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  • Funny Left-Handed Products

    Over the years, there have been some terrible inventions specifically made for left-handed people. It is true that all products do not work the same when used left and right-handed. Many products just simply do NOT work when switched to the left hand.

    Funny Left-Handed Products

    In honor of Left Handers Day, we have put together some pictures of some products that we think are great for our left-handed friends.

    Left-Handed Coffee Mugs

    Left Handed Coffee Mugs If you notice, these left-handed coffee mugs have the handle on the left side of the mugs, as opposed to the right-handed coffee mugs which are manufactured with the handle on the right side. How are left-handed people supposed to comfortably carry a coffee mug with the handle on the right side?

    Left-Handed Computer Mouse

    Left Handed Computer Mouse There's nothing worse for a lefty, than having to use a right-handed mouse. That's why we included this "left-handed" computer mouse. This state of art design has the mouse on the left side of the keyboard so your dominant left hand can control the mouse easier.

    Left-Handed Microwave

    Left-Handed Micwave Are you tired of microwaves with a door that swings from the right to the left side? We have invented this concept of a microwave that opens from left to right to better accommodate our lefty friends. Also, the controls are on the left side!

    Left-Handed Wooden Spoons

    Left-Handed Wooden Spoons Lefties, don't you hate grabbing a wooden spoon while you are cooking, only to find that handle is facing to the right side? Well, this revolutionary new wooden spoon, offers a special handle that faces to the left side to make it easier for left handers to grab. Bye bye awkwardness!

    Left-Handed Computer Keyboard

    Left-Handed Keyboard for Computers Yes, it's true that most computer keyboards have the number keypad on the right side. But how does that benefit left-handers? It doesn't! That's why this cool keyboard functions with the keypad on the left side to accommodate those 10% with a dominate left hand.

    Be sure and check out these interesting Left-Handed Facts.

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  • Football Spirit Items Top Sellers for Fundraising

    If you have just taken over the football booster club at your child's school, you are likely well aware of the overwhelming feelings of running a school booster club store. Chances are, the past president didn't bother passing off notes to you explaining where they bought their past football spirit items or even what they bought. Now you are left to basically start all over due to the lack of organization passed on to you.

    In the words of the Avett Brothers song, Ill With Want, "it's evil and it's daunting." There is a high chance that's how you are feeling right now. However, the staff at Perfect Imprints are highly experienced with dealing with school spirit items, and we want to make this process easy for you. Check out these top 6 selling spirit items for the football season.

    Top Selling Football Spirit Items

    1. Mini Footballs

    Plastic Mini Footballs Vinyl Mini FootballsMini footballs are the top selling school spirit items for the football season. Here's how you make money for your team: Sell business sponsorships to your local businesses. You can choose any amount that you want and set an achievable goal. For example, if you are selling sponsorships for $250, you might offer the business logo to be placed on 100 footballs that will be thrown into the crowd at the stadium by the cheerleaders. If the lot of 100 mini footballs cost $200, then you make $50 for each sponsorship that you sell. Of course, don't put the selling burden on yourself. Task each player to sell at least one sponsorship and offer prizes for the top 3 sellers. If you have 40 players on the team and each player sells just one sponsorship, that equals $2000. The more you sell; the more money you raise. In addition, your cheerleaders get to throw out more footballs and keep the crowd excited. Fans LOVE to catch these footballs!

     2. Thundersticks

    Thundersticks - Stadium NoisemakersOne thing is certain to be found at football stadiums and that is noise. Lots of it! Fans love to yell, scream, and vent out their frustrations over bad calls, close calls, and great plays. That is why thundersticks are so popular. These inflatable noisemakers are banged together to make a booming noise to cheer on your favorite team or to possibly get in the heads of your opponents through the deafening noise made by hundreds of pairs of these stadium noisemakers being banged simultaneously.

    These fun spirit items come in several different colors and have a HUGE area for a custom imprint. You can get sponsors to pay for the thundersticks and include their logo on the sticks. The imprint area is large enough that you can also include your school mascot and team name. Then, you can sell them at your booster club store and make 100% profit. These will be big sellers. You can expect to sell these anywhere from $3 to $5. Selling 100 pair of sponsored thundersticks at $5 each is $500 profit. Selling 250 pair is $1250 profit. Not too shabby!

    3. Stadium Seat Cushions

    Stadium Seat Cushions

    Stadium cushions aren't one of those fun school spirit items that fans buy at footballs games, but rather a necessary item for comfort. The hard bleacher seats reek havoc on behinds after several continuous hours of sitting. Rainy nights or cold nights are especially uncomfortable and just about necessitate having a stadium seat cushion.

    These spirit items are among the biggest money makers for football booster clubs. That's because they can sell for $5-$10 each, plus you can sell up to 20 sponsorships that can be printed in business card size on the back of the cushion, while proudly supporting your school mascot on the front of the cushion. To determine the cost of each sponsorship, simply price out the number of cushions you want to buy (and ultimately sell), along with all the associated costs of setup, second side printing, and shipping. Then take that total and divide by the number of sponsorship space you will sell. That gives you the per sponsorship price and it fully pays for the cushions.

    Your next move simply involves selling the cushions at the games, and these are easy to sell, particularly on cold or raining game nights!

    4. Pom Poms

    Promotional Pom Poms with Custom Logo or Team Mascot and Name

    Many of the coordinating sports at schools have set various jurisdictions when it comes to selling spirit items at games. For example, maybe a certain club or organization may be in charge of running the concession stand to raise money for their club, while the football booster club sells certain spirit items such as the stadium seat cushions and thundersticks.

    When it comes to pom poms, the cheerleaders typically have this one wrapped up! Promotional poms are easy to sell at games. Fans will most often cheer louder and more when they get to shake a pom pom. These traditional football spirit items are excellent to raise money as well as team spirit, which are two jobs of a cheerleading squad!

    There are several choices with promotional poms, such as the long rooter handle, solid handle, ring tab handle, or the mascot handle. Overall, they are the same streamers, just varying handles based upon your preference. Depending on the quantity of pom poms ordered, you can get the cost under $1 each and easily sell them for $2-$3. Therefore, you can either double or triple your investment. Want to increase your profits even more? Get a business sponsor to buy the poms through their sponsorship and make 100% profit when selling the pom poms.

    5. Megaphones

    Plastic Megaphones with custom imprint

    These plastic megaphones are not the expensive, over-sized megaphones that the cheerleaders use, but the cheap plastic ones that are made for the fans.

    These spirit items can help your club or team raise money as well as encourage more team spirit from your fans. These megaphones are lightweight and they have a large imprint area for your mascot, and if you choose, a business sponsor logo printed on the opposite side.

    Many of our megaphones can be personalized with your business logo or team mascot for around $1 and you can easily sell these for $2 to $3. These are another easy sell at the stadium. Not only can you sell these in your booster club as a solo item, but you can also sell them at the concession stand (with the optional cap) filled with popcorn. You just charge a premium on the popcorn for those who want theirs served in a megaphone. This is a great opportunity to work in tandem with the group who runs the concession stand. By going in together to buy the megaphones, you can often get them at a cheaper price.

    6. Stadium Cups

    Stadium Cups

    Plastic stadium cups are big sellers at football games, but not by themselves. They sell when they are filled with the favorite soft drink of the fans. Whether that drink be Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, or anything else, they are a necessary item. Sure, your concession stand can serve drinks in throw away cups, but those are expensive and lower your profits. Instead, get a business to sponsor a set of 250 or 500 stadium cups with their logo and contact information on one side and your school and team info on the opposite side. Then you have free cups to serve beverages and give your fans a take home item!

    Choose from many different popular school colors and upgrade from your disposable cups that have been used for years in your concession stand. Additionally, reusable cups like these are much better for our environment than creating tons of waste at each football game.


    One of the most important aspects of fundraising and running a booster club is to make sure you have the rest of your club on board with your ideas. It takes more than one person to keep things running smoothly. Then you have to solicit the help of your team players and encourage each person to step up and make a sale of a sponsorship.

    Don't be afraid to try to new items to sell in your booster club store. Newer items often sell well; however, some of the classic items such as those mentioned above may never die.

    One final pointer to mention is regarding the selling of your school spirit items at your football games. The mistake that many booster clubs make is to just stay in your little booster club sales tent or stand and wait for fans to come to you to buy items. Oftentimes, a large portion of your fan base doesn't even know where your store is located, so they never bother to get up and search for it. Being more mobile and walking around the stadium with some of your items for sale can generate many more sales and make for a much more successful fundraising campaign.

    Perfect Imprints has been specializing in school spirit items since 1999. Please feel to call one of our experts if you have any questions, even if you have no idea where to get started. We are here to help!

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  • Left Handers Day is August 13

    Left Handers Day - August 13 - Promotional Items, Facts, IdeasAugust 13 represents a day that is not right. It is a day that is actually left. It is Left Handers Day. This day began as an initiative in 1992 by the Left Handers Club out of the UK and has since spread to an International celebration. Since left-handed people experience a lot of frustration from living in a world dominated by right-handed products, this day is a push to encourage invention and manufacturing more lefty-specific products.

    Check out some of these interesting facts about left-handers.

    Want to know some famous left-handed people?

    Ideas to Celebrate Left-Handers Day

    • Offer sale pricing on products in your store that are specifically made for lefties.
    • Host a left-handed day event in which right-handed participants are challenged to use their left hands to accomplish certain tasks. Award prizes for successful completion of the tasks.
    • Offer a discount on Left Handers Day for those who complete their checkout process using only their left hand.
    • Host trivia contests with left-handed facts and give out prizes to those who can answer a certain percentage correctly.
    • Encourage your customers to post left-handed specific products on your social media accounts and choose winners from those participants and award gift certificates to your store or other prizes.
    • Get creative and have fun with this day. Involve not only left-handed people, but use this day as a time to expose right-handed people to some of the challenges that left handers experience in a right-handed dominated world.
    • Host a left handed party and have a blow up boxing ring with an oversized left-handed boxing glove for matches.
    • Write left-handed for the entire day in honor of lefties.

    Left Handers Day is just another day among many other observances that you can take and use to promote your business, products, and services. Be creative with your marketing and have fun with it. In the end, it will pay off and build your business stronger.

  • Funny Light-Up Suspenders

    After 15 years in business, I still run across products that are just plain funny. Well, today, I have learned of a new product that we offer that makes me laugh ... Light-Up Suspenders.

    Light-Up Flashing Suspenders

    These LED suspenders offer 3 different light modes: Fast flash, slow flash, and steady light. They offer an adjustable length to fit 35" to 44". The lower back fabric stretches an additional 9.5", so the suspenders can fit up to 53.5". Batteries are included.

    These would be great for the wait staff at parties or for special events at a restaurant. If you want to stand out, and I mean really stand out, maybe these are the perfect items for you!

  • Preventing Chikungunya Virus with Promotional Insect Repellent

    Promotional Insect Repellent with Custom LogoSo the first locally acquired case of Chikungunya was confirmed by the CDC on 7/18/2014 in Florida, which means this mosquito-borne virus has made its way from the Caribbean to the U.S. There have already been over 350,000 infected with this virus in Central America and the Caribbean. 21 people have died from this already. While there have been 28 cases of Chikungunya in the U.S. already, every one of those cases were imported (from those traveling abroad). This new case was contracted locally.

    So, now is a great time to promote safe practices of using insect repellent when working or playing outdoors. Simultaneously, you can help prevent this virus and promote your business at the same time by giving away promotional insect repellent! Or in South, we just call it Bug Spray!

    Choose from the purse-size spray pen insect repellents printed with your custom logo or message or go for the larger 2, 4, or 8 oz bottles of bug spray. The spray pen sizes include 10 ml of repellent and come with several different cap options. They are typically good for 3-4 applications and a convenient size.

    Not only can these useful promotional items help prevent Chikungunya virus, but they also help prevent other mosquito-borne viruses such as West Nile virus, as well as many other diseases they carry.

    Popular Insect Repellent Products

    4 oz Promotional Insect Repellent      Combo Insect Repellents and Sunscreen SPF 30 Wipes      Bug Spray Repellent Pens with Custom Logo

  • New Exclusive Design Vintage Movie Monsters Halloween Bags

    This brand new vintage Halloween bag with a stock design of the classic movie monsters has been released today for sale in our series of brand-new designs. Promote a vintage theme this Halloween with these trick or treat bags featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, and The Mummy. Your custom logo is printed at the bottom of the design. Only 100 piece minimum order! his exclusive design is only available from Perfect Imprints.

    Vintage Halloween Design - Classic Movie Monsters - Dracula Frankenstein Wolfman The Mummy

    Order your vintage Halloween trick or treat bags in plenty of time for Halloween and use them to promote your business for the whole month of October!

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  • New Exclusive Werewolf Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Design

    Yesterday, we released the first of many new and exclusive designs for our stock Halloween trick or treat bags, which can be printed with your custom logo. Today, we released the second design. It is the only werewolf stock design Halloween bag on the market in the promotional products industry. This stock design features a werewolf ripping through the Halloween bag and it says, "Trick or Treat" at the top of the bag. There is a large area at the bottom of bag for your full color custom logo and message in an area 10.5" wide by 2.5" H. Only 100 piece minimum!

    Werewolf Design Custom Halloween Trick or Treat Bags Exclusive Halloween design by Perfect Imprints

    Be watching for more exclusive Halloween bag designs to be released in the coming weeks. If you want to get treat bags with your own custom design, then we can print them for you. Check out our custom design Halloween bags.

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  • Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Exclusive Designs

    Consumers spend billions of dollars on Halloween each year on decorations, candy, marketing, costumes, and Halloween giveaways. With this much money being spent and this much popularity, it would be a shame if your business wasn't leveraging this excitement to promote your own company. The most popular Halloween giveaways of all time are custom Halloween trick or treat bags. This is because millions of kids go trick or treating each year and this celebration is a prime opportunity to market to the parents through gifts given to their children. Additionally, Halloween bags are a necessity for trick or treating.

    Regarding trick or treat bags and stock designs, the same old designs have been circulating in the promotional products industry for twenty years. At Perfect Imprints, we are really in to being different and helping you stand out among your clients. Since Halloween bag giveaways are so popular, it is highly likely that your competitors might be giving away a similarly designed bag,

    To combat this, our graphic designers at Perfect Imprints have been working on a series of exclusive, full color designs for trick or treat bags that are far superior to any of the boring, stock designs on the market. Today, we are releasing the first design in this series. Another great thing about these new, exclusive designs is that your logo and custom message is printed in full color!

    Exclusive Halloween trick or treat bag design from Perfect Imrints Our first release in our exclusive Halloween trick or treat bag designs from Perfect Imprints. Click on the image to check pricing, read more details about the bags, or to buy in time for Halloween!
  • Don't Play Golf with Dirty Balls

    Custom Golf BallsThere's nothing worse than playing golf with dirty balls. Avid golfers like to play golf with clean golf balls. Dirty golf balls can affect spin as well as the distance of a golf ball. Ensuring your golf ball is clean will make sure that a good contact can be made with the club and thus help you achieve a better shot. The same goes for the club. Chunks of dirt can affect the way the club makes contact with the ball. Sometimes golf balls are beyond being cleaned and you just have to toss them and buy new ones.

    Knowing that clean golf balls are a must, you can help your golf-loving clients by gifting them promotional golf balls print with your logo for those times when the balls are beyond cleaning. The promotional golf industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. You can get practically any desired golf ball brand printed with your logo. No longer do you have to print your logo on generic golf balls. Now you can choose from Nike, Titleist, Wilson, Precept, Pinnacle, Callaway, Noodle, and many other popular brands.

    A Dozen Ideas for Custom Golf Ball Giveaways

    1. Give them away for every participant in your upcoming golf tournament.
    2. Sell them at your pro shop.
    3. If your store sells golf balls, give away a dozen with the purchase of a golf club set.
    4. Give away a doze balls with an in-store or online purchase over a certain dollar amount.
    5. Give them out on National Golf Day in May.
    6. Donate your custom printed golf balls for someone else's charity golf tournament.
    7. Put funny sayings on the balls and give out to your golf-loving clients.
    8. Leave a dozen behind after a sales call for a hot prospect.
    9. Work out an arrangement with your local driving range for them to use your branded golf balls to get exposure for your company.
    10. Include a personalized golf ball in a direct mail piece to increase your customer response rate.
    11. Print a coupon redemption code on the ball and give out to potential clients to redeem for a free gift or an amount off their next purchase.
    12. Give out at a golfing tradeshow or event.

    Shop all of our custom golf balls and promote your business using golf balls.

  • Get Your Drink On With This Red Party Cup

    Solo-like Double Wall Insulated Party Cup Custom PrintedOne of the epic symbols of partying is a red plastic Solo cup. These cups are used by college students and young adults all over the country for juvenile drinking games such as beer pong, flip cup, as well as several other drinking games yet to exist at the time of this article. However, they have also become a staple for more conservative parties that aren't necessarily about drinking as much alcohol as possible. That's why these double wall insulated party cups are great giveaways for parties, picnics, and for other events. The cups are re-usable and a fun item for your event. Get your logo printed on both sides of the cups and you can even opt for a lid for the cups.

    Many use the interior lines on the cups as measurements for various types of liquor and beer; however, the manufacturer (Dart Container Corporation) has confirmed that these lines were NOT meant for measurement purposes and that any lines that do coincide with certain measurements are purely coincidental. However, that doesn't stop party-goers from using the cups in this way.

    If you want to connect more with the younger generation, such as college-age and slightly older, these custom printed party cups are perfect promos to give away. Not only will these young people be able to relate to the meaning of the party cup, but they will also connect on a more personal level with your company.

    You get these party cups in red, but you can also get them in Black, Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, or White. So get your party on this weekend, but drink responsibly!

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