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Marketing and Promotional Products Ideas to Promote Your Business

  • When Does Basketball Season Start?

    Basketball Spirit ItemsBasketball is an extremely popular sport in the U.S., only second to football.

    Whether you enjoy high school, college, or professional basketball games, plenty of action is guaranteed. Basketball games give crowds plenty of opportunities to yell, scream, and cheer, which can be a great stress reliever.

    During basketball games, you'll see many basketball spirit items such as foam fingers, mini basketballs, or thundersticks. These spirit items are great to promote cheering among the fans and great to raise money for the team or clubs.

    When Does NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Season Begin?

    The 2015-16 season officially kicks off on November 20 at the 2K Classic at Madison Square Gardens. This basketball tournament benefits Wounded Warrior Project. Here's the lineup for 2015 2K Classic:

    Friday, November 20
    Semi-final Doubleheader- 5pm
    Wisconsin vs. Georgetown
    Duke vs. VCU

    Sunday, November 22
    Championship Doubleheader - 1PM

    There are many other early season tournaments that begin the season for many college basketball teams.

    When Does High School Basketball Start?

    The 2015-16 high school basketball season varies by state and school district, but most teams begin in mid-November and play through the end of January or beginning of February.

    When does NBA Basketball Season Begin?

    The 2015-16 basketball season for the NBA began on October 27, 2015. The regular season will continue play through April 13, 2016, followed by the playoffs beginning on April 16, 2016.

    Recommended Basketball Spirit Items

  • Plan Your Promos For The New Year

    Plan Your Promotional Products for the New Year - Here's WhyAs the year winds down, many businesses are focused on finishing the fourth quarter on a strong note. Sales, incentives, and year-end events are already planned and some are already in the works.

    In the midst of the hard fourth quarter push, it's easy to forget about planning for the New Year.

    Successful business owners understand the importance of proper planning to ensure company growth. Setting new goals and reaching them is a critical component of growth. These same business professional also know the incredible power of promotional products to market your business and strengthen your company image with both existing customers and potential customers.

    Planning your Continue reading

  • Strike With Promotional Products When Emotions Are High

    Emotional Promotional ProductsChristmas has become not just a holiday, but a month-long season. Rather than one day near the end of December, it now begins the day after Thanksgiving and extends through New Year's Eve for many people.

    While some don't like the extended Christmas season, many Americans do. If you think about the psychology of behind the holiday and the behavior and feelings this holiday season brings, it makes sense why so many cling to it for so long.

    The Christmas seasons brings feelings of love, hope, generosity, and kindness, which are often scarce during the other 11 months out of the year. Of course people want more of those feelings, so they grasp on to the season and extend it as long as possible.

    The Christmas season is also full of charitable events to help those in need. Many workplaces have a more relaxed environment. People are generally happier.

    This holiday season is full of many types of emotions. Some are sad emotions from people missing loved ones that have passed on, but most are Continue reading

  • The Real Deal With Boss Tumblers

    Promotional Boss TumblersIt seems like someone is always waiting for the Boss to do something. Well in this case, we are still waiting for the Boss, but in this instance, it's the Boss Tumblers.

    These tumblers have become so popular that the factory has not been able to keep up with the demand. These are manufactured structurally like the Yeti Rambler tumblers. However, many people don't know that Yeti products are not available to the promotional products industry, so that means no bulk orders of Yeti products can be personalized with your company logo.

    That's why the popularity of Boss Tumblers has increased so much. These tumblers are the exact same construction; however, the pricing is much better than Yeti.

    We've had hundreds of inquiries about the Boss Tumblers, and it seems each time we call the factory, we are told a new expected date for inventory that keeps getting pushed later and later. The first time we called it was November. Then November turned into December. Now, the new date is "some time in January."

    Here's the scoop about Boss and why we are still waiting on inventory. Continue reading

  • 10 Types of Promotional Products Distributors

    Scooter Scooper - Table Scraper at Trade Shows Pictured is a classic Scooper after a day on the trade show floor. Note the multiple bags of random promotional products that she will most likely never use.

    Within every industry, the level of professionalism varies between between the involved individuals and businesses. As you look specifically at the sales approach, you find many different styles, some good and some not so good. Within the promotional products industry, this is no exception.

    In this light-hearted article, Bill Petrie of Brandivate and I dive into the various types of promotional product distributors. When we put our heads together, our goal was to classify every type of distributor within our great industry. As we thought of friends and colleagues within the industry, we wanted to make sure we didn't leave anyone out.

    Hopefully you find the category in which you best fit. If you don't, ask a co-worker which category he/she feels you fit. You may learn a thing or two that you want to change or, hopefully, you find your reputation precedes you with great quality traits.

    10 Types of Promotional Product Distributors

    Continue reading

  • Protect Your Clients During Flu Season With These Promos

    Flu Prevention Promotional Items - Hand SanitizerThe start date of flu season varies each year; however, it typically peaks in the U.S. between December and February. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone 6 months and older should receive an annual flu vaccine, unless other underlying medical issues are present.

    Those with the highest risk of serious complications from influenza are children younger than 2 years and adults over 65 years of age as well as pregnant women and those with immune system diseases. There were 3,697 known deaths from the Flu in 2013. Only about 50% of children (6 months to 17 years) received the flu vaccine in the past 12 months, For adults, only slightly more than 30% of adults (18 to 49 years) have received the vaccination.

    Since there are so Continue reading

  • With Daylight Savings Time Ending, Nighttime Safety Is Important

    Promotional Products to promote safety when DST ends.Hopefully you didn't find yourself late to church on Sunday morning due to Daylight Savings Time ending at 2:00 a.m. on November 1. This switch back to standard time, gives us less daylight in the evenings. Couple that with the upcoming Winter Solstice and you find it can get dark around 5:00 p.m.

    The subject of Daylight Savings Time (DST) has been a long-time heated debate between many organizations. Some say we should keep the clocks on DST to make it safer in the evenings while most people are active outdoors. Children playing in the neighborhood, walkers, and runners all have more daylight to enjoy the outdoors.

    Can more daylight in the evenings help fight our Nationwide obesity epidemic by promoting more outdoor time during the entire year? Does the extra daylight in the evenings actually save lives due more visibility of pedestrians? These are a few of the questions posed by advocates for year round DST.

    According to a 2004 study Continue reading

  • 5 Promotional Products That ROCK!

    When giving away promotional products, it's important to make a big impact. The bigger impact you make, the more likely the recipients will remember you over your competitors. You can choose to give away the same old promos that your competitors give away, or you can choose giveaways that are different. Standing out is the name of the game.

    You want your promotional products to rock! In this case, I mean literally rock. These rock promotional products are great for certain promotional campaigns.

    Rock Shaped Spare Key HolderRock Spare Key Holder

    These products aren't new by any means; however, they are still very popular products. Occasionally, you find yourself needing a spare key for yourself, your child, or your neighbor and a spare key handy can be a lifesaver! These giveaways come printed with your logo on the plastic key insert. These are excellent giveaways for Realtors and anyone else involved in the real estate industry. Continue reading

  • Drink Like A Boss with Boss Tumblers

    Boss Tumbler printed with your Company LogoWhen looking to buy marketing items, going with current trends is a great way to jump start your marketing campaign. By utilizing the power of trending promotional items, you create an instant excitement for the products you are giving away. These popular trends vary from region to region; however, it's common for a trend to begin on one side of the country and sweep across the country.

    One type of corporate giveaway that has been very popular for many years has been custom tumblers. Tumblers are drinking glasses/cups with a lid and no handle. The most desired tumblers are double-wall insulated to retain the temperature of the drink, hot or cold. Premium tumblers are made of various different types of material, with stainless steel the most popular.

    One of the hottest custom tumblers on the market is the BOSS Tumbler. These trendy drinkware items have become hot commodities with consumers. If you leverage the power and excitement behind a popular brand name product such as the Boss tumbler, your giveaways will be much more effective and resonate more with your clients.

    These Boss tumblers are extremely similar to the Yeti Rambler tumblers; however, you can't get Yeti tumblers printed with your logo. Therefore, the Boss Tumblers are great options for superior logo decorated tumblers.

    You can drink like a boss with these high quality 30 oz. Boss Tumblers. Additionally, Boss tumblers come in several different colors and are all made of stainless steel, including Silver, Rose Gold, Black, Blue, and Red. If you want a smaller version, there is also a 20 oz. version called the Little Boss.

    Check out all the Custom Logo Boss Tumblers  Continue reading

  • Get to the Heart of Your Clients with These Promotional Products

    Promotional Kitchen ItemsAbout two decades ago, a woman stole my heart on our first date. She was smart, compassionate, and beautiful. She also cooked an amazing meal for me; it was then she captured my heart. Actually, the food was just icing on the cake that sealed the deal. Did I mention she also made cake?

    Food is at the center of so many great times. Romantic dinners. Family reunions. Celebrations. Christmas parties. And much more.

    Food is the substance of Continue reading

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