National Walking Day First Wednesday of April
National Walking Day - First Wednesday of April - Promotional Items and Ideas

National Walking Day is the first Wednesday of April and used to celebrate how great walking can be. Many people have jobs that revolve around sitting at a desk all day. Then they get home and are too tired to exercise. This can lead to many health problems. National Walking Day is a great way to remind people that exercise isn't that hard to do and can be fun. Not everyone needs to have their own gym equipment, or even have a gym membership. Walking is a fun and easy way to get up and get active. The American Heart Association first started up this holiday in 2006 to get people inspired to add walking to their everyday life. Many people don't realize how important it is for people to stay active, and National Walking Day is a way to remind people of all the benefits they can get out of walking.

One of the major health problems caused by a lack of exercise is heart disease. Half of the men and a third of the women in America run the risk of having heart disease. That is why National Walking Day is so important. Many people say that they are unable to exercise because it's too expensive or it takes too long. Walking is the easiest way to get healthy. It doesn't cost anything but a little time and effort, and walking doesn't have to take hours. You can take a walk that takes twenty minutes or two hours. Either way, it's a cheap and flexible way for people to stay fit.

There are many other ways to achieve the goal of becoming fit, but walking is great for all ages. From children just starting school, to serious athletes, there's no easier way to stay healthy than to go for a walk. That is why National Walking Day is gaining more popularity each year!

Below are some exercise promotional items and ideas so your business or organization can promote National Walking Day!

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