Looking for a way to get people interested in your company?

Do you feel like your brand recognition just isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be?

Perhaps you’ve just opened up a second location, decided to offer a new product or service, or just want a way to say “thank you” to your best customers.

Promotional products — especially custom logo water bottles — are the perfect way to do all of that and much more.

In this post, we’ll fill you in on the promotional power of using custom print water bottles to advertise your business and everything it has to offer.

Then, we’ll fill you in on where you can go to get some of the top branded water bottles in the business.

The Benefits of Branded Water Bottles

Before we speak more about the different ways you can use custom print water bottles to advertise your business, let’s first look into why they’re such effective promotional items in the first place.

To stay healthy and hydrated, the average person needs to drink between 11-15 cups of water every day. For most folks, this can be a serious challenge.

Having a water bottle on hand makes it much easier for them to track their overall water consumption. Plus, promotional items like branded water bottles are a great way to show your customers that you appreciate their business.

Think about how much you’ve enjoyed getting “free gifts” from companies in the past.

But proving you care about your customers is just one benefit of branded bottles.

Promotional items are some of the most cost-effective forms of advertising — at least, as long as you choose functional, genuinely useful items (like water bottles.)

First of all, you’re putting your branding and logo in front of an already-established customer every time they use it. This goes a long way towards making sure they remember your company and buy from you again in the future.

Promotional items also market your brand towards anyone who sees the customer using your water bottle out in public. They might spot your brand name on the side, go home and research your company, and then make a purchase from you.

One singular item, especially if the customer uploads a picture to it on social media, can pack a serious punch. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck in your advertising budget, promotional water bottles are the way to make it happen.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the best ways to market using custom logo water bottles.

Partner with Local Fitness Centers

As more and more people continue to join gyms, you have an even greater place to hand out your promotional products.

After all, there’s nothing more refreshing than a nice bottle of water after an, especially tough workout.

We love the idea of hiring a few people — or asking current team members — to hang out in front of a gym and give branded water bottles to those heading in or out.

It works for almost any kind of company, even if you’re not exactly in the fitness sphere yourself.

Plus, when someone takes a free promotional water bottle from you, they’ll be much more likely to listen to a quick pitch.

Plus, company logo water bottles are also an awesome way for a new gym to generate buzz and celebrate a grand opening. You can even give everyone who signs up their own reusable water bottle with your gym’s logo and name on it.

This will definitely pique the interest of the local market.

To give your customers as much choice as possible, consider buying reusable water bottles in different colors. Then, let your customers pick the shade they like the best.

Create a hashtag and encourage new gym members to pose with their water bottles to spread the word on social media.

Hand out Bottles After a Marathon

If you have trouble finding a local gym that will allow you to hand out branded water bottles to members, don’t worry.

There are still plenty of ways that you can tap into your local fitness community.

Start doing a bit of homework on upcoming marathons, 5ks, and other races and walks in your area.

Invest in some disposable water bottles with your brand’s logo wrapped around the label, and hand them out at the finish line or other points throughout the race.

Trust us when we tell you that runners will remember the company responsible for keeping them hydrated when they needed a push!

You could even have your team members sign up for one of these races. There are tons of hilarious and fun themed races that will have even reluctant runners eager to give it a shot.

Encourage your employees to run in custom logo printed tee-shirts, and have them drink from the branded water bottles.

We love the idea of running for a cause that’s close to your company’s heart. You’ll generate brand buzz and goodwill at the same time.

Hydrate Guests at a Conference

Let’s face it: trade shows and conferences can be incredibly overwhelming.

Between pitching, networking, and trying to learn about companies and the new products they have to offer, it can feel like there’s no time to sit down.

It can also be next to impossible to remember to drink your water.

Especially if you’re presenting at a conference or trade show, make sure your booth has free branded water bottles that attendees can take. This is also an awesome way to generate more foot traffic to your booth.

To make people even happier, you could also have a few snacks on hand at your table.

Remember that other people will also see attendees drinking out of their water bottles throughout the conference or trade show. They’ll likely be curious about the brand that they’ve seen almost everyone carrying around water bottles from.

This is an especially great fit if your product or company is related to health and fitness in any way.

Water bottles are a great way to start a conversation about other ways to stay healthy in addition to drinking water.

Perhaps you’re a supplement company. Maybe you want guests to be able to try mixing your nutrition-packed powder with water right at your trade show table.

Giving them water bottles they can take home afterwards definitely helps keep your name in their heads.

Show off Your Environmentally-Friendly Side

Let’s face it: it’s no secret that the environment is in serious trouble. Much of this comes from the garbage we generate every year.

Things like excessive packaging and using non-recyclable materials create tons of waste every day.

In fact, the average human wastes over four pounds of garbage every single day.

As a company, you know that showing off a commitment to the environment is a great way to improve your reputation. In fact, consumers are often willing to pay higher prices for eco-friendly products.

In some cases, being an environmentally-friendly company might be an enormous part of your overall branding strategy.

Reusable water bottles are an excellent way to show your customers that you’re dedicated to doing everything you can to reduce your environmental impact.

Especially if you’re an eco-conscious brand, handing out these branded water bottles is a great way to start a conversation about conservation.

You can then start talking about how your products are made from recyclable materials, or help people to cut down on their waste.

Create an Infusion

Looking for a way to elevate the experience of drinking out of your branded water bottles?

We love the idea of picking up a few water bottles that also come with an infuser.

This is an awesome way to encourage people to drink more water, and it’s also an awesome spin on a popular promotional product.

This way, the people who get the bottles can put in flavoring packets, fruits and citruses, and power gels to get them through the day.

Anything you can do to improve the taste of water — and make sure people drink enough of it — is always a win-win. You can even include a card with a few infusion recipes inside the bottle when you first give it out.

Include Them in a Swag Bag

Maybe you’ve decided to host a huge dinner for some of your most important customers.

Perhaps you’re throwing a charity event to donate to a local cause that means a lot to you and your employees.

Maybe you’re hosting an in-office event or information session, and want to make sure you get as many leads as possible from the experience.

No matter the reason, everyone always loves getting a swag bag full of free stuff. It’s an awesome way to promote your company. However, deciding what you should put in those swag bags can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Reusable water bottles are the perfect “big ticket item” to include.

You could even create a themed swag back promoting a new product or commemorating the event.

For example, maybe you hosted a company barbecue. You could include a bottle of local hot sauce, a branded cutting board or set of cooking utensils, and then throw in the water bottle.

After all, everyone needs a way to cool down their tongues after eating some seriously spicy hot sauce.

Throw everything into a branded tote bag to complete the swag experience.

Get Personal When It’s Possible

Finally, when you’re picking out the perfect custom printed water bottles for your business, don’t neglect the importance of getting personal.

Earlier in this post, we talked about how much people enjoying being able to pick out the color of the water bottle they like the best.

However, think about how you can take this level of customization to the next level.

Especially if you’re getting branded water bottles for your employees or for your most important customers, print more than just your name and company logo on them.

Personalize the water bottles with the names or initials of team members or your customers. You can even let them pick out a special design/decal they can include on their bottles.

This is an awesome way to show you’re committed to going the extra mile. Plus, it’s just one more way to ensure that these water bottles actually get used.

These water bottles are also a great way to surprise your employees at the end of the year when choosing a corporate gift. You can also hand them out after discussing employee health and wellness initiatives.

Where Can You Get the Best Branded Water Bottles?

We’re sure that this post on the power of branded water bottles have you feeling seriously inspired about your next promotional product.

But remember — in order to have a big impact on your customers, target market, and team members, you need to have high-quality water bottles.

That’s where we come in.

Our enormous section of disposable and reusable custom printed water bottles truly ensures that you’ll be able to get the item that’s the perfect fit for your brand.

We have bottles for cyclists, glass water bottles, and even ultra-trendy swig bottles.

In addition to water bottles, we also have some of the most creative promotional products on the planet. If you love thinking differently, we’re confident that you’ll love shopping with us.

Now is the time to get people talking about your company. We can help get you the promotional products you need to make that happen.

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