol-related promotional items for awareness, such as shot glasses, wine glasses, corkscrews, etc. These items would not be to promote drinking, but as reminders to those who do drink. Reminders can be printed on the items to remind them about setting drinking limits, to not drink and drive, 2 drink limit, and other encouraging messages.

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