Earth Day April 22
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Earth Day is a day to remind people that we must keep the planet clean. Most people realize that polluting is wrong, but many still do it. Earth Day is a time when people are reminded that even the small actions, like leaving your candy wrapper on the ground, is contributing to the Earth's decay. It can be hard, sometimes, to stay 100% eco-friendly, but even simple things like recycling your milk jugs and making sure to not throw trash on the ground can make a big difference. Imagine if everyone were to clean up the environment around them. The planet would be a whole lot cleaner and healthier for people, animals, and plants.

Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin State Senator. He wanted to encourage more people to take the problems with the environment more seriously, as most people didn't think of it as a problem that would affect them. In 1963, Nelson traveled with John F. Kennedy to bring awareness to the environmental problems. Most people, however, still viewed these problems as low-priority. In 1969, Nelson proposed his idea for Earth Day. After chemical waste found its way into the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, which caused it to catch fire, more people were willing to accept the idea of keeping the environment clean than before.

Earth Day can be celebrated in several ways, such as organizing a clean up around your neighborhood or planting trees in parks. The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to educate both yourself and others. Many people bring awareness to others by handing out key chains, notebooks, or small items made from recycled material. Some people even make crafts using old clothing or newspapers. However you decide to celebrate Earth Day, just remember to keep spreading awareness. Below are some items that can be used to promote and bring awareness to Earth Day.

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