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Marketing and Promotional Products Ideas to Promote Your Business

  • What Else Are You Lowering If You Lower Your Prices Too Low?

    Lowering your pricing too much is like lowering your pantsBeing competitive with your pricing is extremely important in the business world. However, lowering your prices too much can be harmful to not only your bottom line, but also to your customer service.

    In the promotional products industry, pricing discounts are based upon the quantity of products ordered. The more you order, the bigger discount you receive...up to a certain point. Eventually, no matter what the quantity, the price simply can't go any lower. (See the cartoon below).

    This pricing structure is similar to many other industries in which larger volumes merit larger discounts. However, to deliver quality service to your customers, you have to have quality employees. And to have quality employees, you have to pay good wages. Therefore, you need enough margins in your product or service pricing to compensate your hard-working employees who are delivering that stellar customer service.

    Funny Promotional Products CartoonConsumers demand excellent customer service; however, many consumers don't think about the cost involved to sustain quality workers. Therefore, I challenge consumers to weight out the cost of poor service when considering pricing. Choosing uber-low pricing that is too good to be true will likely result in low quality products and poor service.

    At Perfect Imprints, we opt for fair pricing. While our pricing is very competitive, it is not always the lowest and it's certainly not the highest. Our goal is to provide a service that goes far beyond just selling promotional products.

    The value our employees bring to every transaction includes expertise from years of experience in the promotional products industry, professional graphic design, education from college degrees, on-the-job training, continuing education, and a genuine desire to help your marketing campaign to be as successful as possible.

    We aim to personally connect with each of our clients to develop a working relationship built on trust, reliability, and a strong working knowledge about what fuels your business. Try finding that with the bargain priced websites.

    Our commitment to world class customer service has been our top priority since we started the company in 1999. We look forward to helping you succeed in your marketing efforts for years to come.

    We are social, and would love for you to follow us on our various social media sites and participate in our conversation so we can get to know you even better!

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  • The Importance of Product Safety With Promotional Products

    In the same way that retail manufacturers should be concerned with product safety, so should promotional products manufacturers, distributors, and companies who use promos. In past news, there have been countless recalls in the retail & promotional products industry that caused devastating financial blows to all those involved in the transaction. While most of these incidents have been companies that contracted directly with China and other countries, no one is immune. That's why it is so important to take the precautions BEFORE you buy promotional products.

    To limit the chances of product safety issues for the promotional products that your company gives away, it's important to only buy products that have been tested to meet or exceed the regulatory standards that are legally required. However, product safety testing is just one of many components to make sure products are safe.

    The Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) is a non-profit, independent accrediting agency that specifically serves the promotional products industry. They formed in 2008 and to date have certified 34 out of the 4000+ suppliers in the industry.

    QCA is a voluntary program that manufacturers must choose to follow the accreditation process, which is based on 5 major pillars:

    • Product Safety
    • Product Quality
    • Supply Chain Security
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • Social Compliance

    Suppliers that meet these standards can become QCA certified. If you are concerned with product safety, then you should certainly buy promotional products manufactured by QCA-certified suppliers.

    Here's a short video about protecting your brand by buying QCA certified promos.

    This short documentary above shows the necessity of creating and distributing safe, reliable products and maintaining a compliant work environment within the promotional product industry.

    Note: If suppliers are NOT QCA-Certified, that doesn't necessarily mean their products are unsafe. The products that come to the U.S. market should at least meet minimum, legal requirements. If you are unsure, ask for testing results for the promos you want to buy and, of course, only purchase promotional products through reputable and trustworthy companies.

  • Thrifty Thursday - Curved Aluminum Bottle Opener

    Thrifty Thursday - Custom Bottle Openers

    Curved Aluminum Bottle Opener

    Bottle openers are the perfect promotional items for your festivals, giveaways, and for microbreweries. Each bottle opener includes a split ring so it can easily be hooked onto keys or other keyrings. During the hot months of the year, a nice cold beer is often a drink of choice. What better way to advertise your business than to have them open their drink with a custom branded bottle opener?

    Promotional Bottle Openerst

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  • Do You Ride Your Bicycle With Traffic or Against Traffic?

    Bike Safety Promotional ProductsA couple of days ago, I was on a bike ride with my two daughters and son. We were on the right side of the road riding with the flow of traffic like we normally do. We came upon an elderly man who was walking on the same side as us but against the flow of traffic. He was one of those walkers who carries a big stick around when walking...yeah, you know the type.

    Well, he begins yelling at us to get on the left side of the road against traffic. I politely said, "No sir, we are supposed to ride with the flow of traffic. He began angrily waiving his hiking stick around telling me why I was wrong. I told my kids just to continue what they were doing and ride on.

    During the remainder of our ride, I began questioning Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday - Lycra Phone Wallets

    Trendy Tuesday - Lycra Phone Wallets

    Lycra Promotional Phone Wallets

    Our featured Trendy Tuesday product is a unique promotional phone wallet because it is made out of Lycra material. Lycra is stretchy and soft, which helps it to slip in and out of your pocket easier than the more common silicone phone wallets. These are printed with your custom logo and rush production is available. These are great giveaways since most people don't leave home without their phones. These promos allow people to travel lightly without their full wallet or purse.

    Promotional Lycra Phone Wallets

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  • Ideas for Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

    Buy Halloween Trick or Treat BagsHalloween is one of those really fun "holidays" that many people look forward to each year. Kids look forward to trick or treating. Adults look forward to Halloween parties with their friends. Retail businesses look forward to the huge fourth quarter boost in sales. Consumers spend about $7 Billion on Halloween-related items each year!

    With this much spending, it makes sense that businesses should piggyback on this popular holiday. One of the lowest cost items to use to promote your business for Halloween is trick or treat bags. Below are a few ideas how you can use these Halloween bags to really stand out during the entire month of October. Continue reading

  • A Challenge to the Promotional Products Industry

    Changes & Challenges in the Promotional Products IndustryThe promotional products industry is evolving and changing at an exiting pace. Printing processes are becoming more advanced and more efficient. Popular retail products are becoming available as promotional products much more quickly than past years. Product safety has become extremely important. Promotional product sales topped $20 billion in 2014.

    However, the traditional sales method for selling promotional products is changing significantly. This is Continue reading

  • Thundersticks aren't just for the Stadium


    Football season is near and that means it won't be long until you hear the booming from stadium noisemakers at your local and collegiate football games. Among the most popular noisemakers are thundersticks, the air-filled tubes that you bang together to make a thundering boom!

    Thundersticks may be the world's most popular noisemaker at sports stadiums, however, they are also great for other events for which cheering is encouraged.

    Events such as Continue reading

  • Thrifty Thursday - Insect Repellent and Sunscreen Sprayer

    Thrifty Thursday - Custom Sunscreen / Bug Spray Combo

    Promotional Bug Spray and Sunscreen

    Today's featured Thrifty Thursday product features a mix of insect repellent and 30 SPF sunscreen. The insect repellent is slightly scented to make the aroma more pleasant. The sunscreen is 30 SPF. The repellent is deet-free and both are EPA approved and provide UVA and UVB protection.

    Thrifty Thursday - Custom Bugspray and Sunscreen

    Bug spray / Sunscreen Features

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  • Injuries Need Hot/Cold Packs

    Aqua Pearl Hot Cold Packs with Custom LogoSummer is the time of year when more injuries occur than any other time of year. That's because people are outdoors more frequently and generally more active. The majority of these injuries are minor and consist only of sprains, strains, bumps, and bruises, which make these Aqua Pearl Hot Cold Packs great giveaways.

    These promotional hot/cold packs come in many different shapes and colors. They are made from the same manufacturer that produces the brands seen in CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens, so they are great quality and FDA-approved with the benefit of your logo printed on the hot/cold packs.

    When to Use Hot and Cold Therapy

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