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  • Personalized Corkscrew Ideas

    Personalized Corkscrews Giveaway IdeasThe wine industry has always been a big business; however, over the last decade, the number wine drinkers and "connoisseurs" have exploded. Wine is found at practically every adult party, even some adult Sunday School parties! Personalized corkscrews are great giveaways for parties, weddings, business events, and general giveaways when adults are your target. Out of the millions of wine drinkers nationwide, women make up the majority on a regular basis. Therefore, if most of your customers are women, this simple fact lets you know that these items will make fabulous gifts for your customers. However, don't discount men, because plenty of them drink wine as well. Personalized corkscrews with your business logo are excellent giveaways for your clients that will be used for many years. Compliment the corkscrew with a nice bottle of wine and you can bet that client won't ever forget you! Learn below about some of the options for personalized corkscrews as well as some ideas to use them to promote your business.

    Corkscrew Options

    Plastic Corkscrews

    Plastic Personalized Corkscrews These are best for low budgets when you want to give them out in mass. While these will most likely be used, they will quickly find their way to the back of the kitchen drawer if the recipients have a higher quality, metal corkscrew. Plastic corkscrews are personalized by either pad printing or screen printing your logo on the items. The handles are plastic, but the corkscrew is actually made of metal. They average about $1 each to a bit more for the higher quality, plastic options.

    Metal Corkscrews

    Metal Personalized Corkscrews These are much higher quality and have a much higher perceived value to anyone receiving them. The heavier feel and metal body of these corkscrews make these tools much more durable their plastic rivals. Because they are made of metal, they are a bit higher in price; however, the higher quality is well worth the difference in price. And what makes it even more worth footing the extra price is the fact that your clients will keep them longer and use them more often! The metal corkscrews can be printed, but typically they are engraved for a permanent decoration option.

    Corkscrew Gift Sets

    Personalized Corkscrew Gift Sets with Wine Stopper If you really want to give a premium item to your clients, a gift set with a corkscrew and wine stopper combo is a great choice. Typically these gift sets include the higher quality items along  with a nice gift box for the ultimate presentation. These higher dollar premiums are usually reserved for your top clients or as employee incentive gifts for meeting sales or other goals. Another option is to just get the personalized corkscrew in a gift box if you don't want to also get the wine stopper.

    Ideas for Personalized Corkscrews

    • Have corkscrews personalized with your wedding date and give them out to your wedding guests.
    • Have your company logo printed or engraved on corkscrews and give them out to your customers when they make a purchase in your store over a certain dollar amount. This is great for liquor and wine stores to promote higher sale amounts in one transaction.
    • Give out corkscrews with your business logo on them along with a bottle of wine as door prizes to your business networking events that you regularly attend.
    • Choose a nice corkscrew with your logo and give them out as end of the year Christmas gifts to your top clients. If giving to your best clients, make sure you are giving out a nice quality corkscrew or gift set.
    • Offer a wine tasting at your liquor store and give a corkscrew with your logo to everyone who attends.
    • Give out personalized corkscrews at your next tradeshow to all those who visit your booth.
    • Gift them to your employees as Christmas gifts.
    • Print your wedding date on the corkscrews and send them out as a Save The Date.
    • Give them out to guests at your corporate or private party.
    • Have the corkscrews engraved with a retirement date to give away to attendees at a retirement ceremony.
    • Realtors can give a personalized corkscrew with contact info printed on it and a bottle wine as a closing gift after purchasing a house.
    • Attorneys can give them out along with a bottle of wine to clients after winning a case.
    • If you live in a touristy area, have the city name printed or engraved on the corkscrews and sell them in your retail store.
    • Sell them as fundraisers for your organization. Works well for arts foundations!

    Personalized corkscrews are very useful and necessary for wine drinkers. If a large part of your clientele likely drink wine, you should seriously consider this type of promotional giveaway to promote your business. People love gifts and they remember your business in a more positive way when they receive gifts from you.

  • What is the Top Selling Football Spirit Item?

    Every year millions of dollars are spent buying football spirit items to promote teams and schools. Items such as stadium seat cushions, pom poms, sports balls, stadium noisemakers, stadium cups, and much more are printed and bought with the school or team mascot and oftentimes business sponsor information. The majority of these are used for fundraisers for the team or various organizations within the school. Each year at the beginning of high school football, we get the same question, and that is:

    What is the top selling football spirit item?

    Vinyl Mini Footballs Vinyl mini footballs are softer than plastic footballs and are a great choice to throw into a crowd.

    Mini footballs. Maybe not by dollar amount, but by quantity, they are the most frequently purchase item for the football season. It is unlikely that you have been to a football game in the last decade without seeing the miniature footballs flying around the stadium. They are commonly thrown into the crowd by cheerleaders during halftime or timeouts and sometimes after big scores.

    It is very easy to get businesses around your town to sponsor a certain amount in exchange for having their logo printed on the footballs and thrown into the crowd. The cost of the sponsorship is set based upon the number of footballs you are offering the local businesses, plus typically a little bit extra to raise money for your organization.

    Mini Football Options

    Promotional Mini FootballsPlastic Mini Footballs - This is the least expensive option which is one of the pros of buying this type of miniature football. If budget is tight, these are the footballs for you. However, with selecting the lowest priced items, there are a few downsides such as a smaller imprint area than the choices below, smaller in overall size, and a harder material that can hurt if someone is hit in the face with these balls. These footballs are a blow molded plastic and the ends can be a bit hard, especially if your face gets in the way of a throw!

    Vinyl Mini FootballsVinyl Mini Footballs - These are the fan favorites and a more popular option for most teams. These footballs are made of a very soft, vinyl material. If these are thrown into the stadium crowd, there is no fear of hurting anyone. They are air-filled and air can be added through the valve when necessary. They have a slightly larger imprint area than the plastic footballs. You can't go wrong with this choice! They come in many popular school colors and you can buy them with or without stripes.

    Foam Mini FootballsFoam Mini Footballs - These are a Nerf-like foam with a higher price point than the plastic or vinyl balls. They are not the typical footballs that are thrown out by the cheerleaders; however, if your business decided to throw these out during a game, you can bet your company would be much more memorable. Because they have more weight than the other mini footballs, they are great to throw around with a friend.

    Other footballs that can classified in the "mini" category include stress relievers and key chain sized footballs; however, those are not commonly thrown out into the stadium at football games. The options above are much more common for using for local business sponsorships.

    For other school spirit items, be sure and contact us. We offer a wide array of products that are great for fundraising for your school or booster club! We are experts in helping booster clubs choose the right products for your budget.

  • Thrifty Thursday - Football Promotional Items

    Thrifty Thursday - Low Price Football Promotional Items

    We created Thrifty Thursday for those on a tight budget. Each Thursday, we recommend great promos for those on a shoestring budget. We believe in using current holidays, events, and seasons to help market your business. Since we are at the start of the football, giving away football promotional items makes perfect sense. There is a lot of excitement right now from football fans about their favorite team's potential in the upcoming year, so it's great to harness that energy to promote your business.

    If you want to give away a football-related promo item, these football shaped stress balls are a great choice with excellent pricing. They are only $0.99 and less, depending on the quantity ordered.

    Football Stress Balls

    Football Stress Balls - Low Priced Football Spirit Items

    Football Stress Ball Features 

    • Fast, 5 day normal production time
    • 3 business day rush production available
    • Choose from brown with white laces, blue, or red football colors
    • 3 1/2" length around arc of football
    • 1 3/8" W x 15/16" H imprint area
    • Only 250 piece minimum.
    • Pad printed with your company logo

    Suggested Thrifty Thursday Matchbook Options

    Plastic Megaphones - Thrifty Thursday Promotional Items for Football Season Megaphones are great football spirit items to get the crowd cheering and they are low cost items at $0.89 & under!
    Football Shaped Hand Fans These football helmet shaped hand fans are great for printing your game schedule and they are priced at $0.82 and lower.
    Stadium Cups - Low Priced Football Spirit Items Stadium cups are always useful at football game concession stands. These 12 oz cups are only $0.62 & under for 250 or more!
  • National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2014

    Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2014National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 14-20, 2014. This is one of many areas of industry that is highly under-appreciated. Truck drivers are away from home for weeks at a time to ensure that we have the modern conveniences of being able to go to dozens of local stores and buy toilet paper, food, electronics, books, drinks, and other necessary and unnecessary items.

    Truck drivers endure countless hours each day driving down the highway with little thanks. While they should be appreciated each day, this is a week that we can all come together and show them our support and appreciation. Your appreciation can be shown through your kind words or by your actions and gifts. Because truck drivers are on the road more than they are aren't on the road, below are ideas for great giveaways to truck drivers during this week of appreciation.

    This is a prime opportunity for employers to thank their truck drivers for the hard work they do day in and day out. Without them, trucking companies would not exist. Additionally, retail stores depend on timely delivery by truck drivers to keep their inventory stocked, so they should be thanking their truck drivers with gifts and appreciation.

    Truck Driver Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

    • Lunch Coolers - While many truck drivers are no strangers to fast foods, there are times they may want to eat a bit healthier and bring their lunch. Promotional lunch coolers are great for this purpose. Have your company logo printed on the coolers and give out to truck drivers in your area to show your appreciation.
    • Travel Mugs - When driving hours on end, caffeine is a must. That why insulated travel mugs are great to keep coffee piping hot. Choose from many great styles of mugs that are cup holder friendly.
    • Duffel Bags - Because truck drivers are gone for weeks at a time, packing changes of clothing is a must. Duffel bags are very handy for this and this type of premium item with your logo is likely to hang around with that truck driver for years!
    • Water Bottles - Staying hydrated is important and having a great water bottle helps promote proper hydration, as well as makes it convenient for truck drivers to always have water on hand while driving cross country.
    • Tire Pressure Gauges - Truck drivers are responsible for safety of their vehicle at all time and that includes proper tire pressure. That's why having a tire pressure gauge is very important for their safety inspections.
    • Key Chains - Truck drivers always have their keys. So why not give them a really nice key chain to hold their keys? These are great for employers to give out to their employees and have the corporate logo engraved or printed on the key chains.

    Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a time to step and thank truck drivers that you know and come in contact with during the week. Hopefully, this week of appreciation will help you to better understand the importance of truck drivers.

    Future Dates for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

    • September 13-19, 2015
    • September 11-17, 2016
    • September 10-16, 2017
    • September 9-15, 2018
  • Trendy Tuesday - Happy Hour Tumblers

    Trendy Tuesday - Hot, New Promotional Items

    It's Trendy Tuesday, which is the day that we introduce a hot, new promotional item to keep your business in tune with the current trends! These Happy Hour Tumblers are new and different. They are perfect for parties, social events, bars and nightclubs. The unique, round tumbler shape is perfect for a signature drink and definitely a way to stand out in the crowd!

    24 oz Happy Hour Tumblers with Straw

    24 oz Happy Hour Promotional Tumblers

    Happy Hour Tumbler Features

    • Includes 1 color custom logo imprint on one side of tumbler
    • Choose from 5 great colors - Aqua, Blue, Clear, Fuchsia, and Red
    • Single wall tumbler
    • Includes rigid polypropylene straw in matching color
    • Holds 24 oz
    • Only 5 day standard production
    • FREE 24 hour rush production, if needed
    • Great for parties, bars, and nightclubs

    Trending Promotional Items

    Beach Drink Holder - Beach Nik - Spiker Drink Holder for the Beach
    Double Wall Insulated Solo Party Cups Double Wall Insulated Party Cups (Solo style)
    Promotional Cooling Towels - Chill It - Frogg Toggs Promotional Cooling Towels
  • Custom Clipboards to Promote Your Business

    Custom Clipboards - Ideas to Promote Your BusinessWhen buying promotional items, it is extremely important to buy useful promos. You want your giveaways to be used frequently, possibly everyday, so that your marketing message is seen more. Custom clipboards are very useful and are a great fit for many different types of business.

    Below are a few ideas and suggested uses for our wide selection of clipboards as well as the top selling custom clipboards!

    Ideas for Custom Clipboards to Promote Your Business

    • Doctors Offices and Hospitals - This is kind of a no-brainer. There are always tons of forms to fill out when visiting the doctor, so clipboards are a must. It makes sense to brand your clipboards so your patients can learn more about what you can offer them. Maybe your patient knows they can come for a physical, but do they also know that you can offer other medical care and save them from visiting other medical offices? Also, doctor offices are a great place for medical-related businesses to donate 10-20 clipboards with information about your medical products, such as medical supplies, medical gas, and others medical services or products that go hand-in-hand with that particular doctor office, this is a great opportunity to reach those people. Plus the doctors offices love donated supplies because it saves them money.
    • Sports Teams - Coaches who are serious about coaching their team, often carry a clipboard since they are constantly writing notes about what they need to work on with their team as well as referencing documents regarding plays and training exercises. Ifyour business is sports-related, this is a great way to promote your sporting products to your local and regional sports teams. Just have the clipboards printed with your services that you want to promote. This is great for sporting goods stores, sports medicine clinics, personal trainers, and others businesses that target athletes.
    • Schools - There are many businesses that sell educational-related products and services. What a great way to get your business name inside the protected walls of your local schools. You can't just walk in schools now and promote your business. However, why not give out custom printed clipboards to the teachers of your local school for Teacher Appreciation Week in May? Teachers are always on the go around the classroom and around the school, so a nice clipboard can come in handy for them.
    • Utility Companies - Companies that supply utilities such as water, electric, and natural gas require you to fill out forms to establish new service. Most of these waiting rooms only have chairs, so without a clipboard, what do you use as a hard service to fill out these forms? Somebody's back? Clipboards are a must. Do you want to target every household in your area? If so, get your name in front of these people by supplying your local utility companies with clipboards for their customers. Rarely will any business turn down FREE items, unless you are a direct competitor of theirs.
    • EMS Crews - During and after 911 emergency calls and non-emergency transports, the paramedic in charge of patient care has to chart various vital signs, assessments, and treatments for their patients, so they have to have a clipboard for this. However, typically, EMS clipboards are not the standard types of plastic clipboards. They need the aluminum clipboards with the storage compartment to hold additional patient care forms. Since this is a standard within EMS, why not supply these to your local ambulance service. A great time to give these out would be during EMS Week in may!
    • Home Service Companies - There are many types of businesses that perform services at your home, such as pool and spa services, appliance repair, painters, contractors, handyman services, cleaning services, pest control, landscaping, yard services, and many more. All of these people need a clipboard to do their jobs. Find the ones that are a good fit and give that company clipboards for their personnel. This is a great way to form partnerships with other business.
    • Sales - There are many sales people going from door to door and business to business selling products and services. They, often, carry a clipboard to make their notes about their sales calls. This is a great opportunity to get your business name in front of these people, as well as the people they call on.
    • Festivals and Events - There are always local festivals going on and many of these are raising money for a non-profit organization such as the American Cancer Society or your local children's shelter. In order to make these festivals and events successful, there are many volunteers needed running around putting out fires. And what do all of these festival coordinators have in their hands? Clipboards.

    The truth is, most businesses will not buy items such as custom clipboards with their own business logo on them, so why not provide these items for them. This is a win-win situation, because they get free supplies that are necessary for their day-to-day business operation and you get your name in front of new potential clients.

    Be strategic in forming these partnerships and who you offer these free clipboards and it will help your business gain new client and strengthen your branding.

    Top Selling Custom Clipboards

    Legal Size Custom Clipboard Legal Size Clipboard with Plastic Clip
    Custom Clipboard with Metal Clip Custom Clipboard with Metal Clip
    Transparent Custom Clipboard Transparent clipboard with plastic clip
  • Thrifty Thursday - Business Cards That Stick Around!

    Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Promotional Items

    Tight budget? No problem, check out these Thrifty Thursday deals. Check out these full color Bic business card magnets for a shoestring budget! No need to be cheap, but thrifty is always good! Check out these low cost full color promotional items starting as low as 22 cents each or check out the economy 1 color business card magnet version for as low as 15 cents each!

    Full Color Business Card Magnets

    Jumbo Business Cards Magnets with Square Corners - Landscape   Jumbo Business Cards Magnets with Round Corners - Portrait   Business Cards Magnets with Square Corners - Landscape

    Business Card Magnet Features

    • Your custom design (or we can design for you)
    • Vibrant, full color printing, which means unlimited colors can be printed
    • Square or rounded corners
    • FREE setup
    • Full bleeds
    • Always in stock!
    • FREE stock backgrounds available
    • FREE 24 hour rush production
    • Choose from 20 mil or 30 mil thickness as well as JUMBO size business card Magnets.

    Suggested Thrifty Thursday Products

    Business Card Magnet Options

    Full Color Business Card Magnets - 20 mil thickness
    Full Color Business Card Magnets - 30 mil thickness
    Jumbo Full Color Business Card Magnets - 20 mil thickness
    Jumbo Full Color Business Card Magnets - 30 mil thickness
    Economy Business Card Magnets - 1 Color - 20 mil thickness

  • Football Season and New School Year

    August is well-known for many things, such as extreme heat, the beginning of a new school year, and my favorite, football season!

    College football and high school football both start in August. The football season brings a level of excitement from fans all over the country that can't be reproduced in any other American sport. American football is our equivalent to soccer in other countries.

    The sport of football draws the largest crowds of any sport in the U.S. and this hard-hitting sport brings in millions of dollars for universities and high schools all over the country. A large part of the money from college and high school football is brought in by school spirit items. This swag with the team mascot and team name are great keepsakes for fans of all ages. Additionally, these spirit items are largely responsible for team fundraising, particularly for high school football teams.

    Popular Spirit Items for High School Football Teams

    Foam Fingers

    Foam Fingers

    Over-sized foam hands and foam fingers are great for fans to waive around as they cheer on their team. These come in many different shapes in addition to the #1 foam fingers, such as many different hand symbols, paw shapes to match your mascot, mascot shapes, and many other unique shapes.

    Chances are, no matter what shape you want, we have it already as a stock shape. However, if it turns out that we don't have the shape you want, we can make custom shaped foam hands. Just give us a call to discuss your specifications!

    Stadium Seat Cushions

    Stadium Seat Cushions

    Football stadiums are not known for comfort and that's why stadium seat cushions were invented. Who wants to sit on a hard, metal or wooden bleacher seat, especially if the bench is cold or wet? We certainly don't.

    Stadium cushions are a traditional fundraising spirit item that has a huge imprint area so you can get plenty of sponsorship sales to cover the cost of the cushions and raise money for your team. Choose from vinyl covered foam cushions, fabric-covered cushions, and even cushions in the shape of footballs, helmets, and team mascots. Choose from various cushion thicknesses based on your budget. Of course, the thicker the cushion, the more comfortable the cushion will be!


    Thundersticks Stadium Noise Makers

    These incredibly popular spirit items can create a booming noise by the fans using them in the stands. Thundersticks are simply inflated sticks that are banged together to make a loud noise while cheering. They are roughly two feet long, so there is plenty of space to print your team and mascot logo on each stick.

    Like the stadium cushions, these are also great to get local business sponsors to help defray some of the cost of this team swag. You can choose from domestically printed thundersticks or go with a super saver 9 week production option to save money. Other options include thundersticks with LED lights in them as well as pom pom ends, metallic material, and full color printing.

    Mini Footballs

    Mini Footballs Some of popular game day spirit items that you see at nearly any football game are promotional mini footballs. Not only do you see kids throwing these around the stadium before and during the game, but if you notice, you will see many adults also tossing these balls around.

    Mini footballs come in several common styles. Plastic, soft vinyl, and foam are the most popular types, with plastic and vinyl being the most common due to a lower price point. These footballs are commonly thrown into the crowd by the cheerleaders during timeouts, halftime, and even after big plays. These spirit items are a staple of most football teams!

    Pom Poms

    Promotional Pom Poms

    Promotional pom poms are one of the oldest school spirit items around. These are still a fan favorite and these poms are budget friendly to either give out in mass or sell for your school booster club.

    There are several types of poms to choose from such as the traditional long stick handle, or other options such as the split ring handle, solid handle, Klicker (noise maker) handle, and even mascot shaped handles. Also, you can choose up to four different streamer colors and your desired streamer count of 500, 750, or 1000. The streamer colors come in nearly every school color in the country.


    Plastic Cheerleading Megaphones

    One sure thing that will happen at football stadium is yelling and every football fanatic wants to yell louder than their opponent. Plastic megaphones are perfect to achieve this goal of obnoxious yelling.

    Megaphones can not only be sold in your booster club store, but also in your concession stand. Just buy the optional popcorn cap and sell the megaphone filled with popcorn. Then after they eat their snack, they can use the megaphone for yelling louder.

    Stadium Cups

    Stadium Cups

    If you have a concession stand, stadium cups are a must. Sure, you can use disposable cups to service drinks to the fans; however, many of these throw away cups find their way in the bleachers and require more work cleaning.

    By using plastic stadium cups, you are giving the fans a take home souvenir that is printed with your team name and mascot. You can print the schedule for the entire season on the cups to promote future games. Additionally, you can get local business sponsors and print their logo on the opposite side. By getting sponsors for the cups, your booster club gets the cups for free and you save the expense of buying disposable cups.

    School spirit items are necessary items to promote your team and and to raise money for your sports. The items above only represent the most popular items and don't offer all possibilities. There are many other unique and fun spirit items that you can use for fundraising, increasing fan awareness, and promoting team spirit. If you have questions about what items might be best for your team, feel free to call one of our spirit items experts at 1-800-773-9472.

  • Trendy Tuesday - EOS Promotional Lip Balm

    Trendy Tuesday - Hot, New Promotional Items - EOS Lip Balm

    This is Trendy Tuesday and today we make you aware of hot, new promotional items that are trending across the country. EOS lip balm has been all the rage as a retail item for quite some time now; however, now you can get them with your custom logo to give out to your customers and employees. If your customers are mostly women, these are perfect giveaways.

    Promotional EOS Lip Balm


    Promotional EOS Lip Balm

    EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Features

    • Comes in 8 great flavors
    • Long-lasting moisture
    • Twist-off cap
    • Made with shea butter,mojoba oil, and vitamin E
    • Goes on clear
    • Paraben-free
    • Phthalate-free
    • Petrolatrum-free
    • Gluten-free


    EOS Lip Balm Flavors

    Strawberry Sorbet
    Blueberry Acai
    Sweet Mint
    Summer Fruit
    Lemon Drop
    Medicated Tangerine
    Pomegranate Raspberry
    Honeysuckle Honeydew

    Trending Promotional Items

    Beach Drink Holder - Beach Nik - Spiker Drink Holder for the Beach
    Double Wall Insulated Solo Party Cups Double Wall Insulated Party Cups (Solo style)
    Promotional Cooling Towels - Chill It - Frogg Toggs Promotional Cooling Towels
  • National Aviation Day Promotional Items

    National Aviation Day National Aviation Day

    National Aviation Day is observed on August 19 of each year and was created by President Roosevelt in 1939 to honor those who were instrumental in advancing aviation as well as our modern day pilots and aviation specialists.

    August 19th was chosen for National Aviation Day because it represents the birthday of aviation pioneer, Orville Wright. While the Wright brothers were not the first to fly or build an airplane, they are the most famous. They were the first to create a fixed wing airplane with controls. Their first flight in this aircraft with controls was only 12 seconds and a whopping 120 feet in distance; however, it was god enough to count!

    This day of observation is a great time for aviation museums, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft parts retailers, aviation organizations, flight schools, and other aviation-related businesses to heavily promote the advanced technologies that originated from our forefathers of flight. However, President Franklin D. Roosevelt not only wanted aviation-related businesses and organizations to promote this day, but also all Americans with an interest in flight to host aviation-related activities.

    National Aviation Day Ideas

    • Hold an open house for your aviation museum.
    • Offer free food and drinks for your visitors on National Aviation Day.
    • Promote sales and discounts for this day.
    • Host a photo booth with a vintage airplane scene in the background and have vintage pilot gear for your visitors to wear in the photo and post on your social media.
    • Post historical facts about aviation on your blog and social media pages
    • Give out airplane promotional items promoting National Aviation Day.
    • Have your school class take a field trip to an airport so the kids can watch airplanes take off and land (from a distance, of course).
    • Host a paper airplane contest and reward those who can fly their airplane the furthest with prizes.
    • Have an aviation trivia contest and award the top participants with rewards.
    • Airlines can offer substantial discounts to fly on National Aviation Day (we are really pushing for this one!)

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