Marketing and Promotional Products Ideas to Promote Your Business

  • PromoDoodles - Raising the Flag For Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May each year. This federal U.S. holiday has been designated to remember those who have died while serving our country in any of the armed forces branches.

    It's easy to take our freedom for granted, and we appreciate all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country and protected our freedom.

    Today's PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints is in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

    PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints - Stainless Steel Tumbler - Memorial Day

    The featured product in today's PromoDoodle is the  Continue reading

  • Top 10 Buyers of Promotional Products

    Top 10 Industries Who Buy Promotional ProductsPromotional products are used by nearly all successful businesses. In fact, I challenge you to name a thriving business that doesn't use some type of promos, which include items such as pens, forms, notepads, or uniforms.

    These advertising items are extremely effective to promote your business because they stick around for months or years and consistently remind those recipients about your business. The more useful your giveaways, the more effective they are.

    When looking at the industry research, the top 10 industries who purchase promotional products have been identified. If you find your industry in the top 10, that means your competitors are buying and using promotional products to promote their business. If you are not also doing this, you are missing out on a great return on investment (ROI). If you are currently buying promotional items, it's time to step up your game.

    Ppromotional items are the only advertising mediums that have the potential to reach all 5 senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste). They become exponentially more effective as a particular product reaches more than 1 of the senses. No other type of advertising can reach all of the senses like promotional products, making them an integral part of marketing plans.

    Is your industry in the top 10? Find out below.

    Top 10 Buyers of Promotional Products

    1. Education - public schools, colleges, universities, and private educational programs.
    2. Financial - banks, credit unions, accountants, and investment firms.
    3. Healthcare - hospitals, doctor offices, medical centers, medical supply companies, and pharmaceutical companies.
    4. Non-Profit - charities, awareness campaigns, and other not-for-profit organizations.
    5. Construction - contractors, building supply companies, plumbers, electricians, handymen
    6. Government - includes city/county/federal law enforcement, fire departments, EMS services, and all local, state, and federal government offices.
    7. Trade & Professional Associations - industry associations, independent licensing boards
    8. Real Estate - Realtors, appraisers, title companies, real estate attorneys
    9. Automotive - auto dealers, auto parts suppliers, body shops, mechanics, oil change shops
    10. Professionals - attorneys, CPA's, architects, engineers

    The industry verticals above can all be extremely competitive. In order to stand out, it's important to employ effective marketing strategies to promote your business or organization. The proper use of promotional products can help with do this. Be sure to find the right promotional products distributor who is creative and understands how to effectively use the products in conjunction with other marketing techniques.

    Reference: 2016 Promotional Products Fact Sheet

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  • PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints - Insect Repellent Pen

    It's that time of year: mosquito season. These pesky insects are not only annoying, but also they are dangerous since they carry a hosts of diseases. They can completely ruin your outdoor event and cause serious health problems.

    The latest vector-borne disease scare is Zika Virus, which is spread through bites from infected mosquitoes. Other diseases from mosquitoes include West Nile Virus and Chikungunya virus. The CDC is being proactive and educating Americans and tourists to use an appropriate insect repellent containing one of these 4 approved active ingredients: DEET, IR3535, Picaridin, or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE) (PMD is the synthetic version). Read more about that here.

    Today's PromoDoodle by Perfect Imprints is a mosquito with his body made out of a promotional insect repellent pen. These pen sprayers contain insect repellent in a convenient purse or pocket-sized container.

    Promotional Insect Repellent Pen Sprayer - PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints

    Featured product is an insect repellent pen with the active ingredient IR3535Continue reading

  • Promos With a Bang

    Thundersticks Buying Guide for SchoolsAs the school year winds down, students are thinking about much needed freedom and rest from the over-testing that takes place at schools. However, the faculty that oversees the sports programs are busy planning for next season. They are working on game scheduling and thinking about team fundraisers. By planning early, team managers and coaches can enjoy more of their summer break before the new sports seasons begin.

    School spirit items have become a huge part of fundraising for sports teams. Whether football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or volleyball, raising money to fund new uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses is a must due to the continual budget cuts for sports programs.  Continue reading

  • 7 Steps to Ensure a Successful Promotional Products Campaign

    Step by Step Guide to Plan a Successful Promotional Products CampaignNearly every company uses promotional products in some way during their normal course of business. The ways promos are used, however, can differ dramatically. These extremely versatile marketing items can be used in so many ways. Below are a few of the most common uses for promotional items.

    • Promoting awareness of a brand or product.
    • "Thank you" gifts for customers or employees.
    • Gift with purchase.
    • "I'm sorry" gifts for those times your company really screws up.
    • Gaining new leads through strategic targeting using premium promos.
    • Awareness of your booth at trade shows.

    Continue reading

  • Promotional Products to Begin Your Morning

    Promotional Coffee Mugs - Stainless Steel TumblersIf you really want to stay at the top of your clients' minds, then why not be there for them first thing in the morning so your company is one of the first things they think about each day? In order to do that, you have to integrate into the important and often "necessary" parts of their life.

    One of the first tasks many Americans do in the morning is stumble to their kitchen and brew a cup or three of coffee. That's why promotional coffee mugs are such great giveaways to achieve this difficult task of top of mind awareness about your company.  Continue reading

  • 10 Things Every Teacher Knows

    10 Things Every Teacher Knows - National Teacher Appreciation WeekBack before I was the wife of a CEO and homeschool mom, I was a public school teacher in the trenches of the public school system in Mississippi. Everyday I went to school early, left late, and cashed minimal pay checks at the end of the month. Now, I teach 2 of my kids at home and 1 goes to public school. I have the utmost respect for teachers of any sort whether public, private, or homeschool. These are unsung heroes in our midst. To pay homage to all the amazing teachers past and present I give you:

    10 Things Every Teacher Knows

    Continue reading

  • The Difference Between Negative and Positive Artwork

    Why using positive artwork doesn't work when printing a light color on a dark background. This example shows why using the same positive version of doesn't work well on both light and dark promotional items.

    When preparing artwork for promotional products or custom apparel, it's very important to set up your artwork correctly. The outcome of the final product is directly proportional to the quality of artwork used for the project. Poor input (artwork) = poor output. High quality input can equal high quality output, if the printing process and the products are also high quality.

    One of the big mistakes I often see surrounding artwork is the wrong layout of the design used to print on different colored products. For example, the positive artwork design is often used to print a light color on a dark color, when the negative version of the art should have been used. Oftentimes, this is simply a mistake of ignorance to the printing process, but sometimes, it is to avoid an additional set up fee. This can also be a result of lack of ability to manipulate the artwork so it prints correctly.

    I frequently see the positive version used for promotional items purchased through other promotional products distributors, but also used as examples from suppliers on their websites and in their printed catalogs.  Continue reading

  • Two of the Best Affordable Lip Balms Available with Your Logo

    Promotional EOS Lip BalmThe Huffington Post recently published a blog titled "The Best Affordable Lip Balms." Their editors tried the lip balms and reviewed them based upon their performance results and affordability. You can check out the link above to see the full story. Two of the 9 brands they tested are available as promotional lip balm. That means your custom logo can be printed on the label, packaging, or pouch so your company can piggyback on their well-known brand names.

    The 2 brands available that can be personalized include Burt's Bees and EOS Smooth Sphere.

    Burt's Bee's was ranked #5 on HuffPost, while EOS was ranked #3.

    EOS Lip Balm

    Custom EOS Lip BalmCustom EOS lip balm is an extremely popular give away to women. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. This unique, egg shaped lip balm comes in 8 different colors and scents. The outside container is printed with your logo or custom text. Other EOS options are also available, such as the Smooth Stick Lip Balm and a lip balm/hand lotion combo gift set.

    EOS has been a trendy name in the lip balm category for several years. These are frequently seen near the checkout registers at retail stores due to their popularity. Your recipients will love them and they last for a long time! Which of the 8 scents is your favorite?

    These trendy products are great additions to goody bags, welcome kits, and gift baskets.

    Burt's Bees Lip Balm

    Promotional Custom Burt's Bee Lip BalmBurt's Bees doesn't allow printing directly on their branded lip balm; however, they are available in kits that make excellent giveaways to those interested in personal care. These kits feature the most popular lip balms and lotions from Burt's Bees. If you have women who are high spenders at your business, these are great thank you gifts.

    Year over year, Burt's Bees lip balm continues to be one of the leading lip care sellers at retail stores. Why else do you see so many impulse displays with this brand of chapstick (often next to the EOS)? It's because the name brand is strong and trusted. That's why using these as part of your giveaways is a smart idea to increase the perceived value of your gifts. Choose from several kits including various Burt's Bees lip balms and lotions, including one with a very nice jute beach bag!

    If these two brand names are out of your budget, don't fear, because there are many great lip balm options that are made in the USA and very budget friendly. Check out all of the custom lip balm options without SPF here. If you want promotional lip balm with SPF, we have many options for that as well, which are great for outdoor and beach events.

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  • Use Federal Zika Dollars to Buy Promotional Insect Repellent

    Promotional Insect Repellent Can Protect Against Zika VirusZika Virus is a real threat and it is being taken very seriously by our government. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was activated in late January 2016. On February 8, 2016, the EOC moved a level 1 activation, which is the highest threat level.  Continue reading

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