Marketing and Promotional Products Ideas to Promote Your Business

  • Protect Against Zika Virus With Personalized Insect Repellent

    Promotional Insect Repellent Can Protect Against Zika VirusIt seems each year, there is a new and frightening virus spreading from the bites of mosquitoes. In recent years the viruses included West Nile virus and Chikungunya virus.

    Now, there is another virus to be mindful of called Zika Virus.

    Public health emergencies have already been declared in many counties in Florida. Likely, more counties will follow.

    The main defense being led against Zika virus is diligent mosquito sprays near residential areas. The CDC has advised that standard mosquito repellent spray is the most effective method for individuals to avoid mosquito bites.

    This is a prime opportunity for your business to give out personalized insect repellent that has your logo printed on the containers. Not only will this promote your business, but it will show your customers that you care about their well being and hopefully prevent Zika virus. Continue reading

  • Thundersticks Aren't Just For Football Games

    Thundersticks at a Football GameAs we approach the final days to the Super Bowl, there is much anticipation about the performance of "your team." Which team will prevail? Will it be a blow out? Or will be be an evenly matched game keeping you on the edge of your seats?

    In either case, you can be certain the fans present at the stadium will bring their team spirit. They will don their team apparel to include hats, jerseys, and shirts. Some of the fanatical fans will be covered in face paint or body paint.

    Almost all of the fans present will have their spirit items to include pom poms, thundersticks, stadium seat cushions, and other stadium noisemakers.

    Likely the fan favorite stadium noisemakers of modern times is a pair of  Continue reading

  • Find What Makes Your Business Unique Like Rocky

    Every business has some kind of talent or quality that makes it unique. Moreover, every business has people behind the company image that offers one-of-a-kind experiences for your customers.

    Sometimes the hard part is honing in on that uniqueness in order to convey it to potential customers.

    With the internet, it's easier than ever to find a thousand other companies offering the exact same products that you offer. However, YOUR company can offer an experience that no other company can exactly replicate and it's that experience that can build long-lasting relationships to turn customers into clients.

    There's a balancing artist by the name of Rocky Byun, who has a phenomenal talent for balancing nearly any object, large or small. His technique is nearly flawless and he makes his talent look effortless.  Take a look for yourself at his incredible talent.

    With Rocky showing his unique and nearly unmatched ability to balance items, he has created a talent that makes him boldly stand out. After seeing his video above, you can bet you will remember his talent. After all, how many people can balance a washing machine on top of a rock?

    In the same way Rocky showcases his unique abilities, your business must do the same in order to stay competitive and relative in the marketplace.

    When creating your marketing campaigns, be sure to make the answer to the question below crystal clear to your intended audience.

    What do you want clients and potential clients to remember about your company? 

    If you answer this questions effectively, your company will resonate with prospects and clients gaining you not new business relationships, but also stronger relationships with existing clients.

    Be memorable. Stay relevant. Stand out.

  • Preventing Check Fraud with Promotional Pens

    Promotional Pens with Anti-Fraud InkIn the U.S., fraud is a huge "business." Billions of dollars are lost each year due to an abundance of fraudulent schemes. A few of the popular types of fraud include credit card fraud, insurance fraud, prescription drug fraud, and check washing fraud.

    Every industry is continually fighting fraud with new technologies in an attempt to stay a step ahead of the fraudsters. For example, a recent change in the Continue reading

  • Be Like Jamie Foxx With These Promotional Auto Rescue Tools

    Jamie Foxx Rescues Man From Burning Car Pictured is Jamie Foxx embracing the father of the man whom Foxx rescued from a burning vehicle. Photo Cred:

    Most promotional products aren't designed to save lives. In fact, most promotional products are designed to promote your brand, event, or organization. However, there are a select few items that are designed specifically to save a life, should the time arise.

    Recently, in the news, the heroic story of Jamie Foxx has been airing. Right in front of Foxx's home, a truck wrecked and caught fire with a man inside. With the truck on its side, passenger trapped, and the vehicle in flames, Foxx and an off-duty EMT did what we all hope anyone else would do in that horrendous situation. They risked their safety and lives to help the passenger out of the car. See the Continue reading

  • FREE Setup on these Custom Koozies

    Custom Koozies with FREE SetupWe've posted before about how custom koozies are overdone; however, they do have their rightful place to strengthen your brand. You have to be creative with your approach when using koozies.

    As an examaple of what NOT to do, giving away koozies as your main company giveaway is one of them. Giving away koozies with your logo to people as a "thank you" gift for their business is actually an insult, since people understand the value or cost of a simple koozie.

    However, for parties and functions in which canned drinks, such as soda or beer, are served, a koozie is a great touch. They are especially effective when you opt for special shaped koozies.

    Not only do the koozies help keep the drinks cold, but they keep people's hands dry. There's nothing worse than shaking someone's hand at a party and their hand is moist. Even if the moistness is from the cold can, one's imagination starts to run wild. Is it sweat? Did the person just come from the bathroom? You see how the thoughts get worse and worse.

    Below, are many koozie options that all have FREE setups for a 1 color imprint. This option for free setup allows you to stay within your budget and get more koozies for your budget.

    Custom Koozies with FREE Setup

    Continue reading

  • Buying Guide For Custom Basketballs

    Custom Basketballs Buying GuideWhile football typically dominates America as the favorite sport, basketball is a close second. The sport of basketball involves continual action with players dribbling, dunking, passing, and shooting. Whether you prefer watching NBA, college, high school, or even middle school basketball, it proves to be a fun sport to watch.

    Just like every other sport, it's important to promote team spirit to keep the crowd involved and cheering. With basketball games, there are down times during timeouts, half-time, and those occasional times of play when players are purposely running down the clock to preserve their lead.

    Another important aspect is raising money for your basketball team. This is often controlled by a team booster club or various clubs or organizations at a school. Funds are raised by selling basketball spirit items such as noisemakers, custom basketballs, and other memorabilia supporting the team name/mascot.

    Below you will find an quick reference to easily find the right custom basketballs for your team. Choose between mini basketballs or full size basketballs.

    Mini Basketballs

    Continue reading

  • PPAI Expo 2016 Las Vegas

    PPAI Expo 2016- Las Vegas The building pictured on the left is the Mandalay Bay, home of the PPAI Expo. The pyramid structure on right is the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

    Another year is behind us with the prospect of another exciting year at Perfect Imprints. With the beginning of each new year comes the PPAI Expo, which is the largest promotional products trade show and held in Las Vegas, NV. At the expo, more than 11,000 promotional products distributors attend, along with roughly 1,300 promotional products suppliers to exhibit over 1,000,000 square feet of promotional products.

    Along with the exhibits, there are many educational sessions and networking events located at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from January 10-14, 2016.

    Below are 8 reasons we LOVE to attend the PPAI Expo:  Continue reading

  • How to Get the Most Out of a Trade Show as an Attendee

    Trade show tips to get the most out of attending. Pictured is one of the many aisles at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, which boasts over 1,000,000 square feet of promotional product exhibits.

    Most industries have numerous choices when it comes to trade shows. You can choose to attend local or regional shows, which may be on a smaller scale, or you may choose the national shows that are huge! Whether large or small, attending trade shows can be wildly beneficial OR they can be a colossal waste of time if you don't have a plan.

    The promotional products industry is no different, we have dozens of smaller trade shows and 7 major events. While this article is specifically speaking to promotional product distributors, the tips below are valid for nearly all other industries.

    The choice of what you get out of attending a trade show rests solely on your shoulders.

    Following these simple tips, you can maximize your trade show experience to better serve you and your business.  Continue reading

  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost

    Not All Those Who Wander Are LostIn the poem, "All That is Gold Does Not Glitter," by J. R. R. Tolkien, the poet writes, Not All those who wander are lost.

    By itself, this single line from the poem is extremely thought-provoking. Is wandering really that bad like society eludes? Don't we sometimes NEED to wander? I think so and here's why.

    We are deep into the digital age and it can be difficult to find a spare moment to simply wander, without the distractions from negative media, opinions from others, and other invasive technology. I do wholeheartedly embrace the digital age and all it offers; however, I am also painfully aware that overexposure to it not only kills creativity, but it also completely squashes it.  Continue reading

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