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Marketing and Promotional Products Ideas to Promote Your Business

  • Trendy Tuesday - Coffee Lovers Kit

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Coffee Gift Box with Tumbler, K-cup Coffee pods, and mints.

    Today's Trendy Tuesday Product is this great Coffee Lovers Kit. These are perfect Thank You gifts for your top clients or prospects. This featured coffee gift box includes a stainless steel tumbler, K-Cup compatible coffee pods, and mint tins. All of the items are printed with your full color design. Even the gift box includes a full color decal!

    Trendy  Tuesday - Coffee Lovers Kit

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  • Do You Have Street Cred?

    Do you have street cred?I frequently attend seminars and continuing education sessions to stay current with marketing trends, new products/services, and to further my expertise in marketing.

    I often come across incredible speakers who know their topic and have experience in the topic of discussion. They have street cred! They have been in the trenches. They have done the dirty work and built a great business. They have useful nuggets of information to share!

    Other times, I hear speakers who are not so impressive. While to a newbie, they may seem to know their stuff, it is evident to a veteran that they don't grasp the topic when relating it to real-world application.

    Regardless of your industry, if you attend a seminar, you expect that speaker to have the "right" credentials to be speaking to you. It is highly disappointing and a colossal waste of time for both the attendees and speaker if the speaker has not bee proven to be an expert in your field.

    If you were to speak on a topic TODAY, what would be your topic? What area do you have street cred? What area do you know front to back and side to side? Hopefully, it will be area of business that you focus your company or your selling.

    If you don't have the experience and knowledge, don't pretend that you do. Learn from experts around you. Do your research. Practice. Perfect it. And soon, you will become an expert, too!

    Patrick Black has been in the promotional products industry since 1999. He is the CEO and President of Perfect Imprints, which serves clients nationwide in the field of creative marketing.
  • Thrifty Thursday - Baseball Stress Relievers

    Thrifty Thursday - Custom Logo Baseball Shaped Stress Relievers

    Promotional Baseball Stress Reliever Balls

    With the start of the Major League Baseball season just on the cusp and high school and college baseball already under way, we figured we would feature these low-priced baseball stress balls for Thrifty Thursday. These are fun toys to toss around at each other or to squeeze away the stress of your day. These can be printed with your team mascot and name or they can be printed with company sponsor logos to throw out to the fans!

    Promotional Baseball Stress Reliever Balls for Thrifty Thursday

    Baseball Stress Ball Features

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  • Is Your Company Utilizing the Talents of Your Employees?

    Take advantage of employee talents and don't restrict them to a rigid job descriptionChances are your job has a "job description" with set responsibilities that were created BEFORE you were even hired. It's true that every effort is typically made to hire the best candidate for a given job; however, best isn't always a good fit.

    Maybe you have personally written the job descriptions for your employees. Often times, these descriptions are very limiting and don't take advantage of the individual talents of your employees. The job descriptions can restrict your company from best utilizing the talents of your employees and actually restrict the company growth.

    I know an amazing graphic designer who is working a job as a  Continue reading

  • Trendy Tuesday - Mason Jar Mugs with Straw

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Over the Ear Headphones

    Today's Trendy Tuesday Product are these ever more popular Mason Jar Mugs. These 24 oz. mugs feature a comfy handle as well as a colorful base and a matching straw. The mug has a "sipper style" for hot drinks or a straw for cold drinks. Since the jar is double insulated, it keeps your cold liquids cold and your hot liquids hot.

    Mason Jar Mug with Straw Mason Jar Mug with Straw

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  • Thrifty Thursday - Neon Sunglasses

    Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Neon Sunlasses

    Neon Sunglasses

    Being featured today on Thrifty Thursday are these super cool, stylish sunglasses. Your customers will love these promotional sunglasses! They are easily custom printed with your logo so you can look awesome and advertise for your business at the same time!

    Economy Neon Sunglasses Economy Neon Sunglasses

    Sunglasses Features

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  • Who Cares About "American Owned and Operated"?

    American Owned and OperatedSo about half a block from the worldwide corporate office of Perfect Imprints, is a convenience store. A few of our promotional products consultants and graphic designers occasionally visit the store when we need a caffeine pick-me-up or a sugar rush. (Side note: Perfect Imprints only has one location; I'm just stroking my ego a bit and making myself feel important with the "worldwide corporate office" part).

    This particular convenience store has changed ownership 3 times over the past year. The first 2 owners just couldn't keep a steady stream of customers to buy their gas or overpriced snacks and drinks.

    Then the 3rd owner in the past 12 months came along. He did one simple and low-cost thing that has resulted in a flood of patrons. This brilliant marketing move only cost about $100, but what a difference it made!

    By hanging an inexpensive vinyl banner citing that the store was "AMERICAN OWNED & OPERATED", the new owner has transformed this previously stale business into a money-maker!

    Now, every day that I pass this convenience store while driving to and from work, there is a steady stream of customers gassing their cars and shopping for snacks. Now, it is important to mention that the previous 2 owners who failed to make a go of this business venture were also American citizens, so the only thing that changed is the marketing approach. They marketed to those who want to support "American-owned" businesses.

    So for your business, what is your hook? Is it Made in the USA? Or maybe it's something else. Whatever it is, be proud about it and let people know and don't underestimate the power of properly placed signage!

  • Trendy Tuesday - Over the Ear HeadPhones

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Over the Ear Headphones

    Today's Trendy Tuesday Product are these cool over the ear headphones. These headphones are unique because they can be FULL COLOR CUSTOM PRINTED with your logo. You won't find headphones with your logo on it at Walmart! These products will create amazing brand awareness for your company! Continue reading

  • Why I Love Mondays

    Why I love Mondays!Like clockwork, without a doubt, you can scroll through your social media news feeds and find countless numbers of people complaining about the upcoming Monday.

    It starts on Sunday evenings and continues on through Monday afternoons. Rarely do I see these posts because I quickly unfollow or unsubscribe to anyone who regularly posts negative comments. I choose to surround myself with as many positive attitudes as possible.

    Certainly, the weekends do seem to fly by all too quickly; however, Mondays are great days!

    Mondays are new opportunities to do better than you did the previous week. Mondays are a time to mend mistakes made the previous week. Mondays are a day to layout your business plan for the week. Mondays are a day to set your tasks for the week and plan out how, when, and who will accomplish these tasks.

    These weekly opportunities to improve yourself in both your personal and professional life are what molds your character and work ethic. Looking at your life responsibilities and critiquing your actions weekly will improve your relationships and your business. Your friends, family, customers, and prospects will be drawn to you. Success will follow you!

    If Mondays are not your favorite day of the week, I, hereby, encourage you to step up your game and embrace Mondays. I challenge you to alter your outlook and see these as golden opportunities to elevate your life. Monday, here I come, ready or not! You are responsible for creating your own success!

  • Think Small, Not Big

    Stop thinking so big and think SMALLThis blog title is certainly one that could easily be misinterpreted.

    First of all, let's address a few things to set the record straight.

    YES. I believe you should have a BIG plan. YES. I believe you should have BIG dreams.

    Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's dive into the idea of thinking small...

    It's inevitable that you will have to do business with a BIG company, whether it be B2B or B2C. What you have likely noticed when dealing with these large corporations is the very corporate feeling you get with your transaction. The interaction is sterile.

    These companies are often faceless. There is no Continue reading

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