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We offer professional logo design. Don't fall for the $49 or $99 logo design scams. We don't farm out our designs to India or China. We also don't use clipart that will show up in hundreds of other logos around the country. All of our logo designs are 100% completely custom. Any images or drawings are custom drawn specifically for your logo design. Our graphic artists are trained with bachelor's degrees in Graphic Design and are U.S. citizens with a vast knowledge of corporate logos. With that experience and knowledge, we can design logos that work well to portray a positive image for your business.

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Basic Logo Design Package - Great for Small Businesses

Our basic logo design packages are perfect for small businesses. Choose from 3 different concepts and up to 2 revisions.

Bronze Logo Design Package

The bronze logo packages includes an extra logo concept as well as the creativilty of a second graphic designer. Also, a business card card design with your approved logo is included with this package as well as a black/white version of your logo.


If you have ideas about the direction of your logo but don't have the design expertise and capabilities, then just tell us your ideas and we will develop the perfect logo for your business.