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  • Thrifty Thursday - Low Priced Custom Christmas Ornaments

    Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

    It's no secret that fourth quarter sales for most retail stores is critical for the success of the bottom line for that fiscal year. That's why the Christmas season is a make or break time of year for sales. It is extremely important to plan out your sales, promotions, and marketing well in advance of December. Some of the very common types marketing items for the Christmas season include custom Christmas ornaments that are given away to customers and potential customers. This Thrifty Thursday, our featured items are these low-priced custom Christmas ornaments that are shaped like a snowflake and have a place to insert a personal photo.

    Snowflake Custom Christmas Ornaments with Photo Insert

    Here are some other great, low priced Christmas ornaments that are also great for promoting your business during the Christmas season!

    Snowflake Photo Ornament Features 

    • Fast 2-3 day turnaround.
    • Rush production available as quickly as 24 hours
    • Overall size of 4 3/4" x 5 1/2" W
    • 2 1/4" insert area for your personal photo
    • 2" diameter imprint on front of photo window
    • Priced on at $1.03 and under
    • Only 200 piece minimum

    Suggested Thrifty Thursday Matchbook Options

    Christmas Tree Shaped Seed Paper Ornaments Christmas Tree Seeded Paper Christmas Ornaments
    Dove Seed Paper Ornaments Dove Shaped Seed Paper Christmas Ornaments
    Flat Shatterproof Custom Christmas Ornaments Flat Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments
    Star/Snowflake Shaped Seeded Paper Ornaments Star/Snowflake Seed Paper Ornaments


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  • Halloween Way Back Then

    Vintage Halloween - How it used to be compared to modern dayHow many of you can remember what it was like when you were growing up and you went out to Trick or Treat on Halloween?  Things have certainly changed over the years, at least by my recollection.  I remember growing up in St. Louis, throwing some sort of costume together as an excuse to get out of the house as soon after dark as possible, and meeting up with my friends to scour the neighborhood for this year’s stash of candy and treats.  With any luck, this treasure trove would last us until Christmas – certainly until Thanksgiving.

    Parents breathed a sigh of relief that we were out of the house for at least a couple of hours.  What a bummer when you went to a house where the adults insisted on inviting you in so you could perform your “tricks” before they would give you any treats.  “Wait a minute!” you were thinking.  “This is all backwards – you people should be giving me treats so I will NOT pull any pranks, like soaping your windows or kicking over your jack-o’lanterns!”

    Besides, they were wasting our precious TIME.  You couldn’t spend more than a minute holding open your brown paper shopping sack from Famous-Barr department store at each doorstep if you hoped to cover all 150 houses in the subdivision before curfew.  This was all before cell phones, and I certainly didn’t have a wristwatch, but we all somehow knew about how late it was getting, and when to be home.  One clue was when the streets started to empty about 9:00 pm, it was time to head home.

    If we were really ambitious, we would plan our route so it would loop back by home about halfway, so we could empty the first load of our stash before lighting out again at double-time pace.  Do you remember getting the home-made treats?  Nobody wanted yet another Rice Krispies ball or cookies that would promptly turn to greasy crumbs coating everything in the bag.  There was no telling what was in the hand-twisted, wax-paper-wrapped wad of whatever, but it was sure to pale by comparison to a York Peppermint Patty or a Milky Way. And forget about hitting the houses that were giving out healthy stuff like apples or oranges – are you kidding?  We were out for the good stuff, and we compared notes to get it.  The dentist’s house was avoided at all costs because all he ever gave out was pennies and toothbrushes.  Who can forget finding out about the old lady on the corner who was giving out WHOLE HERSHEY BARS?!  We made sure every kid knew to hit that one – more than once, if we thought we could get away with it.  Even though we had reinforced the handles on our paper sacks, inevitably someone would have a blowout, and then it was free-for-all time.  No honor among thieves for us.

    Speaking of thieves, the inevitable gang of older kids would try to intercept little ones and swipe their goodies.  We would alter our route, or travel in packs to foil them. The only constraints that limited the number of rampaging teens on the street were the disdainful looks they got if they tried to innocently go up to one of the doors and ask for candy.  There was an unwritten cutoff age of about 12 or so, where no one condoned Trick-or-Treating for anyone not obviously in the pre-teen years.  It was back in the day when kids could actually be shamed into a modicum of good behavior by any adult with just a strong disapproving look.  I remember being asked just once, “Aren’t you a little old to be Trick-or-Treating?”  That was enough for me.

    Popular Candy Giveaways from Halloween Years Ago

    So where are the memories being made today for this generation, this October?  Parents of young children, even newborns, feel an obligation to escort their children around the neighborhood, or to just a few friends’ houses where the ritual can continue.  Sometimes their own neighborhoods are considered so unsafe that they cart their kids to “safe” suburban developments or gated communities, and pick them up at the end of the next block.

    What used to be an innocent excuse for kids to dress up like goblins and witches and scare each other has become something to be actively avoided.  Some Christian churches have recently tried to “cleanse” the holiday of any potential connection with Satanists by holding it on some other day than October 31, and they have tried to make it “safer” by holding it on church grounds in broad daylight, holding “Trunk-or-Treat” parties with clowns, slides, and games.  Witches, brooms, black cats, ghosts and goblins are noticeably absent.  All the goodies are safely dispensed from open car trunks, each candy piece thoroughly wrapped and inspected, lest there be hazards lurking among them.  A sign of the times is that hospitals offer their x-ray machines to worried parents so the goodies can be scanned for foreign objects.  Another sign of the times is the way that adults have seemed to take over Halloween.  Who has not stepped into their favorite bank to find all the tellers in ghoulish costumes?  Maybe these folks didn’t get the holiday out of their systems when they were little.

    Whatever the motivation, Halloween presents an opportunity for young and old to have fun, just in different ways than in the past.  For example, today’s hugely popular Haunted Houses present an opportunity to raise money and awareness for different causes, and can be appropriate for even the youngest children when properly set up.  If people didn’t like to be scared and a little out of control, where would horror movies be?

    There are opportunities during this Halloween to promote your business, getting into the spirit of the holiday while consistently burnishing your corporate image.  Besides the obvious Trick-or-Treat bags, custom imprinted with your business information, here are some other marketing ideas you might consider:

    1. Chattering teeth.  These can be wind-up operated, and make great promotional giveaways for dentists and orthodontists when imprinted with company info.
    2. Glow in the dark stickers and glow sticks. Self-stick highlights can be put on any costume, making it easy to spot after dark.  Sticks can be carried to enhance visibility at night.
    3. Halloween Stress Balls. These can be excellent for handouts in your business, and will be a hit with the adults as well as kids.
    4. Novelty ears, lips, and teeth. By supplying just one item for a costume, you make an impression, and get customers’ creative juices going.  Each one would be imprinted with your information.
    5. Solar-powered animated figures. These are attention-getting and put your business info on display in a variety of locations.
    6. Banners, feather flags, motion signage. All of these can be tailored to a Halloween theme, getting your customers and employees into the spirit of Halloween.
    7. Logo-imprinted candy. Let your customers know how much you appreciate their business by giving them some custom-wrapped Trick-or-Treat candy to take with them at checkout.  For sales calls, M&M candies imprinted with your message or theme make great conversation starters and “thank yous.”

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  • Trendy Tuesday - Drawstring Bags with Style

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Wine Glass TumblersOn Trendy Tuesday, we like to introduce items that are hot and becoming very popular. Drawstring bags on their own have been very popular over the past few years. However, don't you get tired of the same old bag colors? Well, now you have tons of trending, new patterns and color combinations from which to choose. With the drawstring bag below, there is a pattern for everyone.

    These bags are great for schools, sports teams, and other recreational activities that require the participants to bring a change of clothing, a water bottle, or other items.

    Designer Drawstring Bags

    Designer Pattern Promotional Drawstring Bags Choose from 27 trendy patterns. Click the image to see all of them!


    Bag Features

    • Includes 1 color custom logo imprint on front of bags
    • Choose from 27 great patterns and color combinations
    • Double drawstring closure
    • Made of 210D polyester
    • Large 9" W x 9" H imprint area for your logo
    • Option for full color logo imprint
    • Fast 6 day normal production
    • Up to 24 hour production available
    • Exclusive patterns only available here

    Trending Promotional Items - Wine Tumblers

    Designer Drawstring Backpacks Designer Patterns Drawstring Bags
    Reflective Neon Color Drawstring Bags Reflective Drawstring Backpacks
    Digital Camouflage Drawstring Bags Digital Camouflage Drawstring Bags
    Animal Shaped Drawstring Backpacks Animal Shaped Drawstring Backpacks







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  • Have Some Balls This Christmas

    Are they big? As in big, I mean jumbo. Maybe they are normal sized. Possibly they are flat, which is a newer variety over the past few years. They very likely could be fragile like glass! Whatever type you get, just make sure you have them. However, balls of steel or brass don't work well for this purpose.

    Christmas Ornament Balls Classic Christmas Ball Ornaments

    The types of balls I'm talking about, of course, are the classic and ever-traditional Christmas ball ornaments. They have been around for decades and most everyone garnish their trees with at least one or two. They come in several different sizes and materials, such as standard size or jumbo, and glass or shatterproof.

    It's a great practice to give out gifts around the Christmas holidays to your clients and company Christmas ornaments are a great choice. By gifting, it subconsciously helps deepen the rapport between your company and that client. They will have a deeper feeling of loyalty toward your business the next time they need your services. When giving out custom Christmas ornaments, it is a good idea to change up the ornament colors and imprints each year. Below are a few ideas to vary from year to year so your recipients will create a worthy collection to display on their Christmas trees.

    Ideas to Help Your Clients Create an Ornament Collection

    • Give away a new ornament color each year.
    • Print a different Bible verse or holiday saying on the ornaments each year.
    • Vary the type of ornament that you give each year.
    • Think about doing custom shaped Christmas ornaments to compliment your logo or product line.

    Once you begin giving away these collectors items, they will become something that your clients expect each year, which is a great thing. That means they are keeping your company at the top of their mind! Below are a few of the top selling ornaments for Christmas.

    USA-Made Christmas Ornament Balls Christmas Ornament Balls - Made in the USA
    Sun Catcher Christmas Ornaments Acrylic Sun Catchers - Budget Friendly!
    Flat, Round Shatterproof Christmas Ornament Flat Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments









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  • Creepy Staring Eyes Halloween Bags - Exclusive Design

    Have you ever felt like someone or something was staring at you? With this creepy new Halloween bag design, there are three sets of eyes staring back at you! This fun design has an area at the bottom of the  bag to print your full color logo. This Halloween, try out some new and unique treat bag designs to give out from your business. Only 100 bag minimum order!

    Halloween Trick or Treat Bag with Creepy Staring Eyes

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  • Give the Gift of Leatherman for your Outdoorsman Clients

    A pocketknife is a must for anyone who spends a fair amount of time outdoors. However, for a serious outdoorsman, a great multi-tool is a must! But don't settle for just any multi-tool, go for the best name in the industry - Leatherman. No other brand or off-brand can come close to the quality and dependability of Leatherman brand tools. If you are looking for a great premium promotional giveaway for your outdoorsman clients, Leatherman tools are a great choice.

    Leatherman multi-tools range from 10 handy tools all the way up to 19 tools! Below are a few of the most popular Leatherman tools that can all be engraved with your custom logo or business name.

    Leather Micra Multi-Tool Laser Engraved with Your Logo 10 useful tools. $42.99 and less.
    Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool with Laser Engraving Leatherman Wingman - 14 great tools. $62.99 and less.


    Leatherman Freestyle Multi-Tool Premium Giveaways Leatherman Freestyle - 5 amazing tools, such as the pliers and premium knife blade.
    Leatherman Juice C2 Multi-Tools Leatherman  Juice C2 - 12 tools total! $84.99 and less.
    Leatherman Super Tool 300 - 19 Tools in 1 Leatherman Super Tool 300 - 19 tools in one. $110.99 and less.

    No matter which Leatherman you choose, you can be sure that this brand-name giveaway will be a hit. The quality of this brand has withstood the test of time and is the first choice for any outdoorsman looking for a mulit-tool. You can give these premium giveaways to your clients and know that they will be kept for many years and continue to keep your company at the top of the mind of your clients.

  • Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Trick or Treat Bags

    Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

    On this Thrifty Thursday, we want to let you know about about really cheap way to promote your business during the month of October. With Halloween right around the corner, these cheap trick or treat bags with your logo printed are great products that all trick or treaters need as well as budget-friendly pricing that any business can afford. These featured Halloween bags are priced at just $0.56 each and less with only a 250 piece minimum.

    Cheap Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

    Here are some other great, low priced Halloween bags!

    Halloween Bag Features 

    • Fast 5-7 day turnaround.
    • Rush production available as quickly as the same day.
    • Eco-Friendly material
    • 100% recyclable
    • HUGE imprint area on the back side of the bags - 6" x 6"
    • FREE setup to print your logo
    • Safety tips included below the design
    • Only 250 bag minimum order
    • Great looking black, soft loop handle with orange bag

    Suggested Thrifty Thursday Matchbook Options

    Halloween Photo FrameHalloween Coloring BooksHalloween Bookmarks






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  • Thundersticks vs BamBams vs ThunderStix - What's the Difference?

    We often are asked the question about the differences between the various stadium noise makers generally known as thunder sticks. Below we will explain the differences between each of them so you can decide for yourself, which are right for you.

    The truth of the matter is that they are all extremely similar, but since we are frequently asked the question, here are the answers!


    Fan-ta-sticks thundersticksThese are our personal favorites for thundersticks. We sell this brand the most, because they are domestically printed in the USA and they can be shipped in about 1 week with the option of a 2-day rush, if necessary. The product itself is made in China, but inventory is stocked in the U.S. and printed on demand to fulfill orders. The best feature about these thundersticks is that they are re-usable. They have a valve, just like beach balls and pool rafts have, so you can inflate and deflate, as necessary. You can use these over and over again at football games. If your company is buying these thundersticks to giveaway, these are great options, because the recipients will get more use out of them, thus giving your business more marketing exposure. These noisemakers are made of durable vinyl. The size of the thundersticks is 23" x 4". Minimums are as low as 50 pieces are available.


    BamBams thundersticks noisemakersThe name BamBams is simply a brand name of the ever popular noisemakers. They are sized at 23.5" x 4 1/4". They are one-time use products. Once they are filled with air and sealed, you can not add more air. The material is 100% recycled polyethylene. They start out white and can be printed any PMS color you desire. They are produced overseas, so production time options include 9 Week Super Saver, 5 Week Economy, and 3 Week Priority, with the cost increasing as the production time gets shorter. BamBams brand does offer many other options that other brands don't offer such as LED, PomBams, Metallic, and full color printing options. Minimums as low as 100 pieces and are known to be the lowest priced thundersticks on the market. It just takes a little advance planning to get them in time.


    Thunderstix brand noise makersThis is yet another brand name with similar features of BamBams and Fan-ta-Sticks, except, they are made in the USA. These noise makers are 24" x 4 1/4". Smaller quantities are screen printed while larger quantities of 2500 or more are printed with flexographic printing. Normal production time is only 2 weeks with abilities to do some crazy rush options when needed! The lower quantities that are screen printed have 14 standard imprint colors, while the larger flexographic printed ThunderStix can be matched to most PMS colors. These are also one-time use products, so once inflated, they will slowly start to lose air after a few hours of use, with no good way of adding more air. If you are interested in these USA made ThunderStix, give us a call for pricing.

    Check out all of our great thundersticks here. If you need help choosing the best option for your school, please call one of our school spirit items experts!

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  • Trendy Tuesday - Wine Glass Tumblers

    Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Wine Glass Tumblers For this Trendy Tuesday, you will love these hot items that will keep you wine cold. The wine industry has grown huge over the past few decades and seems to be growing each year. Wine is becoming a staple at any adult hangout, whether it be a bar or a party. It's hard to go wrong when giving away wine-related promotional items and this one will not lead you astray. This item has become vastly popular and continues to grow in popularity.

    Wine Glass Tumblers

    Promotional Wine Glass Tumblers

    Wine Tumbler Features

    • Includes 1 color custom logo imprint on one side of tumbler
    • Choose from 5 great colors - Aqua, Blue, Clear, Fuchsia, and Red
    • Double wall tumbler
    • Made of durable and safe Styrene Acrylonitrile (AS)
    • BPA-free
    • Holds 8 oz
    • Includes lid to prevent spills
    • Keeps your wine cold
    • Only 5 day standard production
    • FREE 24 hour rush production, if needed
    • Great for wine-related events and outdoor event where wine is served

    Trending Promotional Items - Wine Tumblers

    10 oz promotional wine tumblers 10 oz Wine Tumblers
    12 oz promotional wine glass tumblers 12 oz Wine Glass Tumblers
    Full Color printed wine tumblers 12 oz Wine Tumblers
  • Custom Santa Hats for Your Christmas Party

    Bulk Santa Hats - Blank and Custom Printed

    Santa Claus is one of the many traditional icons of the Christmas season, so it stands to reason that Santa can lighten the mood during your Christmas holiday parties. Since you can't have the real Santa Claus at your party, go for the next best option which would be many people wearing Santa hats.

    It's amazing how wearing a silly Santa hat can liven up a party so much and spread the Christmas joy that so many people love. That excitement and Christmas spirit is why Christmas is the favorite holiday among most Americans (also because of the great food and time off work that happens around Christmas).

    Below are some great Santa Hats for your Christmas party. Go traditional or be bold and go off the beaten path and get a unique color or design for your Santa hats.

    Custom Santa Hats

    Custom Premium Plush Santa Hats If budget isn't your concern and you want premium Christmas giveaways, these plush Santa hats are the top choice. They come in 5 popular colors: red, blue, purple, green, and pink. Your logo is embroidered on the front of the plush, white trim.
    Custom Felt Santa Hats These Custom Felt Santa Hats are priced right for any budget and come in 4 great colors of Red, Pink, Blue, Green with a white trim. Your 1 color imprint is printed on the front of the white trim. These promotional hats are made to buy in bulk and give out in mass to promote your company during the Christmas season and promote Christmas spirit!

    Blank Santa Hats

    Maybe you don't need your Santa hats printed and you just want bulk Santa hats. Below are some of the top choices, including a few unique options!

    Blue Christmas Santa Hats - Blank If you are having a Blue Christmas theme for your party, these plush Santa hats will be a perfect fit! Sold blank and by the dozen.
    Go Pink Santa Hats - Blank Go Pink this Christmas with these Pink plush Santa hats. These are great if you are having a breast cancer awareness theme or fundraiser during the Christmas season!
    Traditional Red Blank Santa Hats There's certainly nothing wrong with staying traditional and going with these red plush Santa hats! They are thick and fluffy and will make everyone jolly at your Christmas party!

    Unique Santa Hats

    If you want to be different and really unique, here are a few great Santa hats to choose for your Christmas giveaways!

    Spring Top Christmas Tree Santa Hats - Blank Looking for a crazy Santa hat this year? How about this spring Christmas tree top option. Anyone wearing these hats will certainly stand out in the crowd!
    Camouflage Santa Hats - Blank - Bulk If you want to go all Duck Dynasty or have a Redneck themed party this Christmas, you found the right Santa hats for you. These camo hats are certainly different than the traditional red hats & will be a popular giveaway!
    Light-Up Santa Hat with Stars - Blank These Santa hats have flashing stars on the trim of the hat, which will make you the star of the party. They are great for employees to wear during the Christmas season. Light up your party with these flashy Santa hats! Sold blank and by the dozen.













    Check out all of our Santa Hats here. Be sure to order in plenty of time before they are sold out for this Christmas season.

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