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What are thundersticks? Thunder sticks are inflatable spirit items that you bang together to make loud noises to help cheer on your favorite team. We have many different types of thundersticks to choose from including thunderstix, bam bams, re-inflatable thunder sticks, and a one-time use thunderstick. Have your custom mascot imprint on these thunder sticks and bam bams. These thunderstix are great for fundraising for booster clubs and athletic clubs. Choose from many styles and shapes of these stadium noise makers. The loud noises made by banging these inflatable thundersticks together are great motivators for your football team, pep rally, or rally event.

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Custom Thundersticks | Thunder Sticks

FREE Setup! Re-inflatable and re-usable vinyl thundersticks These stadium noisemakers make events come alive when the two sticks are struck together. Great spirit items for fundraising. Fast 1 week production time with 2 Day rush option.

As low as $1.44
BamBams Inflatable Noisemakers - Thundersticks

BamBams thundersticks are the most popular stadium noisemakers year after year. These generate an incredibly loud noise by banging the two thunder sticks together. Fast 3 week production time.

As low as $0.56
BamBams Stadium Noisemakers - Economy 5 Week Production

Bam Bams thunderstick stadium noisemakers with economy 5 week production time. Great spirit items for fundraising and getting the crowd excited for the big football game.

As low as $0.52
BamBams Thunder Sticks Super Save 9 Week Production

BamBams thundersticks with 9 Week Super Saver Production. Save the most money by planning ahead with these popular stadium noisemakers.

As low as $0.23
Light Up Bam Bams Thunderstix

These light up Bam Bams thunderstix have an LED bulb in them and they are unique spirit items for any sporting event. Your custom logo can be printed on these stadium noisemakers for a big impact! Pricing includes our Super Saver 9 Week Production.

As low as $1.26
Light Up Bam Bams - Stadium Noisemakers

Save money on these light-up BamBams with Econcomy 5 Week Production. These great stadium noisemakers make the same loud noise as traditional thundersticks, but they have an added LED bulb that is Red, Blue, Green, and White!

As low as $2.27
Bam Bams that Light Up

Light-Up BamBams thundersticks with Priority 3 week production. These are traditional thundersticks with an LED bulb in them which make them great for concerts and other events that will be dark. LED bulb colors are Red, Blue, Green, and White.

As low as $1.93
BamBams - 45 working days - Inflatable noisemaker in high definition.

These full color Bam Bams are printed in high definition, full color process to boldy show off your design. This option allows you to save the most money with super saver 9 week production.

As low as $0.41
Full Color Bam Bams Thundersticks Stadium Noisemakers

These Bam Bams are very loud stadium noisemakers with a vivid, full color print to proudly display your logo or photograph. Pricing reflects economy 5 week production.

As low as $0.94
BamBams | Thundersticks | Stadium Noisemakers

BamBams Stadium Noisemakers - Priority 3 Week Production Time. Full Color printing with full bleed. Thundersticks are the best selling noisemaker of all time for sporting events!

As low as $0.97
Shiny mylar-like metallic noisemakers.

Metallic Bam Bams thunder sticks with your custom logo. They shiny stadium noisemakers are a crowd favorite at any game and they are great for fundraising! Save money with this Super Saver 9 week production time.

As low as $0.55
Metallic Bam Bams Thundersticks

Shiny, Metallic BamBams thundersticks with priority 3 week production time. Great new look with the same loud boom!

As low as $2.33
Metallic Thundersticks with Economy 5 week production

Metallic Bam Bams thunder sticks made of a mylar-like material - best selling stadium noisemakers of all time. Economy 5 week production time.

As low as $0.99
PomBams with Super Saver 9 Week Production Time

These metallic BamBams have metallic silver pom pom streamers on the top of the thundersticks combing two of the best spirit items ever introduced to the stadium. Save the most money with this Super Saver 9 week production time.

As low as $0.77
PomBams with Economy 5 Week Production Time

Get these great, unique PomBams with economy 5 week production. These are a combination of loud BamBams thundersticks mixed with a pom pom to create a truly unique cheering item. They still make a loud booming noise when the 2 sticks are banged together. Great for fundraising.

As low as $1.42
PomBams with Priority 3 Week Production Time

These unique PomBams are a hybrid between thundersticks and pom poms and are great new spirit item to help the crowd cheer for their favorite team. They are great for fundraising for school booster clubs. Fast priority 3 week production time!

As low as $1.42
BannerBams Noisemaker BamBams with Banner - Economy 5 Week Production

20 working days - It's a banner! It's a noisemaker! It's the greatest thing that happened to sporting events since the air horn! The Inflatable Noisem...

As low as $2.53
BannerBams Noisemaker BamBams with Banner - Priority 3 Week Production

It's a banner! It's a noisemaker! It's the greatest thing that happened to sporting events since the air horn! The Inflatable Noisemaker Banner is a sports fanatic's dream come true! Great for noisemaking as well as being highly visible. Fast 3 week Priority Production.

As low as $1.95
BannerBams - 45 working days - Inflatable noisemakers with attached banner.

BannerBams are a combination of BamBams thundersticks and a banner. You can still bang this sticks together to make noise with the added benefit of a handy banner to cheer on your favorite team. Super saver 9 week production time.

As low as $1.49
HandBams Thundersticks Stadium Noisemakers

Hand inflatable noisemakers were inspired from thundersticks. Just put these HandBams on your hands, squeeze your palm, and release to make a loud noise to cheer on your team! Super Saver 9 week production time.

As low as $0.51
HandBams Noisemakers - Unique School Spirit Items

Hand inflatable noisemakers with Economy 5 week production. To make noise, simply compress hand and open quickly for a noisy and visual impact. The Huge imprint area is great for sponsor logos.

As low as $0.96
HandBams - 10 working days - Hand inflatable noisemakers. Easy, low-cost advertising fun!

HandBams inflatable noisemakers have a huge imprint area which is great for sponsor logos. Great low-cost advertising fun and a unique twist on traditional school spirit items! Fast Priority 3 week production!

As low as $1.02
BamBams - 45 working days - Inflatable light up single noisemaker.

Light-up BamBams singles. Sometimes you just need a light up cheering item without the noise. Buying these as singles allows you to sell just 1 stick that has an LED bulb in it to light up the night.

As low as $0.77
Single Light-Up BamBams Cheering Sticks

20 working days - Inflatable light up single noisemaker. Each one has a LED bulb in it. Just pull the activation tab prior to inflating the BamBams. O...

As low as $0.96
Single Light-Up BamBams Cheering Sticks

Inflatable light-up BamBams sold as singles so they can be used as an LED cheering stick. Custom printed with your sponsor, logo, or mascot. Fast 3 week production time!

As low as $1.01

Custom printed thundersticks are great fundraisers for your booster club to sell. Everyone at a football or basketball game loves to make noise, and there is no better stadium noise maker than a pair of thunder sticks. Choose from virtually any color, including full color design thundersticks.

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