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  • Thrifty Thursday - Pom Poms

    Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens

    Football playoffs are coming up soon and big games leading up to the playoffs are happening now, so it's time to cheer on your favorite teams. This Thrifty Thursday, we are featuring these custom pom poms so you can root on your team. These are also great for fundraisers to raise money for your team booster club or school organization. These rooter poms are the most popular promotional pom poms sold for football games!

    Custom Pom Poms - Thrifty Thursday

    We do offer many other styles of promotional poms, includes mascot handle, coupon handle, ring tab handle, Klicker noisemaker handle, solid handle, and several other rooter handle options.

    Rooter Pom Features

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  • Christmas is in the Air

    With frigid temperatures across most of the U.S. and even the Sunshine State of Florida, it seems that we have just skipped right past Thanksgiving to the Christmas holidays. Us, Floridians are used to shorts and t-shirt around the Thanksgivings holidays, so these sub-freezing temps are confusing us. Even though we don't want to bypass the Thanksgiving holidays and miss all of the amazing turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie that will served up on Thanksgiving Day, it is important to realize that any Christmas promotional items such as Christmas ornaments, Santa hats, or Christmas stockings need to be ordered well in advance, since most people start decorating their homes, businesses, and trees just after Thanksgiving. Don't wait too late until stock has dwindled down on these great Christmas giveaways!

    Custom Christmas Ornaments

    Customized Christmas OrnamentsOrnaments are the best-selling Christmas giveaways for companies. It is very common for many companies to give out different colors and styles of ornaments each year to help their customers and employees get a collection of ornaments for their Christmas tree. Christmas ornaments are a great way to keep your logo in front of your customers for the entire holiday season. The nicer the ornaments you give out, the more likely they will continue to use the ornaments year after year to trim their tree. With Christmas ornaments, there are many options such as glass, shatterproof, wood, acrylic, metal, and even other more unique options such as seeded paper ornaments. Our suggestion is to mix up your variety each year so you can help your clients start a diverse collection of Christmas ornaments proudly displaying your company logo!

    Santa Hats

    Custom Santa HatsIf you are holding a Christmas party or event, Santa hats are the perfect item to make your guests more jolly. Nothing breaks the ice like wearing a silly hat. Santa hats are also great to issue out to your employees to wear during the holiday season. This helps them to be easily identified by your customers who are in need of assistance. Whether you are buying Santa hats in bulk without an imprint or customizing them by screen printing or embroidery, we have some great options for your company. We do offer many non-printed Santa hats that are very affordable for Christmas crafts so kids can decorate the hats with craft paint, sequins, and other decorations. Shop our large variety of personalized Santa hats.

    Christmas Stockings

    Custom Christmas StockingsHoliday stockings are one of the traditional Christmas decorations that are hung on the mantle to decorate and prepare for the arrival of Santa. These classic Christmas decorations make great holiday giveaways from your company, especially when you stuff them full of candy or other gifts. While you are doing the stuffing, be sure and stuff it with a coupon to promote the return of your customers to your store for an upcoming sale. When buying bulk Christmas stockings the material choices are most commonly either felt or plush, with felt being more cost-effective and plush being a premium stocking that is much fluffier. Another option is to go with mini stockings, which are great for mass giveaways that are stuffed with a gift card, store coupon, or candy bar. Shop our line of Christmas stockings.

    Christmas Cards

    Custom Company Christmas CardsWhat's a cheap way to get something in front of your customer through the mail? - Yes, I'm talking about snail mail. Company Christmas cards are the answer. Show your clients that you appreciate their loyalty and their business. By doing this simple gesture, you will build loyalty with your clients and they will continue to think of you when they need services or products that your business offers. An idea that makes corporate Christmas cards even more effective is to print a coupon or some kind or discount offer inside the cards as a "thank you" to your customers and promote more sales for your company. These exclusive offers that you print inside the cards will only be available for the clients on your mailing list and will make them feel important and boost your company sales. Shop from many elegant, classic, and unique Christmas card designs that are all custom printed with your custom message.

    Snow Globes

    Promotional Christmas Snow GlobesIf you want a give away Christmas-related promotional items this year that are unique and different than any of your competitors, think about custom printed snow globes. These items combine the traditional look of snow flurries inside a globe along with an insert area for a personal photo. The snow globes have a base that is printed with your company name. You can choose from several different shapes such as a snowman, Christmas tree, bottle, heart, apple, oval globe, or a round globe. By allowing the recipients to personalize the globes with one of their own photos, it helps ensure that this item will be used each Christmas. And the non-Christmas shapes such as the round or heart globes can be used all year! Shop our wide variety of promotional snow globes!

    The Christmas holidays are a make or break time of year for many companies, particularly those in retail, so it is extremely important to market well and stay in front of your competition. Make sure you think about what your typical clients would like and buy your Christmas promotional items accordingly. Your gifts need to be affordable in reference to your clients average spend and not be too cheap so you don't insult them.

  • Trendy Tuesday - Custom iPhone 6 Custom Cases

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with Logo

    Since the September 2014 release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, millions of each of the models have been sold. In fact, even Apple underestimated the popularity and had to adjust production to keep up with the demand. Some sources say that the iPhone 6 Plus will likely make up as much as 60% of the iPhone 6 family sales. Because this is the nations most popular smartphone, the Trendy Tuesday featured products of the week are custom iPhone 6 hard cases that are printed and sold in bulk.

    Custom iPhone 6 Cases in Bulk

    Want to see all of our promotional phone cases?

    iPhone Hard Case Features

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  • Novelty Foam Bricks for Football Rivalry Games

    Fake Foam Bricks with Custom LogoIn college football, November is the time of year that brings long-standing rivalry games and big games that determine the fate of many teams for the playoffs and for bowl game consideration. These rivalry games are often in-state schools such as Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss or Auburn vs. Alabama. Not only is the school pride on the line, but also these games are critical for the teams to get better bowl games and playoff consideration.

    With any game, often a bad call is made during the game or the rival team makes a great play that leaves you wanting to throw something. That's why these fake foam bricks are great promotional items to give away at games. The foam is soft and throwing these bricks will cause no injury.

    Most of the foam bricks are approximately 7 to 7.5 inches long; however, there is an option for a large foam brick which is 9.5 inches long. Other options include foam bricks with 1 hole, 2 holes, 3 holes, or no holes. The foam comes in many different colors; however, when buying any foam products, it's important to know that some of the foam colors will fade or discolor very quickly when exposed to light and open air. These colors that discolor are typically the teal, white and pink colors.

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  • Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Hand Sanitizer

    Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens

    As the Winter season sets in, so does cold and flu season. It seems everywhere you go someone is sneezing, blowing their nose, or coughing. Germs are everywhere and that's why the Thrifty Thursday product this week is promotional hand sanitizer. These featured hand sanitizers are pen sized for convenient storage in your purse or bag. These are a great giveaway not only for healthcare related businesses and organizations, but for any business that wants to help combat cold and flu germs. These are great to promote National Influenza Vaccination Week, which is in December.

    Promotional Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens

    Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer Features

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  • Santa Hats to Increase Christmas Spirit

    Custom Santa Hats Custom and bulk Santa hats.

    Santa hats are a great addition for any holiday party to encourage Christmas spirit. There's something about the silly hat that lightens the mood at company parties and relaxes people. Whether you choose to get blank Santa hats or hats with your business logo, the mood improvement is considerably noticeable. However, if you are going to spend the money, why not strengthen your branding by having your company logo embroidered or printed on the hats? Branding the Santa hats is particularly important if you will be giving out the hats to clients.

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  • Trendy Tuesday - Burlap Koozies

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with LogoKoozies are very popular promotional items that many companies give away. However, your customers only need so many koozies before they get tired of receiving them. Once they get more than a few they begin tossing them in the trash, unless your koozie stands out and is really cool. Our brand new line of burlap koozies featured this Trendy Tuesday are a great choice so your koozies will be different and will be actually saved and used by your customers. These koozies are elegant enough for the most upscale events. These koozies are so stylish that they make serving canned beverages cool again. These are great for parties, weddings, and upscale giveaways.

    Promotional Burlap Koozies - Wedding Gifts

    Want to see other custom koozies? Check out all other styles.

    Burlap Koozie Features

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  • Our Favorite Custom Christmas Ornaments

    Custom Christmas OrnamentsAs the end of year progresses, many businesses and organizations give away custom Christmas ornaments to their employees, clients, and potential clients as a way to say "thank you" as well as a way to promote their business during the holiday season. This method of marketing is very effective and many of the ornament recipients actually come to expect their Christmas ornaments each year. This is a great scenario to have with your business and that's why we recommend you vary the type of ornament each year. Sometimes it may just be a different color ornament, but sometimes, it might need to be a completely different style. We have many different styles to offer, such as shatterproof balls, crystal ornaments, silver ornaments, seeded paper ornaments, and even custom shaped ornaments. Check out our favorite ones below.

    Our Favorite Holiday Ornaments

    Most Interesting

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  • BamBams Thundersticks in a Rush

    With the month of November, many school football teams find themselves doing much better than expected and right in the midst of the playoffs with a real shot for the championship. Once this unexpected success is realized, the panic sets in for the booster club to make sure they have enough spirit items at these additional and unplanned games to keep the fans cheering loudly for their team. Nothing excites fans more than the opportunity to show the other schools that their team is the best, so cheering at these playoff games is louder than ever. Stadium noisemakers such as thundersticks are great cheering items to have available. However, with the short time frame of knowing that your team is in playoff game and the newly scheduled game date, printed thundersticks are often a difficult item to get in time. Below are a few options for BamBams and thundersticks in a rush.

    BLANK BAMBAMS (Same Day Shipping)

    Blank BamBams - Fast Ship

    If you are in an extreme rush (like you need them tomorrow), these are your best option. These BamBams thundersticks are blank solid colors and come in about a dozen popular school colors. If you order these early enough during the day, they can typically ship the same day ordered and be air shipped overnight for delivery the very next day. These noisemakers are meant for use for one-game. Once inflated, they can't be re-inflated for later use. These can also be printed, but a 3 week rush production is the fastest option. If you need them really fast, they have to be blank. The important thing in these game situations is that you have lots of noise in your stadium and sometimes that means sacrificing the custom print and opt for a blank item.

    PRINTED THUNDERSTICKS (3 Day Rush Production Available)

    Thundersticks printed in the USA

    If you want thundersticks with your school logo or mascot, these are your best bet. With rush production, they can be printed in 3 business days and shipped by overnight shipping. These thundersticks are re-usable because they have a valve for air inflation or deflation. These noisemakers come in 8 different colors. If time doesn't permit for printed thundersticks, these can also be purchased BLANK and ship the next business day (or the same day as ordered, if the order is placed early enough in the day).

    Make sure your playoff games are loud to support your team. These cheering items are great to not only encourage the fans to cheer more, but also to help raise more money for your booster club.

  • Thrifty Thursday - Peppermint Lip Balm

    Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens

    With the Winter season here and the Christmas holidays upon us, chapstick becomes more of a necessity to keep our lips healthy and moisturized. The cold winds are brutal on our lips and that's why we want to feature this Peppermint Lip Balm on this Thrifty Thursday. The Peppermint flavor is perfect for Christmas and the pricing is great for any budget.

    Peppermint Flavor Lip Balm for Christmas Giveaways

    Peppermint Lip Balm Features

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